US Festival warm up gigs

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Photo Courtesy of Ed Arnaud

cdr - average - Sound 3 - incomplete
85min - 2 gen - 23 tracks

Master - Full show...320K MP3's with +3% speed correction, default Audacity normalization, and default Audacity bass boost.

There is a slight correction to the Clash setlist. Straight to Hell was the first song of the initial encore and Train in Vain was performed before Clampdown during the second encore.

A friend of mine's father attended the May 26, 1983 Tuscon show and he made a scan of his ticket stub to e-mail to you so that you may add it to that portion of the site. I have been a life long clash fan and it's a privilege to share this with you. Thanks. -Gil R.

Beneath a layer of distortion is a good sounding recording. Shame...

Photo Courtesy of Ed Arnaud

Date: 8 November 2008

Hi.  Great site.  I was at the Clash show on 5-26-83 in Tucson.  It was at the Tucson Community Center Exhibition Hall.  I have a few photos from that show that I took if you want to post them.  Here's one.  Let me know if you want a few more.  I didn't get that many.  I had to sneak my camera in and couldn't get too close to the stage due to slamming and also the bouncers back then would confiscate cameras. Here's a link to some other photo's of mine so you'll know I'm legitimate. Ed.

great site! i found it while looking for the set list of the Clash show in Tucson, AZ in may 83.

a good friend and i bought our tickets the day they went on sale, and had told our girlfriends that we would be going without them; "you don't know the Clash/love the Clash, it will be crazy", etc. the scamps then proceeded to win free tickets on the radio...we were vexed, but OK, we went together to the music hall but separated upon agreement as we went in.

the two of them ended up right in front (the advantages of being female) and we were like 30 feet back. it hurt. but the show was evangelical! such energy, even playing to a small crowd! (capacity +/- 3,000; no seats, it was a huge floor mosh!) too bad they broke up soon after.

btw: Ed Arnaud's fotos are cool! i remember those bands and shows in Tucson.

rob -robsaopaulo[a]


London Calling
This Is Radio Clash
Hate and War
Spanish Bombs
Rock the Casbah
Lost In the Supermarket
Know Your Rights
Death Or Glory
The Guns Of Brixton
Koka Kola
Charlie Don't Surf
Somebody Got Murdered
Armagideon Time
Brand New Cadillac
Police On My Back
Safe European Home
I Fought the Law
(encore #1)
Straight to Hell
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
The Magnificent Seven
(encore #2)
Car Jamming
Train In Vain
Sound Of the Sinners

Any further info / reviews appreciated

May 18 Amarillo, TX Civic Center Auditorium
May 19 Memorial Auditorium, Wichita Falls Texas
May ? Juarez, Texas ?
May 22 Majestic Theatre, San Antonio Texas
May 23 Omaha, Nebraska
May 25 El Paso Civic Center Theatre, El Paso, Texas

supported by the Little Charlie Sexton and the Eager Beaver Boys

Salim Nourallah/ getting back to the Clash...
"Brad Austin had lent us the Clashís 1st record from 1977 but it was now actually 1982. We soon found out their 5th record Combat Rock had just come out. We got that next then all the rest too and became obsessed with the Clash.

We found out the Clash was going to play the El Paso Civic Center on the way to play the US Festival in California and on May 25, 1983 we road in the blue Monte Carlo with our 24 year old 1st cousin Maad Okko

Maad was from Algeria and spoke broken English with an ear to ear grin he sported a healthy afro and woolly mustache
plus parachute pants and a tight sleeveless shirt he listened mainly to disco music. He had never heard of the Clash or punk rock music and was baffled by it all.

To document this momentous occasion i planned on smuggling a micro-cassette recorder into the Civic Center
i donít remember how this plan actually worked. I only remember being convinced id surely be caught and potentially arrested thus, missing the Clash my favorite band

Neurosis aside, once inside we took our position about 20 rows back and in the middle a perfect spot, the lights dimmed and Spaghetti western music came over the PA song. The Clash finally took the stage. We jumped to our feet and cheered. they kicked in with London Calling.

Mick hopped around like an elastic Mexican jumping bean. Paul bobbed, ducked and weaved like no bass player you've ever ever seen. Joe attacked his beat up Telecaster with ferocious intensity wearing a white sleeveless military jacket/vest and black straight to hell t-shirt.

Maad looked to us and yelled 'you like this?'. I nodded my head and thrust the micro-cassette recorder to the sky
soaking in Death or Glory. The show plays out for me now in a haze of nostalgic slo-mo bliss.

My memories afterwards are of laying under the sheets at night with the micro-cassette recorder pressed to my ear trying to re-live the moment by listening to the shittiest recording imaginable. We also begged our Mom to make us a black straight to hell t-shirt because they were sold out at the concert. She tried valiantly but after wearing her iffy labor of love to school one day i decided it just didnít look right i retired it to the bottom of my t-shirt drawer and never wore it again.

May 26 Tuscon Activity Center, Tucson Arizona
May 28 Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernadino CA
...US Festival, and Mick Jones last show with The Clash