Short European Tour of Holland, France, Switzerland,
Germany and Sweden

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Riot Control LP - Sound - 8min - LP/m - tracks 3

Video - Low Quality - 7 mins - Interview f/b Complete Control f/b 1977

Video - Higher Quality - 3 mins - just Complete Control

Video - London Burning, Interview, Complete control... in (french site about french TV).

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A French fans eye view

After the gig, the CLASH went to drink at “La Coupole”, an “existentialist cafe” and finished the night at the Gibus Club.

They saw the local band ASPHALT JUNGLE which they had just mentioned in their “Paris is singing” version. For the TV show, the scenery was “very” punk with flying pterodactys!

This TV show was prouced by “Un sur Cinq (1 out of 5)”, a social and culturel broadcast. Freddy Hausser produced the “Pop News” rubrique and presented the CLASH with Phillipe MANOEUVRE (who wrote “Cheap trill” in Rock’n’Folk magazine).

The CLASH played “London’s burning” at the sound check but the cameramen didn’t want to continue. They striked cos the CLASH played too loud. Just one man accepted to film. So, it was a fixed and large plan. 15 min. later, the CLASH played “Complete control”, then “1977”(cut) and it was over.

French TV

Three tracks exist and the only copy we have is from the Riot Control LP. We are looking for a more original source and a DVD video source if possible?

French TV Sources- Catalogue Info.
No. of documentary note CPB77057218
Collection title JUKE BOX
Credits Director, Hausser, Freddy ; Director, Greef, Alain de ; Interpreter, Sex Pistols-groupe ; Interpreter, Jam-groupe ; Interpreter, Saints-groupe ; Interpreter, Boomtown Rats ; Interpreter, Damned ; Interpreter, Ramones-groupe ; Interpreter, Iggy Pop ; Interpreter, Clash-groupe

Ina keywords Rock and roll ; Eccentric (PUNK)

First broadcast date 09/11/1977

Running-time 01H 01MIN 00SEC

Summary This program(emission) tries to review briefly the punk movement and its musical fantastic involvements(implications) in the press (seen again(revised) by Andy WARHOL), the comic strip (drawings of the review(variety show) "bazooka"), the fashion ( punk hairdresser), the art (some punk are sensitive has painters for pollock; [pan shot] on Beaubourg). But the biggest part(party) of the program(emission) is dedicated to the Anglo-Saxon punk groups:les Jam: " in city tea "; the saints: "i am stranded"; bootown rats(ballet students): " looking for number one "; Damned: " new pink(rose) "; Jam again " school art "; Ramones: " punk sheena Isa rocker "; POP Iggy: " lust for live "; and finally clash: " London is burning ". Plan(shot) of a rocker putting a juke boxs on the march; "punk" graffiti on a wall. Mgt0202170, bandage 45941.

Category information
Type of archive non theme-based archive
Type of collection Production
Type of documentary note Isolated note
Genre Original drama
Theme Variety shows
Last update 04/07/2005
Paris : Antenne 2 (A2), 1977
Type of production Production propre
Broadcasting information
First broadcast date 09/11/1977
Time 22H 23MIN 38SEC
Channel 2nd channel
TV company France 2
Collection A2 / France2
Technical information
Carrier status digitised


London's Burnin
Complete Control

Best Magazine [French]
No.122 September 1978

Les InRocks [French][2003]

Un Jeune Homme Chic [French]
Alain Pacadis - ...relevant clash pages

Rock & Folk Magazine [French]
November 1977

Rock & Folk Magazine [French]

any more info / reviews appreciated

Clash Landing
Search and Destroy Fanzine
Clash Interviewed by
Annette Weatherman and Vermilion Sands
A lengthy interview with Joe, Mick & Paul in 1977. It was published in Search & Destroy mag out of San Francisco. It was the first word of the Clash in print in the U.S. Birmingham Rag Marktt & Sweden gigs referenced.

June 14 Grona Lund, Stockholm
July 17 Birmingham Rag Market (Punk Festival)
The band show up to the aborted punk festival announced 3 weeks earlier. The council managed within a couple of days to shut it down. The Clash talked to local fans but the police turned up to make arrests for unlawful gathering and obstruction.
July 17 Birmingham Barbarellas
Following the afternoons debacle, the band managed to borrow heavy metal band Warhead's gear and play a 45 minute set in front of 500 punks. Johnny Green (A Riot of Our Own) mentions the Clash in 78 being outside a Birmingham venue explaining to ticket holders why they were unable to play.

There is a small interview reference in Search and Destroy [1977] fanzine titled Clash Landing where the Clash are interviewed by Annette Weatherman and Vermilion Sands.

Aug 5 Mont de Marsan, France
...Punk Festival. Around 3,000 people turned up for the two day event
Aug 11 14th Bilzen Festival, Lie'ge, Belgium
support bands Elvis Costello and The Damned - Page 28 The New Visual Documentary

Great photos here from Philippe Carly. Ticket here

Sep 26 The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Sep 27 Brussels
From Swiss No Fun fanzine interview with Joe.
Sep 28 French TV show

London's Burning / Complete Control / 1977

Not Michel Drucker TV Show. Presented by the famous Punk presenter Freddy Hausser. The interview is with Phillipe Manoeuvre who writes for the French music magazine Rock n Folk.

Sep 29 Bataclan, Paris, France
...Punk Festival
Sept 30

Salle des FÍtes de Tinqueux, Reims, France

??? Musikladen TV Show
From Swiss No Fun fanzine interview with Joe
Oct 1 Kaufleuten Saal, Zurich, Switzerland
Note this gig did NOT take place at the Rote Fabrik
Oct 2 Vienna Porrhaus
Oct 4

Schwabinger Brau, Munich

Much speculation has surrounded the dates but courtesy of a German Fanzine with tour dates... it is confirmed the band played Munich on the 4th, Frankfurt on the 5th and Hamburg on the 6th.

Oct 5 Frankfurt Volksbildungsheim
from ticket stub
Oct 6 Winterhuder Fährhaus, Hamburg
Oct 7 Dads, Malmo, Sweden
Oct 8 Ronneby, Sweden
Oct 9 Club 700, stora Hotellet, Oreboro, Sweden