A comprehensive list of Clash footage excluding Rude Boy. If you know anything not on the list let us know.
Video list updated 8 Jan 2010 ... comprehensive!
Note: Julian Temples Film, ....We (they) used over 300 different sources of material (500 if you include audio as well) and to give you all those details will be a painstaking job and I just don't have the time at the moment. If you see anything in the film that you are particularly keen to have more details on, then let me know and I can dig them out for you. They never did keep their promise...
20 Sep 76 100 Club Festival

Early 101ers/Pistols roadie John 'Boogie' Tiberi has some early movie footage - colour, silent film of the Clash at the 100 Club Festival,..and also (incredibly) Joe and the 101ers playing the Elgin pub on Ladbroke Grove. He showed it at the Elgin a couple of years ago when they were hosting a Strummer Tribute night, they were screening vids like Westway and Hell W10 on the pub's largescreen video system and he had his home movies on a VHS which he kindly brought along to see 'if' people wanted to see 'em.
It only lasts about 15-20 minutes as I recall, very grainy/shaky and with a digital clock timecode slapped on it by the video transfer people I expect, but it was great... 18 hours

1976/77 Julian Temple's early footage


Known to contain several concerts including The Roxy 1 Jan 1977 and Harlesden plus Rehearsals footageJulian Temples 1976 footage 18 hours - included Roxy/Anarchy Tour/Harlesden/Rainbow - only the footage that was used in the film eventually got digitised because it was shot on an obscure format that does exist anymore and so it cost a fortune to put onto tape. 

1976 Various 1976
Soundsystem DVD 6:20min


Julian Temple Archive - no details as yet - bit slow updating!

late 1976 Commercial Punk in London


Video footage of Subway Sect at Rehearsal Rehearsals 4mins

late 1976 London Weekend TV


Year in Punk Interview with Janet Street Porter - out on DVD 2mins

contact rights.leeds@granadamedia.com
Production ID 9C/02278
Production Title SEX PISTOLS - PUNK ROCK
First TX Date 28/11/1976
Synopsis Text Janet Street-Porter investigates the current fast-growing phenomenon - Punk Rock.
The programme sets out to examine why increasing numbers of London's young people are becoming disaffected with the rock scene and finding that the 'New Wave' bands, rather than rich, established, superstars, seem to articulate their own feelings of musical and social discontent. It looks at the rapid growth of punk bands which has followed the realisation that you don't have to be a consummate musician to play entertaining punk music and at the style and beliefs that distinguish people from fans of established rock.
Janet interviews the leading punk band, The Sex Pistols, their close rivals, The Clash and punk fans to try to find out whether this is a beat boom or just another instantly forgotten fad. She also talks to promoter Ron Watts to find out whether Punk Rock's violent reputation, which has led to a dwindling number of venues prepared to book the bands, is justly deserved, and the programme allows viewers to judge the phenomenon for themselves from film of a typical Sex Pistols concert.
Running Time 25 mins 53 secs

10 Mar 77 Harlesden, Colisseum


Punk Rock Movie 2mins

Old Grey Whistle Test 2mins


Full Gig known to exist

Apr 77 Beaconsfield Studios


Essential Clash DVD - Sony
White Riot/1977/Londons Burning videos
plus Tommy Parsons Interview 14mins

1976 White Riot Interview 7:10
Promo and interviews with Tony Parsons
1977 1:87
White Riot 1:48
London's Burning 2:05
Recent full release - Sony Sound System Boxset

Apr ???
Le Mans - Le Royal Cinema

The show (or part of it) was filmed since we saw it at a "punk special night" a few months later in the university..." "the movie... "punk special" at the University was also shown 3 or 4 years later as well

07 May 77 Rainbow


Punk Rock Movie 2mins

07 May 77 White Riot Tour


Punk Rock Movie 2mins

25 May 77 University of Sussex, Brighton

3 camera student shoot
- due for DVD release this year.from the owner, all Clash fans will be pleased to hear this, "The Clash footage is from The White Riot Tour, the entire Brighton gig, including the full Clash set. I am still hoping to get a DVD out this year - but their are a lot of parties involved to get clearance from.""There still are plans for a commercial release and I am in discussion with a production company, it's just taking a long time to get all the clearances. It's not just the Clash of course, there's the Slits, Subway Sect and Buzzcocks too. Almost all the members from those bands have OK'd on principle the release, a few are very hard to track down, and some have passed-on and I am having to deal with Estates. Joe's has OK'd it but I haven't been able to make direct contact with Mick, Paul or Topper. I've have handled a lot of archive material in the past and always want to release officially, it ensures greater distribution and that Artists get paid for their Art. It is B&W, features an entire set - London's Burning (how timely), 1977, I'm So Bored With The USA, Hate & War, 48 Hours, Denny, Police & Thieves, Capitol Radio & 7 more, including White Riot of course. There were 3 camera, edited live and an ambient mic. The sound is pretty good, good enough for a sound recording too. I'm sorry I can't send you a copy, I'll trade direct contacts for the missing 3 for a DVD of some of the set and I'm sure at release time we can work together to promote each other. It is amazing! 40mins

5 Aug 77 Mont De Marsen Video


Copied a few times. Full gig with some bad edits... better quality supposedly exists 19mins

28 Sep 77 Paris - French TV

French TV show
London's Burning / Complete Control / 1977
A 3 minute and a 7 minute version have appeared on Youtube. For details follow link to gig pageNot Michel Drucker TV Show. Presented by the famous Punk presenter Freddy Hausser. The interview is with Phillipe Manoeuvre who writes for the French music magazine Rock n Folk.This TV show was prouced by “Un sur Cinq (1 out of 5)”, a social and culturel broadcast. Freddy Hausser produced the “Pop News” rubrique and presented the CLASH with Phillipe MANOEUVRE (who wrote “Cheap trill” in Rock’n’Folk magazine).The CLASH played “London’s burning” at the sound check but the cameramen didn’t want to continue. They striked cos the CLASH played too loud. Just one man accepted to film. So, it was a fixed and large plan. 15 min. later, the CLASH played “Complete control”, then “1977”(cut) and it was over.

03 Oct 77 Munich


6 tracks 19mins

15 Nov 77 Manchester Eliz. Suite


Punk in London DVD 10mins

So It Goes originals - contact at Granada: richard.higgins[a]granadamedia.com'So it Goes' 90's re-broadcastcontact rights.leeds@granadamedia.com
Production ID 1/0877/0019
Programme Title SO IT GOES
Production Title EPISODE 0019
First TX Date 11/12/1977
Synopsis Text Presented by TONY WILSON. We see a clip of the now infamous 'John the Postman' performing at the Electric Circus. Album of the week is JONATHAN RICHMAN Live, and we listen to a little of 'I'm a Little Dancer' (audio only over stock footage). The founder of Beserkley Records MATTHEW KAUFMAN gives his 'Play in a day' guide to 'What is Beserkley?' IAN DURY is live in studio for a recital in tribute to Charlie Mingus. STEEL PULSE perform 'Makka Spliff', 'Colly Colly Man' and 'Klu Klux Klan' and THE CLASH perfom 'Capital Radio'. After a few quick questions, IAN DURY recites the Cockney Lord's Prayer and THE CLASH play out, performing 'JANIE JONES' (end credits roll before the end of the performance).
Running Time 24 mins 29 secs

00 Jan 78 Something Else UK TV

German ARTE TV rebroadcast

Rebroadcast TOTP2 2002

30 Apr 78 Victoria Park ANL Rally


black & white shot from audience/footage used in documenatary film "Who Shot the Sheriff"Thinks it's worth millions and doesn't want to share it. Sure Joe would understand... 20mins

?? ??? 78 UK ITV TV - TISWAS
1st Appearance

Likely transmission date 28 Jan 1978
with Chris Tarrant and Sally James

Joe and Paul and up in the cage. All this happenned during their short Midlands Tour

20 May 78 Don't Quote Me BBC2

30 min

With Rick Wakeman. The Rock, Pop and Press episode presented by Brian Redhead. He of Sex Pistols anti-punk TV fame in Dec 76.Joe Strummer is interviewed (see pic in Redemption Song book. This was Series 3, they were 30 minute episodes. 30mins

22 Jun 78 What's On with Tony Wilson

26mins - The Clash lasts 1.51min

Production ID 1/0938/0024
Programme Title WHAT'S ON
Production Title EPISODE 0024
First TX Date 22/06/1978
Synopsis Text Tony Wilson introdues
Rita Hunter
Dire Straits
John Hurt
The Clash
Running Time 26 mins 11 secs

23 Nov 78 Manchester Apollo


Rock Revolution Video 6mins

Various 78 Rude Boy Film

Rude Boy Remastered DVD

6 Jan 79 Saturday Morning Show LWT

Interview with the band by (another) Steve Jones and Elvis PayneITN link hereSATURDAY MORNING SHOW (SATURDAY MORNING SHOW)
Clip Description: Production ID: 9L/99429
Programme ID: L0195
Gm library type: LWT Production
Synopsis: A programme for children, teenagers, young adults and the whole family. The show combines cinema, sport, the best in pop music, interviews with celebrities, studio games for competitors, a regular serial and write in competitions. STEVE JONES presents the show and introduces episodes of OUR GANG, while ELVIS PAYNE joins the Keep or Heap panel and chats to the advice bureau expert of the week.Guest include: MICHAEL ASPEL CLASH PENELOPE KEITH TONY DOYLE SHAKIN STEVEN ELEANOR BRON Series title: SATURDAY MORNING SHOW
Series ID: Y191
Credits text: Presenters - STEVE JONES, ELVIS PAYNE
Running time - minutes: 83
Running time - seconds: 55
First TX date: 1979-01-06
Production area: ENTERTAINMENT
Production type: PROGRAMME
Version type: UK VERSION
Local series ID:
Local episode ID:
Picture style: Colour
Sound style: Mono
Slot time: 90
Commissioner: THE ITV NETWORK
Exploit Issues:

8 Feb 79 Geary Temple

Footage of The Clash in SF '79unknownLast night I attended the Target Video show at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley link here. There was a lot of great footage from the '70s & early '80s (Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Black Flag, X, The Nuns, Avengers, The Mutants, Bush Tetras, Siouxsie & The Banshees, etc.), most of which I had never seen before. Target was selling t-shirts (I bought one) in the lobby, and on the back of the t-shirt are logos of bands Target filmed, including The Clash.I asked Target Video's Joe Rees when and where he filmed The Clash. He replied: a couple of shows, including Geary Temple in San Francisco '79 and at the Target studio on Van Ness. I asked him if the Geary Temple footage was ever released on video in the early '80s, and he said "yes," but I've never heard of that release. One would think it would've showed up on bootleg videos/DVDs, on YouTube, etc., and also Graham doesn't mention the existence of the footage on BMC. It must've been available for a very limited time in '84 when Target Video started releasing videos. Anyway, I told Joe that I hope that Target Video's footage of The Clash will be released on DVD.Target Video's site:
Target Video's MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/targetvideo

13 Feb 79 Cleveland Agora

An email arrived at BMC asking;"Would you know if any video footage is circulating of the clash at the Cleveland Agora from 1979? I remember that WUAB local news tv station filmed all or at least some of the set as part of a story on the guy that the bennefit concert was for.  I didnt have a VCR back then to record it and the tv station no longer exists that aired the report,all of their stock news umatic video footage was taken to the dump years ago.

10 Mar 79 Newcastle - Alright Now - 9mins


Tyne Tees UK TV - very poorProduction ID T/0165/0004
Programme Title ALRIGHT NOW
Production Title EPISODE 0003
First TX Date 25/07/1979
Synopsis Text This programme stars THE CLASH and THE TOM ROBINSON BAND, plus a film feature on punk hair styles and dress.
The Clash perform "English Civil War", "Hate & War" and "The Israelites".
Tom Robinson Band perform "All Right All Night" and "Bully For You".Running Time 24 mins 30 secs

Hate & War TOTP2 rebroadcast June 2003 as part of the Ch4 'Joe Remembered' programme. 3mins


London Wekend Television


Production Title ROCK ATTITUDES
First TX Date 08/07/1979
Synopsis Text British bands in the USA. Archive footage includes: Dire Straits, the Beatles arriving in America, and the Police. Also included are the Joe Jackson band, the Sex Pistols, and interviews with Paul Gambachinni and the Clash
Running Time 26 mins 20 secs

04 Aug 79 Turku Finland


The Finnish TV shoved circa 10 seconds-clip of Clash gig in Turku (no sound) It was in a program about history of Ruisrock 25 years. Broadcast was 1995. "Ruisrock 25 vuotta" (Ruisrock 25 years) YLE TV1 Broadcast 06.07.95. 4mins

08 Sep 79 Tribal Stomp Festival

footage included in 'The Future is Unwritten' Full gig filmed. Owner does not want to share it at this moment in time.

17 Sep 79 Detroit


1) Opening Sept 17, 1979 with White Riot, Joe says something about in the intro, "We'll see now who the poseur is!"
2) about 1/2 of Clampdown
3) back half (nice quiet guitar part) of Jimmy Jazz, Joe very emotive
4) back half from bridge of I Faught the Law, and here Joe gives a shout to "Guitar hero Wayne Kramer! The father of us all Chuck Berry! James Brown."
5) Bored with the USA footage from Sept 17/79 gig - I shot this from Mick's side of the stage and this ist verse/chorus/most of 2nd verse is INDENDIARY - Strummer takes off his Tele and rubs his ass with
it while singing "Yankee detective is always on the tv...". 10mins

20 Sep 79 New York Palladium

New Wave Music segment -
Clash play Garageland

25 Sep 79 St Denis Theatre, Montreal, Canada

Filmed from a balcony its not great and the full high quality version that is not watermarked will need to paid for. If you are intersted in this video you can purchase it here: From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit http://www.kinolibrary.com. Clip ref JK9 (mistitled 1978, The Clash, perform in Montreal, Punk Rock, Rare Super 8 Home Movies). This is all they have when I asked. HI Graham,
This is all we have and it is silent unfortunately.
Jenny Coan
+44 (0) 203 623 7102

26 Sep 79 Toronto O'Keefe


Snippet from City Limits Two minutes of Tommy Gun live at the O'Keefe plus interview [w/ Pennie Smith?] about torn out seating. 35min

27 Dec 79 Hammersmith Odeon


Kampuchea 90's re-broadcast 8mins

05 Jan 80 UK ITV TV - TISWAS
2nd Tiswas Appearance

poor colour with Sally James
Interview with the band

05 Jan 80 Aylesbury Friars


Punk & It Aftershocks Video may also come from 1980 TV documentary "Rock: Ready for the 80´s. 7min

8/9 Jan 80 Brighton

Footage of gig including Pete Townsend on stage?

18 Jan 80 Nationwide

upgrade wantedPosted by Edda In Reply to: Nationwide & The Last Testament live footage
I think the live footage in those two videos is from the two Edinburgh gigs from Jan 19/20th 1980 , and not from the 18th Dundee gig . Last 30 secs Londons Burning in nationwide clip does sound a lot like the Londons burning from 20th.cheers

Forgot to mention that it looks like Joe's wearing the same clothes in the van ( nationwide interview) and the soundcheck pictures from the 20th.

18 Feb 80 Lewisham


Essential Clash DVD - Sony - 8min

27 Feb 80 Paris


Chorus TV - 40mins

08 Mar 80 New Jersey Passaic


Capital Theatre in House UPGRADE - 80mins

09 Mar 80 Boston

4 mins

Safe European Home 4 mins

10 Mar 80 Detroit

1) Almost ALL of Safe European Home, camera mainly on Joe, Joe PLAYS to the camera near the end when he dos that spoken word thing. This is from the Jackie Wilson Benefit march 10/80 at Motor City Roller Rink.2) Mick sings a song I've never really cared for. He sings Bang Bang something. Over 2 minutes of that.

25 Apr 80 Los Angeles - ABCTV -13mins


Friday's Show

03 Jun 80 Turin


Italian TV quite often mis-identified as Bologna - does a Bologna tape exist?

06 Jun 80 Bologna

Full gig TV Broadcast wanted

27 Apr 81 Barcelona


poor quality

00 May 81 unknown

Magnificent 7 - unknown venue - supposedly shot as video for single.

20 May 81 Vienna

4 track video on Clash on TV Vol1

May 81 Bonds

FacebookThe same guy who posted that also wrote this in the comments (bold emphasis mine):

"We shot one complete show with multiple cameras and a 24 track mobile recorder. We also shot most of every show with one camera and in house 8 track recording. The band wore the same gear every night and Topper was such a consistent drummer - and the band well rehearsed - that we were able to build edits from different nights with no trouble at all."

"Sadly - we never shot the opening acts. We started the gig with the intention of doing a six song DVD EP - not a full scale documentary. Shooting expanded as the story expanded and the shows stretched on."

"We were not making a concert movie per se - and my part in the post production ended when the material left the US after doing the Combat Rock video which John shot in Texas."

All of this makes me wonder where all that footage is and why they haven't done a long form concert video or if they will at some point. I mean, a whole show in multi-camera, 24 track?! I can't imagine that kind of thing just inadvertently gets lost.

I'm sure there is way more about this that is known that I am not aware of. I think I've read that lots of footage has been lost but I don't know any details about that.

Concert movies have been constructed from way less (The Doors Hollywood Bowl for one, I expect there are more).

29 May 81 Bonds

Super8mm film footage of the rucus outside Bonds1. Just a note to say I enjoyed your Clash bootleg site. I saw them at Bonds in Times Square in 1981. I was actually at the 2nd scheduled show, which was a matinee on Saturday after the first show on Friday night. This was when they told us waiting in line that the concert was postponed for two weeks, as they had oversold the number of tickets. I had my Super8mm camera with me and we swarmed out into Times Square, angry and disappointed and I filmed the ruckus. Some of the footage from that event (not mine) shows up on their Westway to the World DVD. Came back 2 weeks later and saw them and had a great time.Then saw the Clash on Pier 84 in NY in September 1982, it was hot and sweaty and then poured rain like hell with thunder and lightning for the encores. They played White Riot for the last encore, the only time I ever got to see them play it. It fit perfectly with the monsoon rain and lightning, quite the finish!Got to meet Strummer for a moment when he played with the Pogues at the Beacon in NYC in 1991. Got his autograph and told him I really liked the "Walker" soundtrack. He appreciated that. Anyway good job on the website.2. I still have that footage. I have to post a Radio Clash music video I made around 1983, onto YouTube. It contains some of that footage. That was sure a great time, even though we traveled all the way to NYC and waited in line only to be told to come back in 2 weeks, it was a big event. So we spent that day wandering around NYC, hearing Clash music, seeing Clash graffiti, and seeing people dressed up like Paul Simonon and Mick. You really felt like you were part of something big. And of course the concert 2 weeks later was worth the return trip.You've inspired me to convert my Radio Clash video into a format suitable for YouTube. My version very much follows the Clash's video of that song, as you will see. Will let you know when it's at YouTube.3. My Radio Clash video I made in 1983. Any footage of Times Square and cops was from the Bonds postponement. I noticed in the shot of the Coca-Cola sign the digital clock says 1:11, and the concert was cancelled at 1 o'clock. Hope you like it, Video4. Thank you very much Graham. I'll see what other Bonds footage I have. I filmed a lot of the crowd in Times Square but the footage has been in storage for a number of years so I don't know the condition. I had this Radio Clash footage converted to VHS in 1988 so that's how it survived. I made a similar home movie using R.E.M.'s End of the World As We Know It, with some more Bonds footage. I have that on VHS so I will have to upload it. I remember filming a spaced out woman with enormous breasts and a skimpy bikini type thing, wandering around the streets with her concert tickets between her boobs. She definitely got attention.Again thank you for your comments on my video. I showed it at a community college talent show in 1984, didn't win anything but at least I got it shown to several hundred people. You probably have seen this YouTube clip about Bonds as well: video

30 May 81 Bonds - TV News on ticket fiasco


News Report on the ticket fiasco upgraded to 6mins video

Clash on Broadway reels

30 hours?

Found in London garage 2006 -
handed to SonyThere are around 36 tapes in all, each of which would cost at least £500 per tape to transfer (the prohibitive cost is why we didn't have this material transferred at the time) - it's on a rare early video format called EIAJ. 

From - I saw the Clash at Bonds play at Bonds - Facebook page
My partner John Hazard and I were fortunate enough to be hired by Don Letts and The Clash to produce and shoot the documentary of Bonds and beyond that is the Clash on Broadway film featured at the end of Westway to the World. What started out as a one week shoot to get six songs live in the can became a year of our lives. The video for This Is Radio Clash was a lift from the 10 minute trailer for the unfinished film that we shot on 16mm and went all the way to a 35mm blowup to show potential distributors. Needless to say - the project was never completed as the band disassembled after Combat Rock. Clash on Broadway is the rough cut we had finished by the time to project was wrapped and went back to the UK.

We shot one complete show with multiple cameras and a 24 track mobile recorder. We also shot most of every show with one camera and in house 8 track recording. The band wore the same gear every night and Topper was such a consistent drummer - and the band well rehearsed - that we were able to build edits from different nights with no trouble at all.
Sadly - we never shot the opening acts. We started the gig with the intention of doing a six song DVD EP - not a full scale documentary. Shooting expanded as the story expanded and the shows stretched on.
Q. How come we've never seen the release of the entire show?
We were not making a concert movie per se - and my part in the post production ended when the material left the US after doing the Combat Rock video which John shot in Texas.

Bonds reels updateVideo - Clash on Broadway Reels - all the original reels have been found and are now with Sony. UPDATE1 The footage the footage that was found is very expensive to transfer. Don hasn't yet ID'd the film boxes (03/2015). UPDATE2 On the Facebook page dedicated to the summer 1981 Nyc residence, from one Kevin Bud Jones that was hired by Don Letts to help shout ing The Clash on Broadway docufilm:‪"We shot one complete show with multiple cameras and a 24 track mobile recorder. We also shot most of every show with one camera and in house 8 track recording. The band wore the same gear every night and Topper was such a consistent drummer - and the band well rehearsed - that we were able to build edits from different nights with no trouble at all."‬ (03/2015)

05 Jun 81 New York NBC TV

Tom Snyder - Tomorrow Show full upgrade wanted

09 Jun 81 Bonds - Video /Clash on Broadway/TV News Reports

Video /Clash on Broadway/TV News Reports
TV cameras from 2 channels covered the concert for the news channels on the opening night and good quality video dubs circulate on Clash On TV Vol.1. Channel News 4 has live clips of Armagideon Time, Bankrobber and I’m So Bored With The USA.Seperately there is footage that includes the press conference and nearly all of London Calling uncut with the band in the dressing room, running up the stairs and on stage, though this may be a mix of the opening press conference and Don Letts footage from the 9th June.Clash on TV [also booted identically as TV Calling]Clash on TV begins with a classic Joe interview clip - “Everywhere, everything is no good, everybody’s walking around going this is no good, everything is gone wrong” cuts to a live clip of Brand New Cadillac, then back to Joe “So there’s no time to stand around with some nice pair of velvet trousers on going on about what you’re gonna do to your women tonight!” Paul is also interviewed about their support of political issues.
Channel 7 live has short clips of London Calling and Magnificent Seven, and includes an interview clip with Kosmo. It also shows missiles being thrown at Grandmaster Flash.
These reports though broadcast on the 29th have live footage definitely from the 28th May, “last night” as it states on screen and then goes onto say “If you want to see them tonight you must have ticketron tickets” and talks about the situation prior to the City Building Department closing Bonds indefinitely on the Saturday 30th morning which resulted in the mini-riot when the matinee crowd were turned away.Footage from the 9th
[aka Don Letts CoB footage]

The CoB Trailer found on Essential Clash, Clash on Broadway and most of Don Letts footage seems to be from the 9th. London Calling sound is dubbed from the 9th June master using the master [as opposed to remixed broadcast version] where Micks vocals are out of the mix almost. Essential Clash contain no other tracks.Clash on Broadway [Westway DVD Bonus] The Clash on Broadway found on Westway DVD extras is certainly the best. It contains London Calling, which seems to be dubbed again from the 9th but from the radio broadcast version with Micks vocals in the mix? Most of London Calling features.Interspersed with Dons New York footage CoB then includes most of Guns of Brixton which is part dubbed. Quite of lot of Safe European Home which is dubbed with the original studio version. Only when we get to nearly full versions of Charlie Don't Surf and Radio Clash is the original sound.There is footage of the press conference and nearly all of London Calling but this circulates seperately.This starts with press conference, backstage, 16 Tons play on, London Calling nearly full [probably the same length as Westway? but the sound plays on to a montage of NYC/Clash pictures]. The sound is remixed from [Trick or Treat bootleg] radio broadcast from the 9th June as Westway.
MTV Rockumentary is same as Westway/Clash on TV/Essential DVD but with only very edited clips of the press conference and London Calling. Nothing new except a couple of comments form Mick and Paul.Photos taken from the 9th further corroborate the date of the TV footage classic rock concert photos. Paul’s in a turquoise vest and black leathers, Mick in white trousers and red shirt and Joe in all red.
Clash on Broadway never releasedThe press conference was held on the 27th in Bonds foyer and shots from it including Mick’s “sell out” explanation are shown in Clash On Broadway on the Westway To The World and Essential Clash DVD’s. Sadly Topper’s sacking appears to be the reason this film was never released; in May 82 it was reported in the press that the film was almost complete and would shortly be released. But shortly after he was sacked, Topper took out an injunction preventing the release of the film and it went into storage and was later destroyed. What is left of the film though does capture the excitement, the chaos and the cultural changes of the Bonds residency very well.

00 Sep 81 Paris - Theatre Mogador


French TV Antenne 2 Nearly all of Safe European Home plus backstage Interview - edited in and out

2 minutes of Mick Jones with Futura 2000 from a French TV apperance

00 Nov 81 New York


Unbroadcast cable TV Interview

Joe and Mick in studio mixing Know Your Rights-10 minutes, interviewed; wanted

01 Feb 82 Tokyo


Re masterd with best vide synched to best audio

Feb 82 New Zealand TV

Interviewed on New Zealand TV
think this is Lochem interview?

5 May 82 Lochem Festival


Interview full colour. 10 minutes

30 May 82 Asbury Park


Single Camera colour 7 tracks

30 May 82 Asbury Park


Single Camera colour 4 new tracks + fans interv

TV News Asbury Park


Good. 2mins 30secs reporting

05 Sep 82 Toronto CNE


City Limits - before gig interview
'City Limits' Clash retrospective - Canadian TV from mid eighties. Two minutes of Tommy Gun live at the O'Keefe plus interview [w/ Pennie Smith?] about torn out seating. Also includes 5 Sep 82 car lot interview and April 84 Tour Bus interview.

Sept 82? TV News interview


Joe interviewed

30 Sep 82 Detroit Silverdome


1 track Police on My Back

09 Oct 82 New York NBC TV


Saturday Night Live:
Rebroadcast on [US] Comedy Channel

13 Oct 82 Shea Stadium New York


Essential Clash DVD - Sony

14 Mar 83 Casablanca TV Show

Interview with Joe

18 May 83 San Bernadino - US Fest.


Filmed for Showtime - 3 gen

two tracks were broacast on the ITV network not long after

Few seconds of Kosmo from the US festival conference wanted

upgrade of full gig plus press conference wanted

Historic Films have the rights includingt the whole show, backstage and interviews

1983 Hell West 10

Joe Strummer, Film Director: The Making and Meaning of Hell W10Bought commercial on Clash/Sony DVD

19 Jan 84 Santa Barbara


back stage after gig interview b/w

19 Jan 84 Entertainment Tonight

Joe interviewed by Mary Hart, includes live Clash performance for around a minute

16 Feb 84 Drammen


Backstage interview 5 mins (Video 9mins in length)

01 Mar 84 French TV Interview


TF1 Studio interview with band

30 April 84 Toronto - Tour Bus


Snippet from City Limits
'City Limits' Clash retrospective - Canadian TV from mid eighties. Two minutes of Tommy Gun live at the O'Keefe plus interview [w/ Pennie Smith?] about torn out seating. Also includes 5 Sep 82 car lot interview and April 84 Tour Bus interview.

00 Sep 84 Italian TV


Mr Fantasy - Interviewed

29 Jun 85 Roskilde


Audience - full gig

Pro Shot venue - Cameras rolled until the band refused to play Spansih Bombs till they stopped filming - thought to be lost footage

1988? Granada TV & London TV only

Joe Interviewed on Night Network.Production ID 9L/32116
Programme Title NIGHT NETWORK
Production Title NIGHT NETWORK (1988)
First TX Date 22/05/1988
Synopsis Text Late night chat. This week's guests include DENNIS MORRIS, JOHN LYDON and JOE STRUMMER.
Running Time 0 mins 0 secs

1988 MTV Story of The Clash Vol.1


Directed by Don Letts with Chris Salewicz

6 May 88 'Wired' Channel 4 UKTV


Long Interview with Chris Salewicz

RTL 2 Documentary


No new footage

00-00-91? MTV Rockumentary


1997 Tunnel of Love



Tunnel of Love
( UK 1997) 35mm b/w : 11 min. Director: Robert Milton Wallace , stylish witty short, biker loses his triumph to a girl in a sports car ...
Cast: Edward Tudor-Pole ,peeps *** Sales Contact: Portabello Rd films (Steve Doyle) 0207 792 0214.
Joe & Pablo Cook wrote the soundtrack - Tunnel of Love Soundtrack

It is quite an interesting film. The soundtrack was done by Joe and Pablo Cook in 1997.