>ACPO ‘extremist’ units operating at Climate Camp

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> The cop above is Ian Caswell, known to many of us as 1818 of South Yorkshire police – many thanks to those who have sent us his name! He is often seen in the company of PS Mark Sully, pictured here at the top of this post. These two are regularly seen with their […]

>Watching Them Watching Us

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>An article by John Q Publican which first appeared on Police State UK Surveillance, it seems to me, comes in two categories differentiated by purpose; that is, all surveillance efforts will fulfill one, or both in some mixture, of two purposes. The first is the easiest, and the most etymologically obvious: surveillance is investigative. A typical […]

>Victory for Fitwatchers Everywhere as FIT Hide in Car

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>Last weekend, at both the Anti Militarist Gathering and a demo at Heckler and Koch, FIT cops – CO996 Mark Sully and 1818 from South Yorkshire police (name anyone???) were spotted skulking in an unmarked car. It is lovely to see these cops, who used to be so brazen about their role, hiding away, scared […]

>FIT at Southend Airport

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>It seems that more and more people are objecting to being placed under FIT style surveillance. About time! The latest case hitting the press concerns Essex police seen photographing a bunch of people attending a meeting about the future of Southend Airport. They snapped local residents and members of campiagn groups on ‘crime and disorder’ […]

>Met’s advice to photographers

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>Published Thursday: http://www.met.police.uk/about/photography.htm Including: “Officers have the power to view digital images contained in mobile telephones or cameras carried by a person searched under S43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to discover whether they have in their possession anything which may constitute evidence that they are involved in terrorism.” And the wonderfully unambiguous: “It should […]

>“Um…specifically…I don’t know” – Assistant Commissioner Chris Allan on FIT data collection.

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> “Um…speicifically…I don’t know”. This was Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison’s response to being asked what happens to the data collected by the Forward Intelligence Teams on Panorama’s, “Whatever Happened to People Power?” Chris Allison has worked for the MET for twenty five years, and according to the Met Police’s website, has been “heavily involved” in […]