>’terrorist’ photography

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>This is slightly old news now – had meant to put this on the blog a while back, but you know how it is. Anyway, this is on the NUJ site, and it’s stuff I think FITwatchers will want to know about. The Met has been pressured into changing its guidelines on restricting photography (see […]

>Where’s all the coppers then? A first impression of DSEi policing.

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> Well, it wasn’t like demos of old, that is for sure. As around 200 protesters gathered for a protest in the City against the DSEi arms fair, many clad in hoodies and face masks, the lack of police was quite remarkable. There was no more than, say, 20 police in uniform, all FIT, with […]

>Policing at climate camp

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> Climate camp was something of a surreal experience after the aggressive policing and constant stop and searches of previous camps. There can be no denying that the public order cops were on the back foot, unable to do anything but smile and facilitate the camp, no matter what sort of provocation came their way. […]

>Fitwatching at Climate Camp RBS Protest

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> After a week of hiding in the shadows, FIT finally showed themselves with their traditional blue tabards and cameraman on Tuesday’s action against RBS. However, their job was not made easy, and they were met by fitwatchers who ensured they had a hard time gathering the data they wanted on the protesters. More information […]