Short European Tour of Holland, France, Switzerland,
Germany and Sweden

updated 5 Jan 2010 - added alternate master

possible two audience sources for this one

cdr1 -
full source - sound 2 - 44min -
unknown gen? - tracks 13
cdr2 - edited - slight upgrade - sound 3 - 34min -
low gen? - tracks 11
cdr3 - to follow
cdr4 - alt source master

A number of recordings circulate;
The complete concert version of this recording is a poor one but is a small upgrade on many copies widely circulating.

The full one

This full one came from a decent source, but everything sounds distant with little clarity and range (it also came with All the Young Punks demo as the last track). It’s far from terrible though; with lead guitar coming through best and vocals and backing vocals clear enough. Drums are thin and dull but the bass comes through. Its still an enjoyable listen, just, though, because the performance is so strong. On this version there is an edit after Hate & War where after the sound picks up a notch, particularly the guitar.

Older edited one

Older copies of the previously shorter version are much better than the full one but omits the last two tracks (encore's). It is much clearer, though still dull. There is no distortion and only a bit of echo, distance from the stage. The lead guitar and drums are quite clear and bass rumbles away semi-coherently. The vocals are clear as well. At a guess it is a few copies from the original which gives rise to a touch of ‘swirling’ sound at the top end.

Newer edited one

However, the master of this 11 version recording has now come into circulation. This is a significant upgrade and a very enjoyable listen. There is good clarity of sound and reasonable range. It only suffers from the usual audience recording problems of distance particularly on the vocals and a somewhat buried bass. The guitars are heard best with considerable clarity and punch.

This master recording suggests there are two seperate sources for this gig.

The start of a short European tour and their debut at the famous Paradiso Club in Amsterdam resulted in a great fired up performance typical of the Tour.

The Paradiso, a converted old church (see pic) would have been well known to the band as a famous venue dating back to the late 60’s (indeed its still in regular use today). The band was back in Amsterdam after their debut just 4 months earlier and now the reaction of the crowd is loud and volatile. The Clash responds with a great performance. Joe kicks off with “We’ve just come from London and this is a song about London… London’s Burning ”. That’s almost the only stage comments from Joe; it’s a typical 77 intense charge through the short set.

Highlights are many; Capital Radio is now getting an extended treatment with Joe improvising words on the middle section. and City of the Dead gets its live debut (Complete Control single was released 3 days earlier in the UK).

On the master recording in particular Mick’s guitar work on Police & Thieves cuts like a knife. Clash City Rockers is excellent with the ending now being developed. The audience is getting more lively and noisy with each song. The most interesting performance is Complete Control, which is restarted halfway through. Mick is singing presumably because Joe is in the audience or there has been some kind of incident (does anyone know?). The song breaks down to just Topper’s drums, stops briefly and then drums restart again before Mick comes in on guitar and vocals.

Joe eventually comes in at the “I don’t trust you, why should you trust me” section (these lyrics were not written till post Mont de Marsan). The band then blast through Janie Jones and White Riot with what sounds like a stage invasion, certainly the words are shouted out from people in the crowd.


London's Burning
Capital Radio
The Prisoner
City of the Dead
Police and Thieves
Hate and War
Clash City Rockers
I'm So Bored With the USA
Protex Blue
Complete Control
Janie Jones
White Riot

any info / reviews appreciated

Clash Landing
Search and Destroy Fanzine
Clash Interviewed by
Annette Weatherman and Vermilion Sands
A lengthy interview with Joe, Mick & Paul in 1977. It was published in Search & Destroy mag out of San Francisco. It was the first word of the Clash in print in the U.S. Birmingham Rag Marktt & Sweden gigs referenced.

June 14 Grona Lund, Stockholm
July 17 Birmingham Rag Market (Punk Festival)
The band show up to the aborted punk festival announced 3 weeks earlier. The council managed within a couple of days to shut it down. The Clash talked to local fans but the police turned up to make arrests for unlawful gathering and obstruction.
July 17 Birmingham Barbarellas
Following the afternoons debacle, the band managed to borrow heavy metal band Warhead's gear and play a 45 minute set in front of 500 punks. Johnny Green (A Riot of Our Own) mentions the Clash in 78 being outside a Birmingham venue explaining to ticket holders why they were unable to play.

There is a small interview reference in Search and Destroy [1977] fanzine titled Clash Landing where the Clash are interviewed by Annette Weatherman and Vermilion Sands.

Aug 5 Mont de Marsan, France
...Punk Festival. Around 3,000 people turned up for the two day event
Aug 11 14th Bilzen Festival, Lie'ge, Belgium
support bands Elvis Costello and The Damned - Page 28 The New Visual Documentary

Great photos here from Philippe Carly. Ticket here

Sep 26 The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Sep 27 Brussels
From Swiss No Fun fanzine interview with Joe.
Sep 28 French TV show

London's Burning / Complete Control / 1977

Not Michel Drucker TV Show. Presented by the famous Punk presenter Freddy Hausser. The interview is with Phillipe Manoeuvre who writes for the French music magazine Rock n Folk.

Sep 29 Bataclan, Paris, France
...Punk Festival
Sept 30

Salle des FÍtes de Tinqueux, Reims, France

??? Musikladen TV Show
From Swiss No Fun fanzine interview with Joe
Oct 1 Kaufleuten Saal, Zurich, Switzerland
Note this gig did NOT take place at the Rote Fabrik
Oct 2 Vienna Porrhaus
Oct 4

Schwabinger Brau, Munich

Much speculation has surrounded the dates but courtesy of a German Fanzine with tour dates... it is confirmed the band played Munich on the 4th, Frankfurt on the 5th and Hamburg on the 6th.

Oct 5 Frankfurt Volksbildungsheim
from ticket stub
Oct 6 Winterhuder Fährhaus, Hamburg
Oct 7 Dads, Malmo, Sweden
Oct 8 Ronneby, Sweden
Oct 9 Club 700, stora Hotellet, Oreboro, Sweden