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updated 12 April 2011 -added One Gig Too Far audio source

One Gig Too Far
good - Sound 3/4 - time 119min - low gen? - tracks 30

Matinee Show - No Known Recording

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The Kosei Nenkin Kaikan Hall in Tokyo like the other venues The Clash played in Tokyo is still very much in use. It’s name has changed to the Well City Tokyo Hall but everybody in Tokyo still calls it by its original name See photos below and on the website

Comparing the photos of The Clash in the dressing room with the modern day one and its clear it’s hardly changed since 1982! 

A bit thinner and more like an audience recording 

Only known recording - Evening Show


Opening 2:07
London Calling 3:30
One More Time 4:26
Safe European Home 3:50
The Guns Of Brixton 3:35
Train In Vain 3:54
Know Your Right 3:27
The Magnificent Seven 5:35
Charlie Don't Surf 5:03
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe 4:10
Police And Thieves 6:30
Should I Stay Or Should I Go 3:21
Junco Partner 5:16
Brand New Cadilac 2:16
The Leader 1:40
Koka Kola 1:38
I Fought The Low 2:34
Janie Jones 2:08
Somebody Got Murdered 4:05
Clampdown 4:41
Jimmy Jazz 5:20
Career Oportunities 3:00
Stay Free 3:32
Garageland 3:33
Spanish Bomb 3:36
Tommy Gun 3:15
Complete Control 3:40
London's Burning 2:24
Armagideon Time 4:49
Police On My Back 2:561
White Riot 2:16

Tour poster

Sounds 6 March 82
Clash in Japan - Tour Review
by Haruko Minakami
Cover - page 1 - page 2
"So many times the rumoours blossomed and then faded away. It had been seriously reported in Japanesse magazines that the Clash would never play Japan until a promoter made available Halls without seating..."

Clash Tour Book
3mb PDF
The official 40 page Clash Tour Book

DIG Magazine 2002
Unseen Japan Tour Photos Jan/Feb 82

FM Recopal Magazine
Unseen Japan Tour Photos Jan/Feb 82

Music Magazine
Unseen Japan Tour Photos Jan/Feb 82

Sho Kikuchis Book
Unseen Japan Tour Photos Jan/Feb 82

Weekly Focus
Unseen Japan Tour Photo

Music Magazine
Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg Tour
Yuji Konno meets the Clash as they arrive in Japan
"Paradox is the Enemy"

Newspaper clip
Joe & Mick in Kyoto + caption

Mysterex - New Zealand Music and Culture
The Clash in New Zealand - February 1982
The Punk revolution was already won in New Zealand by the time the Clash breached our shores in February 1982.

Tropic of Clash
page 1 - page 2
Australian/Syndey interview with Strummer on their day off in Sydney

Any further info / reviews

This is the most incomplete section any help would be appreciated. The Clash played 7 nights in Sydney plus other Australasian dates, as well as 7 nights in Tokyo and other Japanesse/Asian dates.
Jan 24 Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo, Japan
Jan 25 Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
Jan 27 Sun Plaza Tokyo, Japan
Jan 28 Sun Plaza Tokyo, Japan
Jan 29 Sun Plaza Tokyo, Japan
Jan 30* Kosein-Kaiken Hall, Tokyo, Japan
(Matinee Show 6.30pm for younger fans)
Jan 30* Kosein-Kaiken Hall, Tokyo, Japan
(Evening Show)
Feb 1 Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Feb 2 Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
Feb 5 Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 6 Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 7 Wellington Town Hall, New Zealand
(from Story of the Clash Vol 1.booklet)
Feb 8 Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand
The didn't have Christchurch scheduled on their tour itinerary, so a bunch of locals got together & put out a petition in the record shops to get them to play Christchurch, & they sent it to the promoter, consequently The Clash found out & decided to squeeze a gig in there. The Christchurch guy who recorded the gig made the petition into the artwork. The actual petition is shown in the intro of Let's Rock Again.

Feb 11 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
The Clash, Sydney Morning Herald Australia preview

Tropic of Clash - page 1 - page 2
Australian/Syndey interview with Strummer on their day off in Sydney

See also gig reviews here part 1 and here part2 from the Age newspaper

Sydney Sunday Herald - Clash in Hotel Run In -

Sydney Morning Herald 29 Jan Tokyo gig preview


Feb 12 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 13 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia

Hey, I visit the site off and on, it's superb, and am still a Clash mentalist, collecting bootlegs (and anything I can get my hands on really) with varying levels of satisfaction; an obsessive for sure. Just reading your thoughts on the Hong Kong show and the frustration of gigs being pro shot and recorded but not in circulation: best show of any band I've ever seen was Saturday, February 13, 1982, at the Capitol Theatre and I wonder whether this was the ABC-recorded gig you allude to? For the site's benefit I can tell you they were supported by a very young and great Sydney ska/pop outfit Spy V Spy who "dedicated their most political song, Behind The Iron Curtain, to The Clash". The Clash came out, Joe said: "Hello, my name's Joe, we're The Clash and this one's London Calling to the faraway town."

Setlist definitely started:
London Calling
Safe European Home
Spanish Bombs ("This is Spanish Bombs in Andalucia!")

Songs they for sure played, but order unknown: Career Opportunities ("I don't give a flying fuck what the rich are doing"), Tommy Gun, Clampdown, The Magnificent Seven (great call-and-response with the crowd: "What have we got?"), Police On My Back, The Call Up, Wrong 'Em Boyo, The Guns Of Brixton (Paul had a thin stand on his bass, on the neck, which held his cigarette in between tokes), Brand New Cadillac, Ivan Meets GI Joe ("We're gonna turn the microphone over to Topper Headon"; to the huge applause: "Oh, you polite people") Train In Vain (Mick wore red shirt and black braces), Garageland, White Riot, Radio Clash, Koka Kola.

This is from memory and I've missed some for sure, judging by the sets of the day. Amazed no or few Australian bootlegs exist. I remember a chick behind me bellowing for Police And Thieves, which they didn't play. Other supports were local indie acts of the day, different ones each night. I believe this Saturday show was one of the best of the seven.

Sorry these recollections have taken so long; I meant to email ages ago. I'm only on this address 'til Friday but always at should you wish to reply/want more details. Cheers, Tim From: Tim Gill <tim.gill[a]>

Feb 14 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Sydney Sunday Herald gives The Clash praise
Feb 16 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 17 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 18 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 20 Cloudland Ballroom, Brisbane, Australia

The Clash Tonight! (preview), Brisbane Courier Mail

Cloudland review, Brisbane Courier Mail "Violent Fans threat to Rock"

Brisbane Courier Mail - Clash's Brutal Rock Wows Fans


The term Pig City was first used about Brisbane by Joe Strummer at Festival Hall in 1982. I have spoken to a number of people who were at the 1982 Clash concert at Cloudland (me included) and we all recall the words being yelled by Joe strummer at cloudland i.e. 'Pig city' a reference to Brisbane being part of a police state. JOHN TRACEY

I was at the Clash concert at cloudland. They invited Bob Weatherall (Qld Aboriginal leader) on to stage with them and he danced and delivered a rave about the commonwealth games protests. I can't remember the term Pig City being used, but Im surprised I can remember anything of the night.

Feb 22 Thebarton Town Hall, Adelaide, Australia
Feb 23 Festival Hall, Melbourne
Feb 24 Perth, Austrailia
Feb 25 AC Hall, Hong Kong
Feb 27 Thamasat University, Bankok, Thailand