NPOIU hold ‘only’ 1822 images of political protesters

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ACPO have come clean about the number of photographs of political protesters they, and their ‘extremist units’ are holding. According to their website, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) now holds no more than 1822 images. They suggest that these images are purely of a ‘hardcore’ criminal element, and that there is no chance […]

FIT at London Mayday 2010

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There was one FIT photographer at Mayday 2010 in London – Neil Williams, plus minders, who took my photo shortly after the march left Clerkenwell Green. The FIT teams seemed to be deliberately keeping their distance from the marchers (a couple of thousand of them at least), but keeping a close eye on the ‘autonomous […]

Police all out to gather intelligence on EDL and Counter Demo.

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Their key objective for the day was ‘to gather intelligence’, said the Thames Valley FIT officer who was busy photographing a small crowd of people who had gathered to oppose the EDL in Market Square, Aylesbury. Earlier evidence gathering teams had been hovering, photographing and filming the stop and search operation that was focused on […]