White Riot Tour with the Jam, Buzzcocks, Slits and Subway Sect -previously listed as the Polytechnic

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Video - Filmed by Students

Youtube release (by students?) 10 tracks
Capitol Radio (Youtube)
Protex Blue (Youtube)
Cheat (Youtube)
Remote Control (Youtube)
I'm So Bored with the USA (Official)
Hate & War (Official)
Career Opportunities (Official)
Remote Control (Official)
White Riot (Youtube)
Police And Thieves (Youtube)

Official Sony Soundsystem Boxset DVD
Career Opportunities 1:42 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

From the owner of the video
"The Clash footage is from The White Riot Tour, the entire Brighton gig, including the full Clash set. I am still hoping to get a DVD out this year - but their are a lot of parties involved to get clearance from."

"There still are plans for a commercial release and I am in discussion with a production company, it's just taking a long time to get all the clearances. It's not just the Clash of course, there's the Slits, Subway Sect and Buzzcocks too.

Almost all the members from those bands have OK'd on principle the release, a few are very hard to track down, and some have passed-on and I am having to deal with Estates. Joe's has OK'd it but I haven't been able to make direct contact with Mick, Paul or Topper. I've have handled a lot of archive material in the past and always want to release officially, it ensures greater distribution and that Artists get paid for their Art. It is B&W, features an entire set - London's Burning (how timely), 1977, I'm So Bored With The USA, Hate & War, 48 Hours, Denny, Police & Thieves, Capitol Radio & 7 more, including White Riot of course. There were 3 camera, edited live and an ambient mic. The sound is pretty good, good enough for a sound recording too. I'm sorry I can't send you a copy, I'll trade direct contacts for the missing 3 for a DVD of some of the set and I'm sure at release time we can work together to promote each other. It is amazing!"

"I remember watching a black & white video of the White Riot Sussex University gig in Brighton a week after the event, it was shown between bands at a gig in the basement of the art college, I have often wondered if this video is still around, I guess it was shot by an art student as part of a course,  vidoes of other punk gigs in Brighton existed from the time, I remember watching the Damned & Adverts soon after their gig there." - D (2005)

"I just got a Dvd off someone who said he had some footage of The Damned from University of Sussex Brighton in 1977.

Thought he got the wrong year but it was correct and it also has one track by The Slits one by Subway Sect two tracks by The Adverts and The Damned Fan Club, Sick Of Being Sick, Stretcher Case, New Rose then The Clash; Capitol Radio, Protex Blue, Cheat, Remote Control, White Riot, Police And Thieves.

Joe says White Riot in Sussex University before they start the song also the back ground is the same for The Slits,Subway Sect and The Buzzcocks (Buzzcocks I was given 2 Songs on Dvd).

The Damned and Adverts footage is totaly different background and the drum kit is on a round riser". M (2008)

"If its from the one i have been given its a two track preproduction copy (Capital Radio and White Riot),basically i was sent a copy and asked to pass it on to Mick, Tops etc, (Tops loved it BTW and Mick was very interetsed to know it existed plus Robin loved it as he's in most of it behind Micks amp) to probe the possibility of a commercial release as its the complete Clash show plus most of the Slits,Buzzcocks and Subway sect, a three camera shoot by the students all shot in glorious black and white , the sound is very good as well.
As far as i know had this turned up before they decided to release the Shea cd things could have been very different ,so don't expect an official release any time soon although there was talk of like Rat Patrol says a grey area release of some kind unless they have done it already ..........perhaps Klam can tell us , in any case its a fantastic piece of film and one that must see the light of day soon." Steve (2008)

Satch's discussion on the video

to follow - video shots below

The Clash show was booked as a Polytechnic show, but actually took place at Sussex University due to demand; that's why you don't see it listed as such in the White Riot tour ads & so on. I actually bought the last two tickets! The footage was screened live while the show was going on,on closed-circuit TV screens around the venue, in the bars and so on; at the age of 18 I'd never seen anything like that before & it was certainly a rarity in 1977.

The previous week I'd been to my first punk gig, The Ramones & Talking Heads at Eric's in Liverpool but I still didn't really know what to expect. The hall had big glass windows at the stage end which meant that being summer the Slits essentially went on in daylight, despite the backdrop screens; I seem to remember we had to wait a pretty long time for Clash stage time to make sure it was properly dark by the time they got on. The Jam had dropped off the tour a few dates before, so it was the Slits, the Subway Sect & the Buzzcocks before the Clash. You can see photos of The Slits set in Caroline Coon's 1988 book and some of them & The Clash (in colour!) in The Punk Rock Movie; it's been a long time since I've seen that, so I think it's the clips where Joe has the red shirt on. Or maybe green; getting old!

Unsurprisingly it was a fantastic night. I was already a big Clash fan & it was unbelieveably thrilling to see them in person, the first time of many. The song I especially remember is Garageland, Joe crouching down to sing it. They were loud, fast & just brilliant.

But we know that, don't we?

How fantastic to see those screengrabs; it really does bring it all back. This I have to see; I've been playing it in my head for 30 years...


Capitol Radio (Youtube)
Protex Blue (Youtube)
Cheat (Youtube)
Remote Control (Youtube)
I'm So Bored with the USA (Official)
Hate & War (Official)
Career Opportunities (Official)
Remote Control (Official)
White Riot (Youtube)
Police And Thieves (Youtube)

London's Burning (unreleased)
1977 (unreleased)
48 Hours (unreleased)
Deny (unreleased)
tbc (unreleased)

Tracks known on video see below

full gig wanted

White Riot full page ad
with dates

The Jam quit White Riot Tour
Melody Maker Mid May 77

Oct 77 - Unknown Fanzine
page 1 page 2 page 3

Tour Poster

Full page ad

Greatness from Garageland
Peter Silverton, Trouser Press, February 1978
UNANNOUNCED, TO SAY the least, a kid in boots, suspenders and short-cropped hair clambers through the photographers' pit and up onto the stage of London's Rainbow Theatre. Benignly ignored by band, stage crew and security alike...

White Riot T-Shirt

Clash Landing
Search and Destroy Fanzine
Clash Interviewed by Annette Weatherman and Vermilion Sands
A lengthy interview with Joe, Mick & Paul in 1977. It was published in Search & Destroy mag out of San Francisco. It was the first word of the Clash in print in the U.S. Birmingham Rag Marktt & Sweden gigs referenced.

Last year Paul Dougherty posted this treasure on his blog When p**k was a work in progress, where it then went unaccountably ignored.

May 1

Civic Hall, Guilford

May 2 Rascals, Chester
May 3 Barbarella, Birmingham
May 4 Affair, Swindon
May 5 Erics, Liverpool
May 6 University, Aberdeen
May 7 Playhouse, Edinburgh
May 8 Electric Circus, Manchester
May 9 Rainbow, London
infamous riot gig - often mis-cited as the 7th. See 7th gig at Edinburgh with Edinburgh Ticket
May 10 Town Hall, Kidderminster
Following an injury to his hand, Mick Jones of the Clash is forced to cancel the gig booked for Kidderminster Town Hall.
May 10

Stourbridge Town Hall

May 12 Palais, Nottingham
May 13 Polytechnic, Leicester
May 14 Brakke Grond Amsterdam

Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond

May 15 Fiesta, Plymouth
May 16 University, Swansea
May 17 Polytechnic, Leeds
May 19 Rock Garden, Middlesborough
May 20 University, Newcastle
May 21 City Hall, St. Albans
May 22 Skindles, Maidenhead cancelled
May 22 Wolverhampton Civic Hall
The Clash played a replacement gig at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall on May 22 1977. This gig was played literally days after The Jam departed the tour. Rumour had it there was a dispute about the use of lighting on the tour. Buzzcocks, Slits and Subway Sect supported. The ticket stub did not have the bands name printed on, but had a "complimentary" stamp across it and the price written on. It was however an official Civic Hall ticket.
May 23 Top Of The World, Stafford
May 24 Top Rank, Cardiff, Wales
White Riot 1977 was Clash at their superlative best – from Cardiff’s Top Rank balcony the front of stage appeared a pogoing and spitting frenzy. Against the Notting Hill Riot backdrop, Joe’s eye’s burning and neck pulsing, his lyrics spat out with such white heat intensity - I wondered if he could survive another year! Dave Smitham
May 25 University of Sussex, Brighton
Filmed by students. 10 of 15 tracks have been put online. 4 of these released offfially by Sony on the SoundsySytem Boxset.
May 26 Colston, Bristol
May 27 Pavilion, West Runton
May 28 Odeon, Canterbury
probably didn't happen...
May 28 De Montfort Hall, Leicester
date listed in NME...This is often listed as CARDIFF 77. It isn't.
May 29 Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford
May 30 California Ballroom, Dunstable