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cdr – from unknown source – sound 2 – 58min –15 tracks

cdr2 - allegedly a great sound recording of this exists
wish people would share these things, not going to make them a millionaire!

The Finnish TV shoved circa 39 seconds-clip of Clash gig in Turku (no sound) It was in a program about history of Ruisrock 25 years. Broadcast was 1995. "Ruisrock 25 vuotta" (Ruisrock 25 years) YLE TV1 Broadcast 06.07.95

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A break from the London Calling sessions for a manger-less and broke Clash to earn some much needed cash, that Bernie and the lawyers could not get their hands on. They were paid £7,500 in cash to play at this annual Festival, (still going today) funded by the Finnish government under a youth arts programme.

Johnny Green begins his book with an amusing account of the Festival and how an electric shock threw him across the stage after which he screamed expletives in front of a startled crowd, thinking it was part of the act.

The Festival is held in beautiful, lakeside location, the band playing outside in sunshine, an almost unknown situation for The Clash at that point. Certainly unique was the fact they used Abba’s PA and equipment.

Here's a interview with Joe Strummer during The Clash visit to Ruisrock.


The band were in holiday mood, fuelled by Finnish vodka and put on a good show according to Johnny Green, although this recording is so poor it’s hard to tell. It’s a very flat recording with little top end being copied too many times.

A low generation source probably would reveal a good recording although it is marred by audience talk and clapping, particularly on the encores when it sounds like a singalongaClash karaoke session with only Joe’s vocals heard above the din! An upgrade would be nice.

The vocals can be made out and the lead can be heard just with the drone of the bass and the percussion just about. The sound does improve a touch after an edit before Police and Thieves.

The audience are enthusiastic throughout, despite the distance between band and the dividing fence and are still calling for a second encore minutes after they leave the stage.


The Finnish TV shoved circa 10 seconds-clip of Clash gig in Turku (no sound) It was in a program about history of Ruisrock 25 years.Broadcast was 1995.

Chapter 1 (Ruisrock'79 crowd footage + Pelle Miljoona interview (finnish) "Pelle Miljoona 1980" played before The Clash
Chapter 2 "The Clash footage Ruisrock'79
Chapter 3 Interview of "The Jam"-manager
Chapter 4 footage of Ruisrock during years)

The main highlight is the only ever live outing for Four Horseman, which Joe introduces with “Ok the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are quite tired and need a little drink..” The song has a different ending than the recorded version.

London Calling is also of interest as it’s a song in development still; musically its nearing the finished article with Mick’s guitar solo now in place since Notre Dame but lyrically there are still a number of differences, with “we should be grateful… the midnight shutdown” decipherable. Joe intro’s it with “ hope you’ve got your pens and notebooks ready, make sure you get all the wonderful lyrics!, this song is now gonna be called London’s Burning

Janie Jones is edited midway, restarting with the crowd shouting for an encore, so probably loses Garageland and maybe London’s Burning.

I was there and I'm quite sure that The Clash also played "London's burning" because I still remember Joe's quick introduction between songs" That was London burning, now this one's called London calling" and all the awe of hearing an instant classic there and then for the first time! kalevi.pollari[a]yle.fi


Clash City Rockers
Safe European
White Man In Ham Palais
Jail Guitar Doors
City Of the Dead
English Civil War
London Calling
Police and Thieves
Four Horsemen
Stay Free
Capital Radio
Janie Jones
Tommy Gun
Complete Control
White Riot

A Riot of Our Own p11

Tour & Gig Reviews

Derry Date for August
supporting the Undertones

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Mar 8

Alright Now TV

performance for BBC2 (“English Civil War”/”Hate & War”/”The Israelites”)
Mar 31

Beaufort Market

cancelled minutes before due to Police presence
Jun 21 New York FAKE POSTER?
BMC "We think if the Clash played 3 night in New York everyone would have known. Therefore we dont believe these gigs happenned."

In the summer of '79, living in Northern Virginia, I heard rumours of a Clash gig at the Peppermint Lounge, and when I visited the PL in 1983 employees mentioned the bands that played their amongst them The Clash. I seem to recall a college friend who worked at the radio station mentioning that he saw them at the PL.  This was in Blacksburg in 1981-1982.  He was from Northern N.J. and saw many shows in the city. It was the only method of communication back in those days; heresay, rumour and myth.  This was the month after I graduated high school.  Who knows if it was true, but I did hear about it that summer. Ben

I hooked up with some very old friends on Facebook. They worked at the Peppermint Lounge in the late '70s and early 80's. The poster is a fake. The address is wrong as they did not move to that location and there was no show at that time. "There was no Peppermint Lounge on 5th Ave in 1979. The original re-opened November 1980 on 45th St."

Also there were no colour xerox machines in 1979. This was likely a rumour started by the record company to maintain interest in the release of The Clash in the USA in June of 1979. I am sure the label was getting word of the Vanilla Tapes demos for LC and the greatness that was about to come. Ben

June 22 New York cancelled
The June 1979 shows at the Peppermint Lounge in New York never happened.  Tickets were sold for some New York shows that were supposed be in June, but those shows were later cancelled. I nearly got fired from my job for going down to the Ticketron outlet to assist a co-worker get tickets for a bunch of us for these shows because there was a ticket limit. Andrew Baxley baxlap[a]msn.com
June 23 New York cancelled
Jul 5

Notre Dame Hall, London

...secret gig
Jul 6

Notre Dame Hall, London

...secret gig
Jul 14

Rainbow, London

...Southall Defence Fund benefit. The other support act was Bongo Danny and the Enchanters.
Aug 4

Turku, Finland

...Ruisrock Festival
The Finnish TV shoved circa 10 seconds-clip of Clash gig in Turku (no sound) It was in a program about history of Ruisrock 25 years.Broadcast was 1995. "Ruisrock 25 vuotta" (Ruisrock 25 years) YLE TV1 Broadcast 06.07.95
Aug 25

Derry Punk Festival, Templemore Sports Complex - Cancelled

Sounds NME?