Here's part of an interview with ANHREFN, a street punk band from Wales.

whose musical sound is influenced by '77 punk bands like the CLASH, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, the RUTS (who they cover), etc.
In the late 1980's they toured the UK with JOE STRUMMER as part of the ROCK AGAINST THE RICH Tour, a benefit for UK anarchist group CLASS WAR.

Interview excerpted from Northern Ireland's MERE PSEUD MAG #3 circa 1989 Transcribed 1/98 by Dan Sabater. (

MSM: Well what about CLASS WAR then, you went on the ROCK AGAINST THE RICH Tour with JOE STRUMMER. Anything to say abut that, any regrets or whatever?

Sion: No regrets, no. We were quite surprised with JOE STRUMMER., he could have been a bloody pop star if he'd wanted to, but he wasn't, he was totally OK, totally down to Earth, no shit at all. The tour was good, there was good audiences, but I don't know how many of the actual audience knew what the whole thing was about. There was one guy who introduced the bands, who would sometimes try to explain what it was all about, but the crowd would just be going "Strummer, Strummer, Strummer". So I think a lot of the crowd were just there to see Joe Strummer because he used to be in the CLASH, and didn't really know what was going on, even though they gave out leaflets, most of the leaflets would be on the floor by the end of the night, because people were there to watch Strummer. It was a good idea.

MSM: A lot of people, probably myself included, thought it was pretty ludicrous picking somebody like JOE STRUMMER for this tour (Blasphemy!-Dan/LARiot), someone who has made himself a lot of money out of the Rock 'n' Roll business, and for CLASS WAR to turn round and to start defending him, with crap like "If you're going to be successful in the Rock industry, you have to make a lot of money".

Sion: I think the problem that they had was that they wanted to try and raise money and get a lot of publicity. To do that they had to have somebody quite famous, and anyone who is quite famous is bound to have a little bit of dosh. But then again JOE STRUMMER probably has only got enough dosh to, I dunno if he has got his own house. He's probably only as well off as a fairly low-paid teacher. I don't think he's really loaded, maybe he's got his own house.

Jun 17 London , Tabernacle
Jun 18 Milton Keynes
Jun 19 Milton Keynes
Jun 23 The Fridge, Brixton, London
support of FSLN in Nicaragua (Sandinista National Liberation Front)
July 3 Hackney Empire
July 7 London Electric Ballroom
July 9 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre London

Must be one of the strangest gigs I've been to- remember being in the bar full of Clash fans and seeing people still swimming in the pool. †I recall the security at the gig being guys that looked like pool attendants. †There was a crush at the front, Joe stopped the gig because a girl was trapped and started again when she was ok.

Sponsored by Class War

July 13 Leeds, Irish Centre
July 14 Derby, Confettis
cancelled due to poor ticket sales
July 15 Liverpool, Royal Court
July 16 Doncaster, Broadsworth Miners Welfare Hall
Sounds Review & Interview from the Issue 6 August 1988 begins here
July 17 Sheffield, Leadmill
July 18 Bristol, Bierkeller
July 19 Merthy Tydfil NC, Wales
July 21 Exeter, George Hall
July 23 Poole, Arts Ctr
July 24 Southampton, Mayfair
July 25 Brighton, Concord (switched to the Dome)

(1) I went to the Rock against the Rich show in Brighton, but I seem to recall it was at the dome. Also I think it was one night only,possibly they combined the two shows into one. I know it was definitely at the Dome, I lived 50 yards from it and was dead chuffed knowing Joe was in the vacinity.

(2) The local police were concerned about the Class War event being staged over two days in such a small venue. The promoter switched the event to a bigger, council run venue known as Brighton Dome and Joe only played one night (25th July). Memories of the evening.... City of The Dead and buying a Joe Strummer / Class War T shirt that I wore until it disintegrated. David

July 26 Brighton, Concord (cancelled)
July 28 Swansea, Marina
Aug 1 Northampton
Aug 2 Birmingham PowerHouse
Aug 3 Nottingham Rock City
Aug 5 Manchester International II
I saw the Manchester Rock against the Rich show, and it was at the International II, which was on Plymouth Grove, which is not far off from being Levenshulme. I think this may be the confusion i.e. probably only one Manchester show, and at International II, not International I, which, if I remember correctly, was more in central Manchester. anon

Hi the July 88 Levenshulme Gig was actually at the International 2 Club! I took my Missus, she was pregnant with my son at the time and fell asleep at the back! The Band were excellent, very heavy, the crowd went mental, at the end the crowd invaded the stage, the War Band got nervous and exited but Joe kept playing on his own surrounded by well wishing audience members, Levenshulme 1 Nicaragua 0. Viva Strumboli!!!! Chris

Aug 6 Bradford, Palm Club
Aug 7 Glasgow Barrowlands
Aug 9 Hull, Tower Ballroom
"A mere 19 yr old.....I remember it was a really warm night and the place was packed. I got a veiw from the stairs just right of thre stage. The door staff were friends of my dad's and said I could go and sit on the side of the stage. Biggest regret that I didn't. Kicked off with 'If I Should Fall From Grace With God' and dedicated it to 'My friend Shane MacGowan'. I was pretty chuffed as I had my Pogues shirt on."
Aug 10 Newcastle, Mayfair
Aug 11 Edinburgh, Coasters
Clouds was the upstairs part of Coasters (now called the Cavendish) where strummer played again with the clash busking in 1985 and with LRW in 1988 - Coasters itself is pretty small and both the upstairs rooms are tiny.
Aug 12 Aberdeen Northern Cairn Hotel
Aug 13 Hultsfred Folkettes, Sweden