We’re back and ready for the fightback!

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We are at  war. A war on the poor; the underprivileged; the disabled. A war against those who stand up for themselves, those who strike or protest. This war is raging. The question is, when will we start fighting back? How many times do we have to read of people dying through poverty; of claimants […]

HMIC report into domestic extremist units disgusting and farcical

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Well, we always knew HMIC’s ludicrously named ‘review of national police units which provide intelligence on criminality associated with protest’ was going to be a farce, and we haven’t been disappointed. The 48 page report published today fails to address any of the concerns addressed by activists, and whilst claiming to recommend tightening of the […]

No justice for Kingsnorth Fitwatchers

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Fitwatch regularly get asked what happened to the cops who assaulted members of the group during Kingsnorth climate camp. The case received a large amount of publicity when it was front page of the Guardian in June 2009, and many thousands of people viewed the footage of officers using excessive force against three fitwatchers who […]

Resist plainclothes cops

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More plainclothes cops were spotted during the public sector protests on November 30th. The ones pictured here were all identified during the kettle in Panton Street, and all admitted to being cops when challenged. Plainclothes cops outed on 30th November were surrounded by protesters, derided as scum, with many forced to retreat back behind police […]

Plainclothes cops on education demo

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These are a selection of the plainclothes cops spotted on the education demo on 9th November. Fitwatchers witnessed the violent arrest or one protester and followed the officers. Other photos have come from various sources. REMEMBER THESE FACES! THESE COPS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED ON OUR PROTESTS AGAIN! Fitwatch will be producing handy printable spotter […]

Don’t be intimidated! See you on the streets!

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On the eve of the mass education/sparks/cabbies protest on 9th November, it is clear the state are trying to intimidate us. From the news today that the police have written to protesters arrested at previous demonstrations warning them off protesting (see picture), to the “total policing” of the last couple of weeks witnessed at the […]

Armed police raid Kurdish tent at OccupyLSX

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Last night, the Kurdish tent at the OccupyLSX camp was raided by armed police following an alleged tip off of a gun being present. They searched the tent for over half an hour unsurprisingly finding nothing. The Kurdish community has long been criminalised, and labelled as terrorists for their attempts to oppose and draw attention […]

Don’t just walk on by!

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It’s getting to that time of year…the students are back, the weather is getting colder (so you won’t be removing your “seasonally appropriate” scarf and hood when the cops tell you to!) and the political climate is already starting to get considerably hotter. Since this time last year, we’ve had dissent articulated in many different […]

Solidarity with Copwatch, France

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Fitwatch is giving full solidarity to Copwatch in France who have been threatened with closure by the French authorities for publishing photos of cops known for violence or links to the far right. The Interior Ministry has filed a case against them which has ordered six French internet providers – Free, France Telecom, SFR, Bouygues […]