English FIT working in Scotland

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We recieved this report about FIT presence at the recent EDL and counter demonstrations in Edinburgh. Just a wee update about the general FIT presence in Scotland. Last Saturday seen the largest FIT presence on the streets of Edinburgh since the G8. Ian Skivins, Mark Scully and Paul Mathers from London, one photographer from Manchester […]

Harsh sentences for Gaza protesters

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> Further harsh sentences were doled out yesterday as more of those arrested at the Gaza demonstrations last year attended Isleworth Crown Court for sentencing. A total of fifty people are to be sentenced for taking part in violent disorder during the protests outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington last January. Previous sentencing has ranged […]

Gaza report condemns policing

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> The Islamic Human Rights Commission today released a damning report of the policing of the Gaza demonstrations in December 08 and January 09. The report highlights the unnecessary and brutal use of force by the Metropolitan police as well as the practice of crushing protesters into protest ‘pens’ and the discriminatory treatment of Muslim […]

Monitoring Network Keeps the Spotlight on Police Brutality

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>With the police adopting an increasingly confrontational and often violent approach to maintaining ‘order’ at public protests, the presence of trained legal observers, to collect information that may be helpful in later court proceedings and assist activists who are arrested or need medical attention, has become essential. Their focus is on the safety of demonstrators, […]

FIT at Stop the War

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> An estimated 600 police were on duty last Friday to police the Stop the War protest outside the QEII conference centre where Blair was giving evidence to the Iraq war inquiry. They probably outnumbered the protesters. The demonstration had been stopped from assembling on the green of the QEII centre as they’d planned, and […]

stop and search

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> Climate protestors this weekend won a major High Court victory against the unlawful police stop and search operation used against protesters at their camp in Kingsnorth, Kent in August 2008. It had been the largest and most expensive such operation in UK history involving 26 police forces. Led by Kent police, these forces carried […]