Police everywhere, justice nowhere!

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I’ve been trying to write about Ian Tomlinson and finding it difficult. Partly because I’ve already written many of the things I want to say, partly because there is already some excellent commentary on what happened, but also because I have no interest in adding to the torrent of liberal outrage. My problem is one […]

Police fail to prove legality of surveillance

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Fit being blocked outside the No Borders Meeting A court ruling today has once again challenged the legality of the use of police surveillance against political campaigners and protesters. Three Fitwatch supporters, who had stopped police filming a political meeting, were acquitted of charges of police obstruction after the police failed to justify why the […]

EDL trash houses and Asian businesses as they go on the rampage in Dudley

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At least a couple of dozen houses, cars and local small businesses in Dudley town centre were yesterday attacked by demonstrators from the anti-Islamic English Defence League (EDL). Around two hundred EDL broke their way out of police cordons to carry out a frenzied attack on whatever was at hand. Asian businesses were no doubt […]

The Ummah of Muhammad

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This was a small but noisy demonstration by a Cardiff based radical Islamic group, protesting against Western crusades against Islam and anti-Islamic legislation, and advocating Sharia law. They attracted a fair bit of attention, with opposition from both right and left. Numbers from all sides were low, and the biggest group present was undoubtedly the […]

New West Yorkshire Evidence Gatherers

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We haven’t had any new cop names and photos on the blog for a while, so thought it was time to redress the balance and welcome the following West Yorkshire Evidence Gatherers to Fitwatch. The cameraman is imaging officer Bahvesh Jagu Mistry and the female officer is PC5413 Dawson. This is PS299 Roger Moore. Apologies […]

EDO Decommissioners walk free from court.

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Brighton is today celebrating with a victory demo to mark the acquittals of the EDO Decommisioners, the activists who broke into an arms company back in January 2009 to sabotage its production of military components for the Israeli air force. After more than three weeks in court, the jury agreed that the activists had done […]

Fitwatch reveals new evidence of police data gathering

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New disclosure obtained by Fitwatch from the Metropolitan Police, (and revealed in the Financial Times today), has further revealed the extent to which police gather data on political protesters. The documents – ‘Criminal Intelligence’ reports (CRIMINTs), compiled by FIT (Forward Intelligence Teams) – show the Met are compiling and retaining reports of individuals, despite them […]