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cdr FM vers.- upgrade dull but better - Sound 4 -
88min - low? - 25 tracks

Video. - full audience recording

Copies of this gig vary from crap to above average.

One version is a single cdr with 4 tracks missing. The second was a tape which the reverse of had lost all semblence of sound and was inaudiable losing half the gig.

A third has a better sound but not brilliant. A split mono, the lead, drums and vocals exist but not the bass and the sound range is a bit restricted. Added to this is a slighly distorted sound here, kind of swirling and a touch thin at the top end, though the concert was outdoors.

A fourth one came from a better source but was a bit blown out at the thin end, but not bad. [87.44]

The best one, is an upgrade, full and with reasonable clarity and good mix. It still is affected by the poor acoustics of an outside sound. The sound on theis one is more toward the bottom end. Avoid the other poor ones and get this one.


Complete Control
London Calling
Janie Jones
Safe European Home
Hate and War
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent Seven
Rock the Casbah
Three Card Trick
Pressure Drop
Police On My Back
What's My Name
Spanish Bombs
Clash City Rockers
London's Burning
Brand New Cadillac
I'm So Bored with the USA
Tommy Gun
I Fought the Law
White Riot

schlager mag. No 9 1985 1 2 3
It's from the press conferance the Clash did before the Roskilde Festival gig.The press conferance was in Copenhagen

The Last Days of the Clash - Vince White
page 254.

Chris Knowles
The Essential Clash Bootleg Bible
includes this gig

Any further info / reviews

Mar 20 Rennes Salles Omnisports with 3 other bands
This date was cancelled. They played later in July Guehenno Festival...
Where a fight happened between Road crews of The Clash and Depeche Mode
Jun 29

Copenhagen, Denmark

...Roskilde Festival. Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 246 & 254
Jul 13 Guenho, France
...Rockscene Festival. Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 256
Jul 27 Athens, Greece
The Clash headline the Greek Music Festival in front of 40,000 fans. Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 258
Sep 13 Paris - Le Zenith cancelled
cancelled (according to Kosmo) due to injunctions by Mick Jones on the name The Clash.
Sep 22 'This is England' released
Oct 3 Scandinavium Gothenburg cancelled
Oct 4 Stockholm Isstadion cancelled
Oct 5 Olympen Lund cancelled
Oct 12 Vredenburg Utrecht cancelled

On the 12th of October 1985 The Clash gig at Vredenburg in Utrecht in Holland was cancelled at the beginning of october 1985. I have seen advertisements in the daily news paper called "'The Hague Courant" where they spread the news that they start to sell the tickets within two weeks. I phoned with Vredenburg at that time in september 1985 so I know that the advertisement in the Daily Paper is true.

According to a Swedish article the tour was cancelled due to Mick & Topper claims they had rights to the name The Clash, so if Joe & Paul played these gigs they had to share the money the made on these gigs with Mick & Topper!
Oct 19 NME publish Clash press release. European and UK dates cancelled due to restrictions on the use of the name The Clash. The band hope to reshedule dates before the end of the year.
Nov 4 'Cut the Crap' released #16 UK, #88 US
1986 A Tour was being arranged for the Far East in early 1986 and Europe (late 85/86).