This page lists all known Clash gigs from 1976 with info. If you have any corrections please

July 4 Black Swan, Sheffield
'The Clash were just a cacophonous barrage of noise. The bass guitarist had no idea how to play the instrument and even had to get another member of the band to tune it for him. They tried to play early '60s R 'n' B and failed dismally. Dr Feelgood are not one of my favourite bands, but I know they could have wiped the floor with The Clash.' Signed 'A real music lover, Sheffield.'
Aug 13 Rehearsal Rehearsals, Camden Town, London
Private invite gig, invite only. Some footage exists & may an audio recording may exist?
Aug 29 Screen On The Green, Islington, London
The Sex Pistols, supported by the Clash and the Buzzcocks.
Aug 31 The 100 Club, London
Supporting the Sex Pistols.
Sep 5 The Roundhouse, Camden Town, London
Keith Levenes last gig with The Clash. Journalists invited; 3 show up.

Sep 20 100 Club, London... 100 Club Punk Festival
with the Pistols, the Damned, the Buzzcocks, Subway Sect et al.
Oct 2 Institute of Contemporary Arts Theatre
Benefit Gig. The Clash plus Fresh Air (ticket) plus Shaft Intercity Sound System
Oct 9 Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, Leyton Buzzard
Tonight, the Clash in Leighton Buzzard at the Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, which ñ in the words of journalist Kris Needs it was one of those council hangars better suited to bingo and comedians. The Clash were actually the opening band for a local R&B outfit, The Rockets.
Oct? Guildford
In an NBC 'Live at 5' Interview early 1982, Paul & Joe refer to this gig and the fact there was only 1 member in the audience.
Oct 15 Acklam Hall, Ladbroke Grove, London
Supporting Spartacus and Sukuya.
Oct 16 University of London. Student Central, London
supporting Shakin Stevens.
Oct 23 Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
with Subway Sect
Oct 27 Barbarellas, Birmingham
Supporting the Suburban Studs
Oct 28 Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
May not have taken place
Oct 29 Town Hall, Fulham, London
Supporting Roogalator
Nov 3 Harlesden Coliseum
Original sound recording may exist here
Nov 5 Royal College of Art, London
A Night of Treason ...supported by the Rockets
Nov 6 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
Not sure this took place? Dates confused with the correct date, the 29th.
Nov 11 Lacy Lady, Ilford
Support unknown
Nov 13 Birmingham Barbarellas
Support Surburban Studs
Nov Polydor Demos
Mid November. Prior to the Anarchy Tour with Terry Chimes on drums, The Clash entered Polydor Studios to record 5 songs with Guy Stevens producing.
Nov 18 Nags Head, High Wycombe
Support Clayson and the Argonauts
Nov 29 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
Supporting the Sex Pistols

Nov Harlesden Coliseum - Anarchy Tour Rehearsals
End of November. When I spoke with Rob from Subway Sect yesterday he said the Clash only played Harlesden once - in early 1977. They rehearsed there for the anarchy tour. Vincent
Nov London Weekend TV - 2mins
Year in Punk Interview with Janet Street Porter - (out now on DVD)

Production ID 9C/02278
Production Title SEX PISTOLS - PUNK ROCK
First TX Date 28/11/1976

Synopsis Text Janet Street-Porter investigates the current fast-growing phenomenon - Punk Rock.
The programme sets out to examine why increasing numbers of London's young people are becoming disaffected with the rock scene and finding that the 'New Wave' bands, rather than rich, established, superstars, seem to articulate their own feelings of musical and social discontent. It looks at the rapid growth of punk bands which has followed the realisation that you don't have to be a consummate musician to play entertaining punk music and at the style and beliefs that distinguish people from fans of established rock.
Janet interviews the leading punk band, The Sex Pistols, their close rivals, The Clash and punk fans to try to find out whether this is a beat boom or just another instantly forgotten fad. She also talks to promoter Ron Watts to find out whether Punk Rock's violent reputation, which has led to a dwindling number of venues prepared to book the bands, is justly deserved, and the programme allows viewers to judge the phenomenon for themselves from film of a typical Sex Pistols concert.
Running Time 25 mins 53 secs

Supporting the The Sex Pistols...
Terry Chimes quits prior to the tour and Rob Harper rejoins the band for the Tour... Some Clash photos circulate from this tour but the venue is unknown, possibly the Winter Gardens at Cleethorpes.

Dec 1 Dundee Caird Hall
This gig never actually took place at Dundee's Caird Hall, although local record shop, Groucho's, still sells replica posters of the gig. The actual gig was played at the Dundee College of Technology Student's Union, known to one and all of a certain age, as the Bowling Alley. I was too young to get into these premises at the time, although a couple of years later spoke to different punters who described the same incident. One, Gary, winessed Johnny Rotten spending most of their set as far back from the audience as he could get before the speaker stack collapsed on someone. The other person was the girl the speakers fell on - she got a broken arm.
Dec 1 Dundee College of Technology SU
see above
Dec 3 Norwich Poly
poster, ticket and newspaper cutting
Dec 4 Derby Kings Hall
article, blog & ticket
Dec 5 Newcastle City Hall
Dec 6 Leeds Polytechnic
a Pistols recording exists from this gig but the taper only recorded the Pistols and the support slot, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers.
Dec 7 Bournemouth Village Bowl
poster & ticket
Dec 9 Electric Circus, Manchester
Dec 10 Charlton Theatre Preston
Dec 10 Lancaster University
Dec 11 Liverpool Stadium
newspaper clipping & advert
Dec 13 Bristol Colston Hall
Dec 14 Cardiff Top Rank
Dec 14 Cinema, Caerphilly, Wales
Welsh TV fimed outside and inside this venue. Recent unseen Pistols archive footage was screened on Welsh TV in 2002
Dec 15 Glasgow Apollo
Dec 16 Dundee Caird Hall
Dec 17 Sheffield City Hall
Dec 17 Carlisle Market Hall
venue contract from the promoter
Dec 18 Southend Kuursal
Dec 19 Guildford Civic Hall
Dec 19 Electric Circus, Manchester
Dec 20 Birmingham Town Hall
Dec 20 Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes
Link and advert
Dec 21 Woods Centre, Plymouth
Dec 22 400 Ballroom, Torquay
Dec 22 Woods Centre, Plymouth
Dec 26 Roxy Theatre Harlesdon
with 3 night stand, supported by The Clash and The Damned. Ramones pull out. Poster and newspaper articie.
Dec 27 Roxy Theatre Harlesdon
with 3 night stand, supported by The Clash and The Damned. Ramones pull out. Poster and newspaper articie.
Dec 28 Roxy Theatre Harlesdon
with 3 night stand, supported by The Clash and The Damned. Ramones pull out. Poster and newspaper articie.

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