Earthquake Weather Tour

Joe Strummer and the Latino Rockabilly War
Joe Strummer: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Zander Schloss: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Lonnie Marshall: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Willie MacNeil: Drums
Jack Irons: Drums

cdr1 - good but thin - Sound 3 - 84min - unknown gen? - 24 tracks

cdr2 - Good - Sound 4 - 84min - MASTER - 24 tracks

A decent sound on this recording, though a fraction distant and a bit thin at the top detract. But a good wide range and good clarity with a reasonable mix.

Joes vocals are high up and drums and lead guitar come through clearly as well. You can the hear the bass though the emphasis is slightly toward the top.

Magnificent 7 is cut after 58 secs.


Walker Intro
Trash City
Jewellers and Bums
Sightsee MC
Armagideon Time
Highway One Zero
Tropic of No Return
Love Kills
City of the Dead
Magnificent 7
Ride Your Donkey
Passport to Detroit
Police and Thieves
Shouting Street
Whats My Name
King of the Bayou
Pressure Drop
London Calling
Island Hopping
Keys to Your Heart
Straight to Hell
Brand New Cadilac
I Fought the Law

Highway One Zero

any info / reviews appreciated

Oct 6 Glasgow Barrowlands
Oct 7 Manchester International
Oct 8 Birmingham Hummingbird
Oct 9 Bristol, Studio
Oct 11 Norwich, Uea
Oct 12 London, T&C
Oct 13 London, T&C
Oct 14 Liverpool, Royal Ct
Oct 16 Brighton Top Rank
Oct 17 Cardiff University
Oct 19 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
i was there, the support act was an unknown act at this time named "Lenny Kravitz"
Oct 20 Paris Elysee Montmarte
Oct ? Lyon
I don't remember the tracklist… Long time ago. I just remember he started with Sleepwalk. I also remember that bored by a guy calling for a Clash song (don't remember which one actually), Joe started to speak the first verse of this song and ask ironnically "satisfied?'.
Oct 25 Piazette Reale Milan Italy
The 'Kings Square' in English
Oct 26 Scandicci Palasport Italy
Oct 27 Teatro Tenda, Stadia Flaminio Rome Italy
I was sure I had a recording of this and I have misplaced it
Oct 28 Piazza Mazzin - Salerno Italy
Oct 29 Modina, Palasport Italy VIDEO
Nov 9 Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA.
Nov 10 Trenton, NJ at City Gardens
I saw Joe on the Earthquake Weather tour on Friday, Nov. 10, 1989, in Trenton, NJ at City Gardens, an old-school punk club about an hour or two from NYC. I think a local band opened. In a notebook I kept at that time I scribbled down some songs he played: "Gangsterville," "King of the Bayou" (I remember folks laughing at the line "She'll just say we were drunks who couldn't make her come"), "London Calling," "Police & Thieves," "What's My Name," and "I Fought the Law."

I also noted that I didn't know a lot of the songs he played; he could have done more from "London Calling" but since at that time I had only the first two Clash albums I wouldn't have known it. I also remember people calling for "White Riot" and he said "I'm sorry, I hear your request but I can't play that song," very seriously.

I got there early and Joe walked right by me in the dark club; I could see the oil glisten in his hair and noticed he was wearing an intricate Western shirt. I said, "Hey Joe!" but he had his eyes closed, just nodded, said, "Right, right!" and kept going.

Nov 11 New York Palladium
Nov 13 Boston Paradise
Nov 17 San Francisco I Beam
Nov 22 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium