PLO block hits the streets at Sussex

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The following report is from PLO block, operational at Sussex university on Monday… A large banner and a small group of people (it can work well with just 3 people) is all you need for PLO blocking. PLO block turned out for the Sussex National Demo against Privatization. Although the group have all engaged in […]

Vauxhall Squat Raids

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These pictures were taken during the eviction of squats in Vauxhall tonight. The eviction was resisted, and it took a reported eight and a half hours to finally clear squatters from the building and the roof. From what we have been told, the buildings are being torn down for redevelopment. There seems no shortage of […]

New Years Eve Prisoner Solidarity Demo

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Does exactly what it says on the tin. Lets be honest, this year has been a disheartening one. State and security forces have repositioned themselves with guns towards us (quite literally, in some cases) and scored significant victories against the dissenting population. Next year looks set to be a difficult one, with many of the […]

Plain clothes cop at Fridays demo

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Cops turning up to demos in plain clothes seems to be a regular occurence these days. These pics were taken at the Fight for Sites demo on Friday. Although he appears to have forgotten his uniform, the man pictured is Constable Mark Stoddart. A number of cops in plain clothes have been pictured previously turning […]

Stay Safe; Stay Anonymous! #5 – Block & Disrupt!

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Okay, so by now we should know all the basic preventative measures we can take to defend our anonymity. But there is one more thing we can be doing this October 20th to proactively assert our freedom to dissent without state repression. This is, of course, the classic FITwatch Direct Action tactics that made life […]

Stay Safe; Stay Anonymous! #4 – Fashion Tips for Dissidents

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Whilst what you wear on a demo is on one level (quite rightly) unimportant, it can be used as a great tool to disrupt intelligence gathering activities. When such a large part of political policing rests on the ability to profile, identify, isolate (and subsequently harass) individuals and groups, it makes sense to be able […]

Stay Safe; Stay Anonymous! #3 – Affinity Groups

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For the purposes of a mass demonstration, affinity groups – small groups of people who attend the same demonstration together – are a great way to stay safe and anonymous, providing a miniature support network that is both empowering and practical. This is one of the first things you should be considering in preparing for […]

Stay Safe: Stay Anonymous! #2 – Masking Up

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This is possibly the easiest form of FITwatching that can be done. It is 100% legal (although you need to read the Legal Information at the bottom of this post), keeps you off a database and, when done en masse, creates a sea of obscured faces that are much harder to identify. This is something […]

Stay Safe: Stay Anonymous!

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Our sister organisation, the Network for Police Monitoring, is launching their ‘Don’t End up on a Database’ campaign this month. In response to this, FITwatch will be producing a series of simple, easy-to-understand guides designed to help you defend your anonymity and stay off police databases this October 20th . We believe these steps should […]