EDL in Bradford

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The EDL were yesterday forced to have their Bradford demonstration behind 10 foot solid walls, almost completely away from public view. Bussed in, and shepherded through airport style x-ray gates, their presence was only felt when they showered counterdemonstrators with stones, bottles and smoke bombs. The police will no doubt congratulate themselves on facilitating protest […]

Fitwatching at Climate Camp Edinburgh

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The poor old FIT coppers from the shadowy National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) seem to be having a hard time in Edinburgh this week. A video put out on you tube yesterday showed a great bit of Fitwatching by Climate Camp activists. With determination and some nerve they surrounded NPOIU cop Mark Sully and […]

Fitwatch, Policing and Climate Camp Cymru

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This post has been sent to us by Cardiff Fitwatch. It is a preliminary report into the policing at Climate Camp Cymru, and there is more to follow… A Fitwatchers experience at Climate Camp Cymru (CCC): The policing strategy for CCC 2010 was bizarre, disproportionate and manipulative. The event started when we swooped the site […]

Extracts from the recent fitwatch appeal

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These are some extracts of notes made by one of the defendants in the recent successful appeal of three people convicted of obstructing an evidence gathering team outside a meeting. They are almost verbatim, but there will be some small mistakes and edits for clarity. If you want you can skip to the judgement at […]