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None are known - but here's hoping!

Video/Clash - Obviously nothing yet exists from the last show, but The Cure's set was broadcast on state TV and is popularly traded in their boot community.

Video/Festival - Circulates

Greek TV filmed the gig and footage of the Festival circulates but not the Clash Concert footage of the Cure circulates as well as audio. Any information on the whereabouts of any video or auduio of the Clash tape for this gig would be welcome.

Video of the Cure circulates from these TV sources
TV - - - EPT-2 broadcast / 6 Songs
TV - - - MCM broadcast / incomplete

From Brigades Musical, the band are third on the bill supporting Depeche Mode and Culture Club) -

...Part of the Stranglers set was broadcast on Greek TV. It was the "Greek Woodstock" of our generation!

For the first time so many important groups of that time came to Greece to play together in a 2 day festival that took place in the Kallimarmaro Stadium (the Stadium of the first Olympic Games) in Athens.

"Thanks to the unforgettable Melina Merkouri at that time Culture Minister who supported this whole effort (Athens was the first "Culture Capital of Europe" – an institution that was born from Melina), a dream came true.

The Clash, The Cure, The Stranglers, Talk Talk, Nina Hagen, Depeche Mode, Telephone, Culture Club all appeared live some of them for the first and last time in Greece.

The Surrealistic Scene of The Stranglers playing "Nice n Sleazy" while behind them a tree is already burning through a molotof cocktail, tear gases rise up in the air from the fights between policemen and people who want to get inside for free …"

The Festival

Rock in Athens was a major Greek Music festival with an all star line up. It was to be see the last ever performance by the Clash, billed as Guest Star's. Adverts were on display throughout Greece and the Islands advertising the event and 40,000 fans turned up to what was believed to be a free festival.

The Stranglers were Fridays headliners. One fan who travelled to Greece and went to the gig said " the best two bands of the whole festival were the headliners, definitely, the Stranglers and the Clash"

However suggestions of a free festival turned out to be false, and unhappy at having to pay to get in, several thousand stormed the stadium on the Monday.

Fears for safety for the following day, Saturday (when the Clash were headlining), led the organisers to offer free entry to avoid any of the violence which had left several police/security injured. Entrance on Saturday was without restriction.

The Clash were the major headliners on Saturdays nights bill they were supported not by the Cure [as is suggested], but possibly a local Greek punk band, though this could have been in fact Nina Hagen. Nina Hagen was a German singer who was involved in the punk scene in the late 70s/early

Friday night had seen Culture Club play, Greek fans were not taken to a man in a dress singing in a soft female voice. The bored Greeks seeking entertainment took to booing them off with some missiles aimed at the stage. O'Dowd (Boy George) would describe them later as 200 anarchists.

Marcus Gray in his Clash book, Return of the Last Gang in Town, innacuarelty seized on O'Dowds comments seemingly for content promotion rather than fact.

The 40,000 in the main were there simply to see the major acts in the late evening, and that mainly was The Clash.

Interviews with Nick Sheppard suggest the band were confident with the new direction and new style of music. From in front of the stage the view was that "The Clash were excellent that night and the whole place seemed buzzing".

In Gray's book he suggests via Nick Sheppard, that Bernie and Joe moments before going on were rowing side stage and Joe having a very angry look, a usual precursor to him going on stage all fired up and the clash blazing.

Vince White (on Clash City) said that "Glasgow Barrowlands was the most exciting show I played and Athens ( the last) was the best show I played."

"I vividly remember the Athens show 'cause I walked out on my own and started it with the 'Complete Control' riff in the dark with all the lighted matches. It was an awesome moment I'll never forget. It built slowly from that and was a cool start from the usual 'London Calling' explosion. And a far cry from the mess of my first Clash gig in Santa Barbara. So if it turns up that would be the indicator of an original recording. Also it was the only show I played completely sober!!! I'd love to hear it. I really had my shit together on that one."

He says the Athens setlist was pretty close to the other festival gigs, and he highly doubts that 'Do it Now' was played as some rumours suggest

structure77: theclashonline

There is a show that I would love to see or hear again: athens july 27, 1985 (their final show.)

This was the only clash show I ever had the pleasure of attending and it was really very good, despite the fact that mick jones was no longer in the band and they were supporting the lackluster cut the crap. I know the show was shot by greek television but I have never been able to find any bootlegs of it (although there are clips of the some of the other bands on the bill that night on youtube (like the cure.) Any help would be appreciated as I would love to suprise my friend (with whom I attended the show) with a tape of some kind.

I was at that last Clash concert in Athens, GR in 1985.  I still have the ticket and a poster for the show (a bit tattered).  Is there any way to get the video feed for the concert.  I've seen the Cure snippets. Greek TV must have taped the Clash as well.  So that was a pretty historic show I saw...last one they ever did...

I was 15 years old.  A friend's older brother had gotten us all into bands like the Clash, the Ramones and the Pistols.  I was also way into Replacements, early REM and the Smiths.  Clash were always my fav.  Our family summered in Greece for 3 weeks from 1980-1985. My mother wouldn't let me go to the show alone so she came along (she had a great time).  I gradually drifted away from her wanting to look cool.  The stadium was packed.  I don't remember any violence.  

I remember trying to get to the bathroom a long troth and the room wall to wall you just pushed and pushed same way out.  Nina Hagen was pretty weird stuff.  Talk Talk I knew one tune.  The Cure I vaguely knew and was very enthused by their show.  I wish I remembered a setlist for the Clash but I know I heard a lot of  my fav songs.  I remember they were playing Brand New Cadllac as we were leaving.  It was quite late like 2am if I remember correctly.  I did keep a diary at the time...would love to find that but probably lost.  I was aware that Mick Jones wasn't part of the band found out later that was the very last Clash show.

I still have a poster for the event that I ripped off a wall (it's a bit tattered).  It shows the band posing in front of a vintage car. The whole thing is Greek lettering except for "The Clash".

I would die to get the Clash footage...

Jim Leftwich


I asked my mother her impressions and she reminded me of a few things...

As I recall, inside the arena there were no clashes with police, but outside the "Anarchists" had burned a car and were trying to be disruptive.  And I remember that when we left, after 3am, they were still playing encores!  We sat on those marble steps for 12 hours! Oh, and before the concert they showed Bruce Springsteen videos.

All this interest has prompted me to professionally frame the Clash poster I have.  Once it is ready I will take some nice pics of it for you.

Jim Leftwich


On 29 Apr 2009, at 01:58, James Leftwich wrote:

I was 15 years old.  A friend's older brother had gotten us all into bands like the Clash, the Ramones and the Pistols.  I was also way into Replacements, early REM and the Smiths.  Clash were always my fav.  Our family summered in Greece for 3 weeks from 1980-1985.  My mother wouldn't let me go to the show alone so she came along (she had a great time).  I gradually drifted away from her wanting to look cool.  The stadium was packed.  I don't remember any violence.  I remember trying to get to the bathroom a long troth and the room wall to wall you just pushed and pushed same way out.  Nina Hagen was pretty weird stuff.  Talk Talk I knew one tune.  The Cure I vaguely knew and was very enthused by their show.  I wish I remembered a setlist for the Clash but I know I heard a lot of  my fav songs.  I remember they were playing Brand New Cadllac as we were leaving.  It was quite late like 2am if I remember correctly.  I did keep a diary at the time...would love to find that but probably lost.  I was aware that Mick Jones wasn't part of the band found out later that was the very last Clash show.

I still have a poster for the event that I ripped off a wall (it's a bit tattered).  It shows the band posing in front of a vintage car. The whole thing is Greek lettering except for "The Clash".

I would die to get the Clash footage...

Jim Leftwich

Hello, I was at that last Clash concert in Athens, GR in 1985.  I still have the ticket and a poster for the show (a bit tattered).  Is there any way to get the video feed for the concert.  I've seen the Cure snippets.  Greek TV must have taped the Clash as well.  So that was a pretty historic show I saw...last one they ever did...

Jim Leftwich

The ticket for one day was 1,500 drachmas and 2 for 2000 or 2500 ... I am not sure, this very expensive ticket and then make the comparison with today.

I totally agree with Anubis. The Culture Club incredible, although the treatment received from the public portion was appalling and the Clash though without Mick Jones in composition with exairetikoi.

Symfono criticism for ypoloipous.Tigka the Panathenaic Stadium and 2 days under conditions Sahara (incredibly hot, reminded this summer) and I found lummox days to wear jacket (from I Remember) The largest gathering I have seen punk pote.To say because at that time treated as atraxion.Axechastes moments.

It was fun and the statement of Boy George: "I was as well if not you will have lady showing my ass." The John Moss got up from the chair and threw the drummer with the power baketes to the public.

Then became the nuts from pebbles and stones ....

We never learned who he was but the black gentleman who sang with the Culture Club.

The event belonged to the Ministry of Youth (remember the photos of Nina Hagen embrace the Melina Mercouri) and I was successful in two days (national promotion ...)

Out of the war was Kalimarmaro with the cops. As it was day, the organizers rained the public stage in front to avoid any dry fall and if I remember correctly, the Cure began playing without lights due ...

Vasilis Papadimitriou

ninos babytagebuch von mama mie said...
this is absolutly amazing...this concert was the first i ever saw in my life at age 16 and it had a great impact on me,..i think under the sky of this night i decided to become musican ,..and so i do,..really amazing to listen and see 22 years after,..thanks for the posts

James said...
I was at this show when I was 15. I actually went with my mother as she wouldn't allow me to go on my own :) Does any footage or audio of the Clash set exist? I have lot's to trade if so...

18 years after the Rolling Stones incident in Panathinaikon Stadium, this same stadium would hold the greatest musical event ever to take place in Greece.

In 1985, the Ministry of Culture, in association to the newly-formed Ministry of New Generation of Greece and the French Ministry of Culture, decided to have a two-day rock festival in Athens.

Back then, the Greek minister of culture was the actress Melina Merkouri, a member of the "socialist" government, which helped, in a way, the festival "Rock In Athens" to take shape.

After the fest, It was very funny to see Nina Hagen kissing and hugging Merkouri ... but ... anyways.

The festival dates: July 26 and July 27. The ticket price was 1500 drachmas for one day or 2000 for both days and the bandlist consisted of:
• July 26: Culture Club, Depeche Mode, Stranglers (the ticket also mentions Brigades Musicalles, which was the parody rock greek band Mousikes Taxiarhies. In the end they refused to take part in the event.)
• July 27: Nina Hagen, the Cure, Talk Talk and the french band Telephone. (The ticket also mentions a "guest star" which turned out to be the Clash).

I remember both days were hot and in the audience there were .. I don't know, maybe 25-30.000 people each day. Maybe more.

We were surprised by the presence of so many ... "punk rockers" ... well, many people were dressed as punks or new wavers for the occasion ... the punks were not more than 500 in Athens back in those days.

Here, it seemed like they were ... millions ...
So, the Stranglers started the show on the first day, they did all right, I was in the mosh pit and I still remember someone throwing a slipper (!!) At Jean Jacques Burnel.

Stranglers Midnight Summer Dream (Greek TV)

Depeche Mode went on stage when night came so I pulled back (i was never a fan of theirs).

When Culture Club went on, all Hell broke loose. First there was a black singer singing (never got his name) and when Boy George showed up, plastic bottles full of water or sand were thrown by the audience.

John Moss threw his drumsticks at the audience and Boy George kept his attitude saying, "If I was a bad lady I would have shown you my ass ..." Truth be told, this band's performance was excellent. Very good musicians.

Telephone opened the next day. I didn't pay much attention but Talk Talk really shook my boots off. Man, these guys were really great. I knew them from a couple of songs but, man, they were something.
Talk Talk - Rock In Athens (Greek TV)

The next act came from The Cure, and although they didn't have a strong fan-base in Greece just yet, I assume this gig, and the ones which followed during the next 22 years, really helped them to establish their name in Greece .
I found their playlist of that day on their site and the following is their tracklist:
• Intro:
- The glove - relax
• Mainset:
- The baby screams
- Play for today
- Secrets
- Kyoto song
- The hanging garden
- Inbetween days
- Primary
- Cold
- Let's go to bed
- The walk
- One hundred years
- Give me it
- A forest
• Encore:
- Three imaginary boys
- 10.15 saturday night
- Killing an arab
- Forever
The Cure - Rock In Athens (Greek TV)

Nina Hagen followed with a big flying saucer on stage (sic) and then came the Clash.

The last line up of this great ... huge ... band. Only Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon were there from the original line up but ... they were great.

The audience went insane.

There were people out of the stadium trying to get in for free. The cops started beating them and chasing them in the streets but inside everybody was dancing and singing, etc. I will never forget, I think I saw Pete Burns somewhere at one point ... I was sure it couldn't be him ...

There never was a Rock In Athens Vol. 2.
Even if the tickets were a bit expensive back then, I sometimes compare those prices with today.

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Rock In Athens Festival 85
by Vasilis Papadimitriou

From the title alone can see my good friends - good friends, what I speak is the review and detailed report of activities of the famous festival of authors Pop & Rock (Kontogouris Nikos, Nikos Bozinaki, Stathis N. Panagiotopoulos) . prepossess musicalness the reader that the reference to the complex Fast train (the Hellenist Depeche Mode) is very-very small (text is red) but not negative. The whole text can be a historical document and in many parts of reflected the overall bias, the decadence and misery of Greece 80s, dowry which still are trying to discard. We thank once more the friend Costas M. for his kind initiation to give me the article (see here typing! -- come to develop a little system with voice assist because I need daktylotherapeia, manicure and a secretary I have said in previous paragraph).

Last Clash performance.
Panathinaikon Stadion "Kallimarmaron", Athens, Greece.

The scenes of the Festival

The big moment arrived. The two-day festival is notorious within the program of celebrations for the proclamation of Athens as the cultural capital of Europe, and some of the best known names in European music scene will make their strong presence.

For our "journalists" was the weekend ... four fatigue, and treximatos stresarismatos, because on Thursday afternoon began to cover the festival and ended on Sunday afternoon. Apart from the above was charged with any kind of business you can imagine.

So the week of the festival began to arrive in Athens all the official guests. First and better Hagen who went directly to Crete for a holiday. I would imagine that felt like home since the island has become a German colony. On Thursday night he returned to Athens, where the manager and the goon attacked journalists. The punches are not avoided or persons responsible for the company going to receive. The same day came the Stranglers, the Depeche Mode and the Telephone. For the rest nobody knew anything.

The Clash said it will come on Saturday afternoon, because we want to see any of their compatriots. Tsakomous to see that not only outweigh the Greek bands. And as I mentioned in a Greek bands, musicians Brigades, which would represent the local music scene the last time said that leaving the festival. I learned why, but I will try to come in contact with Jimbo to know the whole truth. I hope before I finish the article, to have succeeded.

And the ads registered in foreign journals, most nowhere appeared the name Clash. The large group appeared as a guest group, because they do not want their names to figourarei the same list of ... Culture Club.

So on the eve of the arrival of David Bowie, who went on holidays in Patmos - this was written in all the newspapers - gave hope to many that perhaps the artist is successful, would make its presence in PALKO Panathinaikos Stadium.

On Thursday evening, the organizers of Nouvelles Frontieres, Roxanne Ted Theater and invited all the music-business cocktails in a given pool of the Hotel Athens - Hilton, in honor of the artists taking part in the festival.

Magazines and newspaper journalists, musicians, producers, record company representatives, known and unknown persons to the radio and television, and Atalanti talented artists (of any kind and any nature) rushed to honor their guest.

The best band was the Culture Club (musical terms) and a pity that dumped plastic bottles with water and sand in the headlights over the band ...
Was awesome and the Talk Talk to them valane play dahlia noon.

The Cure was very good and comfortable, the Clash weird with the new (then) composition, the depech mode ... I do not like ever, the Stranglers (I was there in front of them and someone threw a slipper ...) by Nina Hagen Goddess of the diastimoploiaki ... French Telephone, good.

In all these dominated a strong reputation that the music Brigades have refused to take part in other festivals and a reputation for saying that since vinteowall showed us some pictures karedakia with Coca Cola to dipsame hidden.

The amazing is that the measured say niougoueivades / punk and took 75.000 !!!!!

Only the guest does not deigned to appear from all these a small group of members of the Stranglers, the Telephone and Hagen, interfered with the world and spoke to those who knew the course. The komikotragiko the whole case was this: Many of the journalists mainly civil releases and varied material magazines, when they saw people with strange clothes, I think this is an artist and bombed with questions. Some of the set up of Greenfield Stranglers and after speaking briefly with him, asked a gentlemen:-This is the Depeche Mode;

The reception of Hagen was similar to the Reagan. Hundreds of flash cameras astrapsan, everyone ran for the party and is decorated like a frigate, snompare and directed to a specific point that he spoke on television. In another section of the pool and JJ Burnel D. Greenfield monks, watching all this hubbub. Having arrived and members of the Telephone, and the bassist of Hagen, annoyed, I do not know why, evrize mourmourizontas. The manager of a bitch biting dangerous, having become the standard connector has to fygadefsei.

After the cocktails, late night, followed the party, known disco in Glyfada. In a corner I discovered Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers. One of the company made the recommendations we got chatting. It is remarkable simplicity of these people outside the arena. We talked about many different about half an hour. Following the left to discuss with the manager.

Shortly before going to the events of two days I would like to add a few things I heard, saw or learned:

Because until the eve of the festival had not sold enough tickets, some - I do not know exactly what - thought to spread the reputation that Bowie would appear some of the extra two days. The deception is common and has known radio presenter, who rushed to pass on this erroneous information from the program, without considering whether it is true or not.

The Clash came on the same day with the Talk Talk airport. Wanting to keep absolutely secret the time of their arrival, not informed or responsible company. That alone trying to find some means of transport carried to the organs. This was extremely difficult but at that time. The solution was found when an individual, completely for free willing to transfer the luggage to the hotel. Thus an unknown sportsman who believed in the music, using the van - possibly brand Datsun - helped the band indefinitely.

The Greek daily press journalists who write for musical topics in newspapers and magazines are not the god. The aschetosyni their proverbial left. I have said dozens of cases. Here is another: In a cocktail of the moment, the director of CBS synomilouse with Cornwell. A photographer apothanatise a snapshot and a photograph published in newspaper known to the caption "The singer of the Stranglers, talking with elderly supporters of ...". (I was told, I personally do not ...).

What rubbish and crap written in the newspapers, especially for incidents not known. The right looked to exploit the issue as possible and the front page story was everywhere. The pro moved even in minor and the left have taken the route known. All the way tried to convince us how to turn upside down and blame the rokers (Rock stars in them). Let us beware, just because we can load and fire as they go.

Police look to keep us warm and Water canteens with water than to capture that black bitch who sold refreshments (Hold) 500 drachmae box. Victims mainly foreigners.

Most victims I guess that was the Stranglers. At least three fans carried insensible outside of this concert for first aid.

The Clash have promised to come in the autumn alone for a concert here.

The two-day detail

Now that I write the following, the events ended. I can make some general observations:
- As we all waited three large, Stranglers, Cure and Clash were the best could be seen today and fully justified their reputation. I think it was a great experience to see them on stage.
- The big surprise - at least for me - was the band that accompanied the Boy George. One of the most sophisticated in the bonding bands I have heard so far.
- The biggest disappointment was Nina Hagen.
- The sound was fantastic.
- The organization very good. Course became identified some errors then, but the overall impression was good.
- The biggest jerk was Boy George.
- All bands simply in their tracks and only 3 of the 8 included.
- The only groups that did not was the encore Telephone and Culture Club.
- All band played old and new songs.

Friday (Day Telephone, Stranglers, Depeche Mode and Culture Club)

Shortly before the concert I met Panousis and I asked him what occurred and did not involve music Brigades. He also tell me how true the various rumors I had heard until then surgery on censorship in their songs, on remuneration, etc. Jimbo denied that was true what I had learned.

T.P.: We sit and withdrawn at the beginning because I thought the concert have made some organizational offices with a grant from the state. Then we learned that several multinational companies such as the Coca Cola, have financed this story. Of course under these conditions we could not work.

On the first day of the two-day festival, opened the Telephone, a French group, well known in his homeland, which at times has made successes.

Played typical and classic rock 'n' roll singing French. Compatriots, who happen to be located in their apotheosis. Personally with impervious.

And compensated with more than the Stranglers. I had to feel that way from the concert of Dr. Feelgood. I was absolutely sure he was amazing.

Together with the Stranglers and the trouble began. Several thousand people were collecting outside the stadium, tried to get in, leading to conflicts, and other minor incidents. In any concert abroad put inside tsampatzides.

In Greece, however, we have a real ignorance of events is planned that there will be a small percentage of viewers who will want to attend without paying. Others may not have 2000 to give Drs. Those who wrote the newspaper is bullshit. When we had so many anarchists in Greece, similar to those created by the invasion, things would be different. Moreover when the Stadium is half empty, why not get to attend. The music is not paid. Must be open to the world.

The organizers claimed that they had cut a few tickets for day one. They said some 25,000. I think the number was much higher. Moreover when they get the cost + profit from the financing of the state, from multinationals from advertising and radio / television, why not attend and who has 2,000 drachmas (Note sTriggou: to understand how much talk in the summer of 85 in the Coca Cola box had 50 drachmas, a pack of cigarettes drachmae 200-220, the bus fare 15 drachmas a vinyl LP - not importing - 500 drachmas and the Pop & Rock 150 drachmas )

The Depeche Mode liked. Can music be monotonous, but David Gahan was a great performer. Rouse the world. The Culture Club were the big unfortunate. Unfortunate because they have a stupid head. The world, which seems not yet overcome some issues, were welcomed with disapproval. The Boy George, was a frontman who, instead of trying to reconcile some things, made the gap even more. Nobody in the music world under similar or worse conditions, not attacking the public from the very first song. The Boy George was pugnacious. For bottles that ate the head, he is responsible only and no other. Stenochorithika it was bad and the other musicians, who were perfect. A black singer in the diaskefase "Your Love Is Keeping Me Higher" was terrible. But the filling along with the rest of the carryings kontesas. One group wanted to know why you dismiss this as the villainous voice is disgraceful. It was to open his mouth to do something else and not to sing. I think such a band, a black performer, what could be offered.

Saturday (the day of Talk Talk, Cure, Nina Hagen Band and Clash)

The second day began and ended without incident and riots. The Talk Talk but good musicians write songs boring. The singer tries to rouse the voice of Brian Ferry. It seems that he is the great idol. For the Cure afraid I would start to execute those depressing, meaningless pieces of their past records, which cries the mother of the devil. To my great surprise, almost the entire set was rhythmic. If you rely on such figures, you know how great it is complex. It was wonderful.

The Nina Hagen, with some pissed. This show is ideal for enclosed spaces frequented pseftokoultouriarides and not to open a festival.

I do not like either the show, neither the selection of tracks. I seem to hear a glam rock band. Poor adaptation of the "Ballroom Blitz" Sweet and abuse of the "White Punks On Dope" the Tubes. The nigger was perfect bassist. Furthermore, the above Hagen trying to convince us that he had a recent metaphysical experience, is liar. All this is a publicity stunt kalostimeno. He said some things and did something that anyone who believes in them, would not. What were the contradictions in the actions.

The Clash was the beginning and end all. Sometimes the greatest rock 'n' roll band was the Rolling Stones. Today is the Clash. No other comment. This assumption says it all.

All were happy. As demanding and it is, I believe we enjoyed from what he saw and heard.

Even the riots could be eliminated if the managers leave the world to get through after the Telephone if Stranglers attended the second day in the position of Talk Talk. It is perfectly reasonable for a hardcore fan Stranglers, to commercial gioucharei Culture Club. Philosophy needs. Could they not interested to have gone (the best would do). But when one has paid for 2,000 tickets, leaving difficult. The rewrite I think we lack maturity.

Nobody knows how to behave in such events.

Nick Kontogouris

1st day: Telephone, Stranglers, Depeche Mode, Culture Club

As part of celebrations of Athens as the cultural capital of Europe - with plenty of tzatziki garnirismeno and folklore ballets - organized by the French Nouvelles Frontieres festival this unique event in the annals of our country and one of the most important foreign music festivals across Europe .

Regardless of intentions or purposes, options or rumors had the opportunity to follow within two days and sometimes eight known major names from the world of rock and pop music. A mammoth-festival, a marathon 7 hours each day with hot, hot sun, dust, thirst, fatigue and frustration when and when ecstasy.

The counterpoint of the names had not worked to the detriment of the festival, unlike the rest of pluralism. A counterpoint transferred inundates the world stage rather than the bands playing and for that fact. A story was actually the heroes of each will be presented in a little ahead, we would be a physical substance, being an inherent, rather than abstract pictures and printed words.

On the first day - more pop and mild, as far as the music industry, because outside of him, "Rock stars" acted again - showed the French Telephone, known Stranglers, the electro-pop Depeche Mode and the super-stars Culture Club (the only appearance this year in Europe). This day will cover us and a shame because the second day of the predatory attack combatants - Clash of giants and passionate Cure left us speechless and sweaty.

So let us begin our journey: the huge stage epiane entire width of the track in front of the entrance along with the sound equipment. Above this the screen that highlights the happenings on stage (except the Clash) advertising and video-clips.

The world on the first day was less than expected to do more later with the introduction of tsampatzidon given man to man fight with the police to enter (the sad events that took place off stage. Blood, fires, beatings , shootings, injuries were the results. Causes: the seemingly expensive ticket, the attitude of "We Rock stars, the intolerance of youth, the eagerness of the police. Again the yellow press has acted the other day headed newspapers as the "Nation" that suddenly saw the observers of the tradition and culture. But the fact is that such incidents harm only, and only the rock).

The world seemed to looks forward to the start of the festival and perhaps this was the reason for the warm welcome of the Telephone to 6.07 exactly. The zero hour has arrived. The Telephone, in the light of day, came to air on stage. All four (guitars, bass, drums) is the name of the large rock in France.

What we showed the Telephone; A stylized rock with emphasis on the guitars which are the hard sound of hard rock. Stage presence and is attached to a rock band tips (with the prominent drummer who threw quite a few times in the air of bagketes).

Hard sound, compact and connected, but artiriosklirotikos and obsolete. As I said the world behaved in the Telephone with polite indifference, welcoming the start of the festival. The Telephone, krypsoiones of hard rock played about 10-12 songs to around 50 'and finished at 6.55. After a break of 1 hour the time has come to see the Stranglers in the world awaits with enthusiasm. 7.50 On the scene skepastike by a white cap and a one-debouch people in black. Together the team and a pneumatic (saxophones, trumpets). And start cheering with the "Nice 'N' Sleary" to cover with the addition of pneumatic.

Noting first that the sound is bad. Too bad, the missing body, the voice also. Finding the second, the Stranglers played their old songs ( "Hanging Around", "Bitehing", "I Feel Like A Wog"), completely spoiled, and all their singkls - successes of the second period ( "Golden Brown", "Stronge Little Girl "," European Female "," Midnight Summer Dream "," Skin Deep "," No Mercy ") but is unrecognizable from the bad sound. Finding Tuesday, the Stranglers live is impassive, slightly mobile, but the same applies to music that seems to work only in the studio. The world seemed to accept with enthusiasm by showing that the Stranglers live with myths and representations (eg "Hanging Around" resemble grated mush, but the world to draft the excess pleasure).

Start out parallel to the incident, the climate helps to make Stranglers and encore and leave in applause. We disagree and say that the Stranglers were disappointed, but for live was clinically dead.

Disappointed so far, we saw that the first day it was fiasco. Until appeared Depeche Mode, the aoutsainter the evening, to entertain us, to us and to justice.

I have written several times that I like Depeche Mode. And they have shown on stage with excellent sound, lighting, the mobility of the young singer and the post-industrial romantic pop sound of their composition.

You may overrate the appearance of Depeche Mode and because previous names failed. Genuine youth group, with presentable sound, showed an upward trajectory. Music for teenagers with thought. The singer with the singing prospoiiti sexuality illoustrasion small vinietes them. The rhythmic sound stiff and move our bodies. They played their success "Shake The Disease", "Blasphemous Rumors", "Master & Servant", "Everything Counts", etc. For two encore old compositions in "Photographic" (the best composition) and "Just Can't Get Enough ". The Depeche Mode with the futuristic appearance revealed the first name of the first day, but far behind the views of the Cure or the Clash second day.

In the end, the attraction of the evening, the expected appearance of the eccentric Boy George and Culture Club. Many friends and many enemies, nobody left, we all stayed to listen to chlefasoun to the apotheosis harlequin super-star Boy George.

The reception of Boy George at around 12.00 hours than any other was hot. Coins, bottles, water eksfendonistikan, exchanged insults and even quite outrageous.

We want to make some clarifications here. Or we do not like the Boy George, this clever clown with kimono and wonky hair cut. But the other question the motivation of those who cast all these objects. Because the main reason was that Boy George was "kounistos", "sister" and presented it on stage.

This is racism, fascism. I am very sorry for the rock audience, who made the sexual apothimena; of course nothing to blame the music. And here we come to the second fact, that the band was amazing back. Together the two black singers (male, female), high class and a group of pneumatic. We played new songs that tend to their old sooul and successes, culminating in the "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want To Heart Me". Undeniable fact that the Culture Club with a valuable material.

The emergence of Culture Club was overshadowed by events between the world and Boy George - who is not a professional showman eknefristike but gelage and mock the public - so the music came second. But the fact is that Boy George is a smart bastard. Thus ended the first day and tired, we got quite disappointed the way home, hoping that the second day we pay today. And repaid us with this.

Nick Bozinakis

Second day: Talk Talk, The Cure, Nina Hagen, The Clash

We will not bore you with details and rhetoric which served extensively by the organizers (the largest festival in Europe "," 12 hours music, and similar attempts to impress), but I think a few words about the organization will not hurt. Things went relatively well in the plant, scenery, etc., as the sound and spectacle. Where the French who were not going well, was in the Stadium, which served with one (1) toilet, taps 5-6 and a bar that sold overpriced hot refreshments. It may not have thought that there are toilets and moving, and potential for water? Yet it is. But let us also lament the move following the music. (And do not forget that when talking about these shortcomings, do not see on the high, far from it.

At least the bands that you interested, I was there in the first series, and what you yourself suffered too. If looking to find the "Press", lost).

First band, then with 45 minutes delay, the Talk Talk. Who started very strongly with the song "Talk Talk", but then given the limitations of their music became more than obvious. By this I mean that was not bad or even mediocre in terms of technique, each other. And as individuals, but as a whole, Talk Talk is very qualified, and often complex orchestrations made the big impression. Even the singer Mark Hollis (who appeared in the video with Tom Petty!) Has an excellent (in color) voice. But relatively easy to pop colorless chose not to play their leaves little room to have any claims, and one that is not photogenic but Duran Duran, probably has no future. It is no coincidence that neither played a new song? This usually indicates that group has no future. Despite this, enough to heat the world (as if the world had a need!) And requested an encore, the "It's My Life".

After Talk Talk, and again with some delay, (came to 8.40) Time of Cure.

Clearly, a large part of the public had come only for them, so the pressure was unbearable forward as a classic introduction gave way to "The Baby Screams" and the track turned into a pulsating mass of bodies mafrontymena. The Cure have had very good sound, and spectacular lighting, while the abuse of dry ice conjured memories of Yes (!). But you know what? I went to the Cure completely negatively biased, since I can not say that I have great sympathy for the voice of Robert Smith, which I find objectionable and monotonous. (Although the album as "Three Imaginary Boys" often find their way to my record player). But I could not be carried away by tracks like "Primary" or "The Walk", paigmena powerful technique, feeling and passion, and arrested myself applauds and cries rush. The highlight of the concert for me was the "100 Years" and the chaotic, real psychedeliko finale, where the Cure played a demonical, a growing kresento. Time for encore, "Three Imaginary Boys" and a Grand finale, the "Killing An Arab".

Surely one of the best songs of the Cure, the living environment has acquired a new identity, became more urgent, more desperate, more threatening than in the vinyl. And when the lights went out (in "The Walk"), the group has not stopped at all, only at the end of the track Smith remarked: "What happened is a nemesis, because yesterday I killed someone. (Pause). We are in the city of gods see ". Who would have ever expected that the Cure would be one of the best attendance of two days, with an amazing view from each show? But not me.

And who would expect that the Nina Hagen will ... But let's get things in order: Before Nina occurred in the 4 musicians, ypoklithikan and began to play, and then appeared the same, starting the show with an incredible display of verbal skills. Back of a flying disc (!) That bob in effect through space (!) From the synth, giving time to Hagen to change. To speak plainly: the musicians were amazing. The British guitarist, quick, skillful (and vavouriaris!), The Jamaican bassist covered an enormous range of herring to funk (and why not punk!), All was perfect.

I certainly talk to the voice of their own Hagen, which bob stairs with the same ease as we bob elevator. (I know it was cold so funny, but what do you expect in August month or range of voice is something truly inconceivable, and who was there knows it. But not only that: some ten Hagen changed costumes, one of the geloiotero another, with great joy and very filotheamonos musical public, who expressed interest in alalazontas "learn everything. ... But quadruped nice music my brothers, the music ... A synothylefma from rock (" Ekstasy Drive "), disco (" New York "), herring (" African Reggae "), punk (" My Way "), cabaret (" Beat It "with" Carmen ", in the name of God!) a two-hour full audio kitsh. And those lyrics ... naive political philosophy, ersatz mysticism, UFOlogia, sexual undertones, anyway this woman or stupid or all of our work. I tend to believe the latter. This is why the appearance of Nina Hagen was so bad (musically and visually - the appearance that the flying saucer? Why bassist wearing Indian feathers, because it reminds me constantly the Village People and so bad that katantouse wonderful. And this is not random. As a member of and commented audience, was "disgusting good" (sic). Personally, as bad was the music, the lyrics, the Raps and the emergence of Hagen (as in "Russian Reggae"), the more pleasant. But what to expect from a perverse to hear Slayer; And what they played for encore; The "Ballroom Blitz" of Sweet! How not to love the Nina Hagen; One last note on a nice part of the public: the Omonia is full of cinemas where the "make all" . Why not go there to enjoy and to leave us alone?

In 1985 I had the good fortune to see several bands. Two of them was a real experience, concerts can not be easily described, because a milestone in your life. One of these two groups was Deep Purple at Knebworth.

The second was the Clash's second day of the Festival of Athens. It was the first time you see the new Clash of the composition (I said this to confuse you. Neither the composition of the old had ever seen), and of course I did not know what to expect. Surely the Clash had become a ghost, a shadow of its old self, happy to regurgitate their success? HAIR! The entrance to the scene represented by nuclear explosion, and the first time there was no reversals for the Clash.

The Joe Strummer singing for himself, not because I like singing, not because it is his job, not for money but because they could not do otherwise. The real spirit of roker, you know, this is precisely: to play rock and roll because you can not keep it inside you, and the energy came out from the body of Strummer was enough to touch, to fill the entire stage, and even further.

The three new members of the Clash is young children, and doubtless before many years we were in the first series of 100 Club, oneirefomenoi to get the guitar and become like Clash, but are nevertheless perfectly integrated into the whole spirit of potismenoi makes the Clash to be the Clash. The Paul Simonon came forward to sing the "What's My Name", and if there is someone that embodies the roker incunabula, that is Simonon. The emergence of the movement, the gaze of his eyes ntesperanto the Simonon plays the role perfectly, with a difference: the Paul Simonon are SUCH role.

Keith Richards, come to your grave! And what do you think they played? A selection of the most important songs, all with paigmena nerve, passion, intensity nobody else came in 2 days of the festival. Want highlights; It was all there: Tommy Gun, London Calling, Straight To Hell, Know Your Rights, Janie Jones, White Man ... the devil, the speed and dynamism of the Clash did not now nor fell below the maximum! Only if you look at the Clash live can understand the importance of this group, the huge role they have played the last 9 years, how is vital even today. What does it matter if they get the disc from 1982, when the Clash are one of the largest groups of all time.

Clash of the set was full of great songs, played some more in seven encores, and people wanted another, even. The White Riot was heard as if written yesterday, perhaps because it and all the other songs (examples: Police On My Back, Spanish Bombs) is now more topical than ever. And here is exactly the point to be aware of those who now reject as outdated the Clash: The Clash today, in 1985, mean many things, have much to say, we need them. It is the Clash of 1977 (Mick Jones; what is that, but ultimately this does not mean anything.

It is good to know that this perverted era we live, there is some old-Strummer, desperate and angry with the company and cares for some things that are so important. Jesus, you can not imagine how beautiful is that ...


1. Intro (Master and Servant)
2. Something To Do
3. If You Want
4. People Are People
5. Leave In Silence
6. Shake The Disease (the highlight of the case as it was only the third time they play live)
7. Blasphemous Rumours
8. Told You So
9. Master and Servant
10. Everything Counts (performance was more low tempo and very funny)
11. Photographic
12. Just Can't Get Enough

Stathis N. Panagiotopoulos

the Radio said... exo arxisei na katevazo idi. s' efxaristo poly :-) mipos exeis kai tin proigoumeni mera me tous depeche mode? eimai fanatiki! thnx kai pali! 12:37 PM

ninos babytagebuch von mama mie said...this is absolutly amazing...this concert was the first i ever saw in my life at age 16 and it had a great impact on me,..i think under the sky of this night i decided to become musican ,..and so i do,..really amazing to listen and see 22 years after,..thanks for the posts1:15 PM

James said...I was at this show when I was 15. I actually went with my mother as she wouldn't allow me to go on my own :) Does any footage or audio of the Clash set exist? I have lot's to trade if so... 7:42 AM

Mpourdology Inc said...Clash, D.Mode and Nina Hagen had not allowed any of their set to be recorded, this is why it is not available.
I was there too! Best festival ever! 6:07 AM

GhostRider said...Rock in Athens 1985!!!I enjoyed this two-day event !!! The Clash brought down the house !!! July 26th-27th it was very hot indeed!!! I remember everyone threw bottles and rocks at Culture Club, very funny! For some reason I could not bootleg the music was way too loud !!! And the dumpster fire and overturned cars on fire it was insane!!! I will never forget Rock in Athens 1985 !!! 4:38 PM


Complete Control
London Calling
Tommy Gun,
Straight To Hell,
Know Your Rights,
Janie Jones,
White Man
Whats My Name
Police On My Back?,
Spanish Bombs?
White Riot

some songs played
no particular order

Bogus site claim this is the setlist with a broken link to a download

Encoding: MP3-128kbps, Bootleg Rating: 7/10

Artist: The Clash
Date: 1985-07-27
Venue: Rock in Athens 1985

1. North and South
2. Straight to Hell
3. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
4. Janie Jones
5. Safe European Home
6. Hate & War
7. The Guns of Brixton
8. Pressure Drop
9. The Magnificent Seven
10. Bankrobber
11. Police on My Back
12. Johnney Too Bad
13. Brand New Cadillac
14. White Riot
15. I Fought the Law

Audio & Video may exist.

Rock & Pop August 1985
Greek Magazine

Rock & Pop August 1985
Greek Magazine
Translated to English

Last Gang In Town pg?

The Last Days of the Clash - Vince White ... page 258

Les InRocks Magazine [French]
Gig review and photo
1985 : iroquoisen berne. A Athenes trois guitareset une basse de front produisent..

Any further info / reviews appreciated

Mar 20 Rennes Salles Omnisports with 3 other bands
This date was cancelled. They played later in July Guehenno Festival...
Where a fight happened between Road crews of The Clash and Depeche Mode
Jun 29

Copenhagen, Denmark

...Roskilde Festival. Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 246 & 254
Jul 13 Guenho, France
...Rockscene Festival. Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 256
Jul 27 Athens, Greece
The Clash headline the Greek Music Festival in front of 40,000 fans. Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 258
Sep 13 Paris - Le Zenith cancelled
cancelled (according to Kosmo) due to injunctions by Mick Jones on the name The Clash.
Sep 22 'This is England' released
Oct 3 Scandinavium Gothenburg cancelled
Oct 4 Stockholm Isstadion cancelled
Oct 5 Olympen Lund cancelled
Oct 12 Vredenburg Utrecht cancelled

On the 12th of October 1985 The Clash gig at Vredenburg in Utrecht in Holland was cancelled at the beginning of october 1985. I have seen advertisements in the daily news paper called "'The Hague Courant" where they spread the news that they start to sell the tickets within two weeks. I phoned with Vredenburg at that time in september 1985 so I know that the advertisement in the Daily Paper is true.

According to a Swedish article the tour was cancelled due to Mick & Topper claims they had rights to the name The Clash, so if Joe & Paul played these gigs they had to share the money the made on these gigs with Mick & Topper!
Oct 19 NME publish Clash press release. European and UK dates cancelled due to restrictions on the use of the name The Clash. The band hope to reshedule dates before the end of the year.
Nov 4 'Cut the Crap' released #16 UK, #88 US
1986 A Tour was being arranged for the Far East in early 1986 and Europe (late 85/86).

From: "Rikard Gustafson" <>

Various State Recordings
Sweden 1984

The Swedish radio broadcast the the gig the night after Stockholm ’84 and the producers worked really hard on presenting the new tunes but started up with London Calling. Unfortunately my tape was damaged.

Stockholm 81

The ones I recorded myself when we followed them around the whole fxxxing globe I sent to my parents so they were intact. We recorded two sources.

From what I can recall the SQ was superb but when we pressed our copy of Stockholm ’81 we used my source (It was named “När Djurgår’n fick flytta ut för The Clash” b t w) and Michael, a friend and fellow punter placed his tape recorder in front of the master board.

This alternate source was later used for “Stockholm’s Burning” and it sounds a bit better but this source has this guy who’s talking all the time between the tunes. My source has the idiot who screams “White riot!” behind me when Joe talks. I like mine better but everyone else prefer Michaels…

European State Radio Stations
Greek Radio 85

The Greek state radio recorded this show. (I contacted them a long time ago) but all European state archives are closed for people outside; we can’t buy or hire.

Swedish Radio

When I asked an old Clashist friend and journalist on SR ( Swedish Radio ) what had to be done to get all those shows ( Malmö, Lund, Örebro ’77, Eriksdal ’80, Stockholm and Gothenburgh ’81 and ’84, they have them all – complete with perfect sound!)

I got the answer that if a show is asked for by more than 1000 people they’ll put it on the list for P3 Live, a live show every night at 21.00. (Have a look att and go to P3 Live and see the program and old shows.) Unfortunately it’s only 1 hour and therefore edited.