Fitwatching at Global Noise

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Improvisation with pots and pans to deal with police surveillance at the Global Noise / OccupyLSX anniversary. Picture courtesy of rikki. His report included the following account: “Followed overtly by a handful of city police, and less obviously by several police vans containing back-up, a group of several hundred people set off east into the […]

Confronting FIT and PLO – Fitwatch workshop at the Cuts Cafe

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***IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/10/12: THE FITWATCH WORKSHOP AT CUTS CAFÉ HAS BEEN POSTPONED AT THE REQUEST OF THOSE MANAGING THE VENUE TODAY. We apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this, but we were not able to find a suitable alternative venue at such short notice Watch this space for further updates! *** Direct Action […]

Extremism cop covered up at Hillsborough

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This man, Norman Bettison headed up the liaison unit responsible for orchestrating the lies and black propaganda that was the police response to the deaths of 96 people at Hillsborough. Attempting to cover up the police’s role in causing the tragedy, the liaison unit perpetuated false stories of drunken football fans and hooligans kicking police […]

Police Liaison Officers – the new FIT

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Police Liaison Officers are everywhere these days, constantly hanging around ‘engaging’ with protesters. They are being hailed as a new invention, but the role they carry out is not new at all. It’s just that it used to be done by cops in blue bibs called ‘FIT teams’ Back before FIT got a bad name […]

Police use anti-terror powers to detain anarchists on return from conference in Switzerland

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The following article is reproduced from Statewatch British counter-terrorist police at Heathrow airport last week (13 August) detained two anarchists returning from a conference in Switzerland, asked them a number of “inflammatory, irrelevant and offensive questions,” and copied information from passports, literature, cameras and mobile phones, according to a statement released by the UK Anarchist […]

Spycops practices circumvent the law says Surveillance Commissioner.

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The Surveillance Commissioner has attacked police for circumventing the law on covert surveillance by building personal profiles of targets from ‘open’ internet sources. In a report published last month, the Surveillance Commission said that the increasingly used practice of processing internet data to build a profile of individuals or groups meets the definition of covert […]

Welcome to the Future, Today.

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For those of us who have watched London 2012 with a keen eye from its inception, we have been alarmed by the extent to which it appeared to be just a ‘festival of social control’. Yesterday’s heavy-handed policing of the monthly Critical Mass bike ride  was a chilling confirmation of this. Cyclists who refused to […]

The Most Dangerous Armed Gang in the Country

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A mini-rant from a few FITwatchers – not necessarily representative of the views of the organisation as whole. On Thursday, 19th July, killer cop PC Simon Harwood was acquitted of manslaughter at Southwark Crown Court for his role in the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in 2009. Despite a lengthy police record […]

A call to kettle FIT and Police Liaison in Brighton

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Fitwatch are heading to the Smash EDO demo in Brighton on Monday 16th July, and we’d love you to join us. Smash EDO protests have historically been heavily hit by snoopers from the FIT, Police Liaison and the National Domestic Extremism Unit. These are all dangerous, vindictive and untrustworthy characters. Police Liaison Teams (PLTs), with […]

Sussex police unleash new weapon – crowd psychology

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Sussex police have recently started to use new forms of repressive tactics for policing demonstrations. They seem to have taken a break from head cracking to trial what they have termed ‘Police Liaison Officers’ or PLOs at the recent Smash EDO demonstration on June 4th. This may not be simply a new fad by the […]