Out of Control Tour
The Clash go to Italy...

update 8 Feb 2008

cdr - Sound 4 - 95min - 5th gen - 24 tracks

cdr2 - MASTER - to follow ...

Probably the best of the 3 Italian recordings from this mini- tour, though it runs a fraction slow, although it is a 5th gen source.

It is very clear with a good sound overall for outside, especially the bass. The vocals, guitars and rums all come across clearly discernable, though this is no pro recording.


London Calling
This is Radio Clash
Safe European Home
Career Opportunities
Police On My Back
Are You Ready For War
White Man In Ham Palais
Three Card Trick
Complete Control
Police and Thieves
Rock the Casbah
The Guns Of Brixton
Sex Mad War
I Fought the Law
Brand New Cadillac
I'm So Bored with the USA
Junco Partner
Janie Jones
Tommy Gun
English Civil War
Clash City Rockers
The Magnificent Seven

Some distortion sometimes due to the unbelivable music volume in the venue.
Just check the samples.

Master cassette > Nakamichi > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Recorded, transfered, & uploaded by 38f on Dime, July 2007.

Any further info / reviews

Tour Reviews &

Vince White's view

Creem Magazine Oct 84
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Rockerilla Magazine
Jpg scan (Italian) or English text

Recording Cut the Crap

Aug 12

Denmark Festival?? (poster)

About the festival gig in Denmark on 12 August in 1984. It's actually a Swedish poster, and The Clash didn't perform. The name "The Clash" is on there just to draw attention to the other bands, it says.

"THE CLASH... Are unfortunately not playing, although these bands are.."

So it was not a date in Scandinavia at that time. Hope I've been to some kind of help.
†By the way,†Great site! Very interesting.†// Julius Andersson , Sweden.†

As part of the celebrations by the Italian Communist Party who's leader had just died or something. According to Vince White in his Clash biography The Last days of the Clash, page 173 the band flew to Milan. It was a hastily set up tour. The first date was down in Salerno before returning back north through Italy.
Sep 4? Salerno

Vince White notes this opening night of the mini-tour in his Clash biography The Last days of the Clash, page 174

I just read on BMC that on vince's book there is a phantom date in salerno on the 4th of sept. 84. I have to say that he's wrong! They played in Cava de' Tirreni that is a small town between Naples and Salerno (15 km to salerno an 40 km to Naples) on the
sept 6. The mistake is due to the fact that at that time the stadium where the salerno football team played was in Cava (Stadio Simonetta Lamberti). And the clash played there! Sorry vince, but i'm absolutely sure about it!

Sep 6 Cava de’ Tirreni (close to Naples)
just a line to say that in 1984 on 6 of september (i taped the show) i was in Cava de’ Tirreni (close to Naples) for a Clash gig at the Stadium.
Sep 7 Arena Palasport, Rome, Italy
...Festa Dell Unita
Sep 8 Reggio Emilia, Italy

Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 174

Sep 10? Turin - Stadio Communale
Apparently they sound checked for the gig but the local council cancelled it at the last minute. Vince White remembers this gig in The Last days of the Clash, page 182
Sep 11 Palasport, Genoa, Italy