Out of Control Tour
The Clash go Back to Basics - European Tour

updated 2 Sept 2016 with better audio information

audio 1
Sound 3.5
1hr 22min
27 tracks
Slightly inferior source from 2nd gen BUT includes intro

audio 2
Sound 4.0
1hr 25min
alt master
27 tracks
Slightly better source from master doesn't includes intro

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Great range and great clarity from this 2nd generation tape. Another copy was good, but had some slight wear problems, particularly at the start, so keep an eye open for the better one.

The 2nd gen copy is much better with clearer sound but still some mild distortion at the bottom end. It is a great tape but has a touch of distance to it. It contains the unreleased song, Glue Zombie, and also contains an early version of another unreleased track, In The Pouring Rain.

One of the very best 84 recordings for sound quality and performance and one to acquire.

This is the first UK gig of the new line up and Joe is in incendiary form. Above the stage hung 8 TV sets which showed a montage of news articles, wars, riots, clips from Mad Max and other films, live clips and footage from US TV.

This was a new concept in live music and it was one of the many facets of the Clash that was blatantly plagiarised a few years later by U2. This exhibition of politicised and powerful ideas added to the excitement that was the Clash on this massively sold out Tour. The Clash were getting back to what the Clash do best, an incendiary mix of leftist ideas wrapped in a coherent explosion of rock n roll music.

"the curtains opened and the onslaught began!" is how one Clash fan described it.

Vince White on Clash City stated
"Glasgow Barrowlands was the most exciting show I played and Athens ( the last) was the best show I played."

London Calling is stopped for Joe to ask "how many of you think this light rain of saliva is strictly necessary", suggesting the person next to him should punch him in the mush.

Blackburn later in the tour was similar affected, so bad in fact, the bloke next to him was probably spitting as well.

The restarted London Calling is blistering. Before introducing the new band members after Safe European Home Joe launches into an amazing tirade about being an activist, who is the Clash, get rid of drugs, and to loud cheers "get rid of Thatcher before she gets rid of us".

Literature recomendations with Che Guevara, artistic licensing with the suggestion of painting furnture bright pink and sticking it to the side of buses's and to fucking turn off the telly.

Five of the next seven songs are all new and terrific performances especially Ammunition (maybe the best version available). By Three Card Trick Joe realises some are not there for the new songs and tells someone to go and get a job digging holes and working on the roads, forgetting his lines about what Three Card Trick is dedicated to.

Following with another new song, the unreleased Glue Zombie, causes some to start chanting Mick Jones, Joe clearly pissed off, suggests a fight between the pro and anti Mick factions.

English Civil War, Spanish Bombs and and very musical Clash City Rockers gets things back on track. The gig keeps the upbeat tempo as Joe is clearly angered.

During Complete Control he changes the words to what sounds like "Go fuck off guitar hero". His head of steam carries him into White Riot and as the song ends he shouts "Hippies too".

The encore contains a primitive unreleased In the Pouring Rain.

The encore start sees Joe attacking fancy dress new romantics and before Are you Ready for War, a swipe at Smash Hits (teeny bop UK music mag).

By now the whole place is buzzing. Are you Ready is a more basic version than the later more heavy guitar performances. A familairity of end with Janie Jones and Im so Bored with the USA had the crowd up singing in the aisles.

"first 'new' clash gig in Britain, come on impress us. London calling kicks in and theres a rainbow in the cloud of spit. I dont remember video screens, if there was they werent turned on. The guitarist vince white, went walkabout on the speaker stacks which was cool, but he struggled to get down, which wasnt."

"It seems unbelievable now that fans would be so fanatic as to pay to go to a gig just to chant for the sacked guitar player, bands nowadays just dont have that kind of following. The news in the press at the time was Mick Jones and Topper Headon were going to tour as 'the clash', hence one of strummers on stage rants"


London Calling take 1
London Calling take 2
Safe European Home
We Are the Clash
Sex Mad War
The Guns Of Brixton
Three Card Trick
Glue Zombie
English Civil War
Spanish Bombs
Clash City Rockers
Police and Thieves
The Dictator
Career Opportunities
I Fought the Law
Complete Control
White Riot
Know Your Rights
Tommy Gun
In the Pouring Rain
Brand New Cadillac
Are You Ready for War?
I’m So Bored with the USA
Janie Jones

Vince White describes this gig extensively in his Clash biog, The Last Days of the Clash,page 86

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NME 10 Sept 83
Mick Jones sacked from Clash

Vince White's view

The Last Crusade
©2005 Chris Knowles

1984 Photos Unknown

Stop Press - Clash Tour Off for Now
The Clash Tour announced two weeks ago is off - for the moment at least. A complete date sheet was due to confirmed this week, minus a London Gig which still had to be confirmed.

Clash Communique
The crazy European Kasbah-Klub with Complete Control. A press release listing all the new tracks the band are playing ahead of their forthcoming European and UK dates.

Feb 5 SFX, Dublin, Ireland cancelled
Feb 6 SFX, Dublin, Ireland cancelled
Feb 7 Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland cancelled
Feb 8 Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland cancelled
Feb 10 Barrowlands, Glasgow
Feb 11 Manchester Apollo
Feb 12 Leicester, De Montfort Hall
Feb 13 Bristol, Colston Hall
Feb 16 Drammen, Norway
Feb 17 Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 19 Dusseldorf, West Germany
Feb 21 Deinze, Belgium
Feb 22 Zenith, Paris, France
this gig never took place. the band were scheduled to play Espace Ballad on the 23rd Feb. but this had to be re-sheduled to March 1st as a national lorry drivers strike blocked the trucks carrying the gear at Calais. Tickets stubs however stiff carry the 23rd date for a price of 80F which would have been about £6 at the time.
Feb 25 Bern Festhalle
Feb 27 Milan, Palasport
Feb 28 Milan Palasport
Mar 1 Paris Espace Ballard,
Mar 3 Edinburgh Playhouse,
Mar 4 Blackburn King Georges
Mar 5 Liverpool Royal Court
Mar 6 Portsmouth Guildhall
Mar 8 London Brixton Academy
Mar 9 London Brixton Academy
Mar 10 London Brixton Academy
Mar 12 Belfast Ulster Hall, N Ireland
Mar 13 Dublin SFX Hall, Rep Ireland
Mar 14 Dublin SFX Hall, Rep Ireland
Mar 16 London Brixton Academy
Mar 17 London Brixton Academy