Life is too short

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Fitwatchers may be interested in two police / police surveillance related demonstrations this Saturday in London. Life is too Short to be Controlled – Part 2Uploaded by visionontv. – News videos from around the world. From midday at Trafalgar Square is the annual march to Downing Street for justice for those who have died in […]

Harassment, hogwash and human rights abuses at Hammertime

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Smash EDO’s Hammertime protest on 13th October saw a return to kettling, mass arrests and draconian policing. Proving finally the post G20 honeymoon is over, Sussex police clearly showed it was business as usual in attempting to repress, intimidate and harass protesters. Before the protest had even begun, over 100 police surrounded the convergence centre […]

Mark ‘Stone/Kennedy’ exposed as undercover police officer‏

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The following post has been taken from Indymedia. There is no reason to doubt it’s authenticity. While it is sickening, it is no surprise to discover undercover police working in this way. There have been other accounts of such things happening. Update, 25 October 2010: Fitwatch can now confirm the accuracy of following statement. Several […]

Policing Report: Brussels No Borders Camp 2010

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This report was written for Fitwatch by a no borders activist. This report is a basic document gathered from direct witnesses, anecdotal evidence, footage, legal documents and statements after the incidents. It is no way entirely comprehensive or representative of everything that happened at the Camp and during the week. Anonymity is ensured. The report […]

Police create ‘culture of fear’ around EDL demo

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The EDL came to Leicester and did what they were good at – they had a few beers, fought the police (hospitalising at least one who was dragged from police lines unconscious) and shouted some anti-Islamic chants. Then they broke out of police lines, had a brief go at some local lads, smashed a couple […]

7000 demonstrate for the right to work as police impose strict conditions on protest.

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This was, according to the police, an entirely peaceful march, with no criminal offences taking place. It was predominantly a trade union march, upbeat and with plenty of colourful banners. Yet the police still insisted on imposing strict conditions on the route, refusing to allow the march anywhere near the Conservative Party conference which was […]