Impossible Mission Tour
last updated 4 Nov 2005

video - edited - tracks 4 - quality 4
best found on Clash on TV DVDr.

The group is filmed coming off their plane and going straight into a press conference, Beatles style, and Topper apparently publicly puked his guts out on the airport interior after what appears to be a rather shaky plane ride (they all look like zombies).

Some journalist then made a snide remark off screen, which quite obviously hit at something painful in the group. Joe's immediate reply in defense of a green skinned Topper is a magnificent moment of pure expletive-ridden Strummer Rage, all captured by the camera while Simonon takes a real threatening pose. Some of the best bits go like this :

"do you think this is 1976 and you're talking to the Sex Pistols ?"
"Piss off or I'll fucking piss all over you"
"If he feels like throwing up it's because his stomach hurts, I don't need your jokes to fucking contend with"

"If you want to read about puking read your teeny bop magazines. We are not a teeny bop puking group"

The best copy can be found on Clash on TV DVDr, commercially pressed as TV Calling 77-83. It has been copied a few times and there is some noise/hiss on the sound slightly but its quite clear and very watchable.


Clash City Rockers
Somebody Got Murdered
London Calling
Safe Europen Home
+ Interview

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Sep 23 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
French TV filmed one of the nights produced by Freddy Hausser for Midday News. It features Safte European Home and a short interview by Marc Zermati, a friend of the Clash and the promoter of the Les Nuites Punk in April 77 and the Monte De MArsen Festival that year as well.
Sep 24 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 25 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 26 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 28 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 29 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 30 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Oct 2 Wiener Stadthalle (Vienna State Hall)
Clash TV Special' Austrian TV "Ohne Maulkorb" the only show for youngsters on Austrian state TV - Vienna, Austria

The clash tv special from Ohne Maulkorb was filemd at the Clash gig in vienna on October 3rd 1981 and not in may. It was broadcasted on the 10th of october on austrian television. I was at this gig and it was great! Erhard

i saw them 24 years ago (around) october 1981 in vienna - was looking forward to this gig for months! it must have been one of their worst gigs ever. very disappointing. main reason was the bad pa (their own got stuck at customs), the one they used was absolutely powerless and that in a hall packed with 10 000! bad vibes in the audience. my then girlfriend collapsed due to the shoving and bad air, so during "safe european home" i had to sit on the floor beside her and care for her...still that wasn't able to diminish my enthusiasm for them a bit. but of course it is a little bitter having seen your heroes at a low point. tele

Oct 3 Vienna State Hall (Vienna State Hall) CANCELLED
Zig Zag November 81 carries a full review of Paris and Vienna gigs - see also "Essential Clash" book.