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A Sex Pistols recording form the night circulates

The Clash Winter Gardens Cleethorpes - Google search


It started out as the art deco style Olympia in 1934, and it was built with compensation which local railway worker George Eyre received from an accident which resulted in his legs being amputated. George's wife, Rose, owned the land on which Olympia was erected.

After the war in 1946, the establishment was reopened as the Winter Gardens. The Winter Gardens held a range of events including rock gigs, a Melody Night and a Tea Dance.

15th Aug 2013, plans have been unveiled for a £3.5-million housing development on the former Winter Gardens site in Cleethorpes.The Winter Gardens were demolished in the summer of 2007

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Grimsby Telegraph
December 20, 1976 - the day the Sex Pistols came to Cleethorpes' Winter Gardens

The Clash Winter Gardens Cleethorpes - Google search

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It would be utterly predictable for me to say I was prompted to write a book about Joe Strummer and The Clash after the unbelievably sad event of December 2002. Also totally true. But I'd been working on this for years - since October 1976, to be precise, when I wrote my first article on The Clash for America's now long-gone New York Rocker magazine - after witnessing them live for the first time.

BBC: Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the UK and the tour they tried to ban
By Jon Welch
Exactly 40 years ago the Sex Pistols were due to begin a 19-date UK tour to promote their new single Anarchy in the UK. Today the tour is remembered as a key moment in music history - as much for what didn't happen as for what did. In the furore that followed the band's appearance on TV show Today with Bill Grundy, all but a few of the gigs were cancelled.

God Save the Sex Pistols run by Phil!
What was recorded and what wasn't. DAY BY DAY - The God Save The Sex Pistols' exclusive guide to Anarchy Tour (and more)

God Save the Sex Pistols run by Phil!
Anarchy in the UK press cuttings following Bill Grundy episode

Rockscene Anarchy
Photo review 1 2 3

Bombed Out by Peter Alan Lloyd
The Sex Pistols Anarchy Tour in 1976.
The boredom. We didnít know what the fuck was going on.
The Punk scene may never have ignited up and down Britain had the Sex Pistols not done three things in quick succession.

Supporting the The Sex Pistols...

Terry Chimes quits prior, Rob Harper rejoins the band for the Tour... Some Clash photos circulate from this Tour but the venue is unknown, possibly the Winter Gardens at Cleethorpes?

Dec 1 Dundee Caird Hall - cancelled/moved
This gig never actually took place at Dundee's Caird Hall, although local record shop, Groucho's, still sells replica posters of the gig. The actual gig was played at the Dundee College of Technology Student's Union, known to one and all of a certain age, as the Bowling Alley. I was too young to get into these premises at the time, although a couple of years later spoke to different punters who described the same incident. One, Gary, winessed Johnny Rotten spending most of their set as far back from the audience as he could get before the speaker stack collapsed on someone. The other person was the girl the speakers fell on - she got a broken arm.
Dec 3 Norwich Poly - cancelled
Newspaper clipping
local advert in The Eastern Evening News Sat 27th Nov
Dec 4 Derby Kings Hall - cancelled
No Show press article
nice blog from Marko
Dec 5 Newcastle City Hall - cancelled
Dec 6 Polytechnic, Leeds
a Pistols recording exists from this gig but the taper only recorded the Pistols and the support slot, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers.
Dec 7 Bournemouth Village Bowl - cancelled
poster - ticket
Dec 9 Electric Circus, Manchester
Dec 10 Charlton Theatre Preston - cancelled
Dec 10 Lancaster Uni - re-arranged - also cancelled
Dec 11 Liverpool Stadium - cancelled
newspaper clipping
Dec 13 Bristol Colston Hall - cancelled
Dec 14 Cardiff Top Rank - cancelled/switched
Dec 14 Cinema, Caerphilly, Wales
Welsh TV fimed outside and inside this venue. Recent unseen Pistols archive footage was screened on Welsh TV in 2002
Dec 15 Glasgow Apollo - cancelled
Dec 16 Dundee Caird Hall - cancelled
Dec 17 Sheffield City Hall - cancelled
Dec 17 Carlisle Market Hall - cancelled
This (page 1 & page 2) is an authentic Promoter's Copy of the Variety and Allied Artistes Performance contract between Malcolm McLaren and Bino Entertainments for the Sex Pistols/Heartbreakers/Clash to appear at Carlisle Market hall on December 17, 1976. I was the promoter and this is my retention copy.The Pistols / The Heartbreakers and The Clash were due to perform for the outrageously cheap price of only £500 against 65% of the gross takings. The interesting part of this contract is the fact the concert never took place. The concert was set up at very late 7-day notice to promote the Sex Pistols around the time of their emerging notoriety. The concert was booked, tickets sold out, and everyone waited with baited breath BUT.......the Pistols appeared on Bill Grundy's infamous tv programme and the "proverbial" hit the fan.Carlisle Council called emergency meetings and after considerable toing and froing the gig was pulled at the last minute. Local and National Press and TV were hot on the story but the Council held their stance and the concert did not take place.The Clash and the Heartbreakers were in fact in Carlisle waiting to get into the venue when the concert was finally pulled. The Sex Pistols were on the M6 on their way. The document is a full four pages with the contract " rider" (conditions) pages all intact.
Dec 18 Southend Kuursal - cancelled
Dec 19 Guildford Civic Hall - cancelled/switced
Dec 19 Electric Circus, Manchester
Dec 20 Birmingham Town Hall - cancelled
Dec 20 Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes
Dec 21 Woods Centre, Plymouth
Dec 22 Torquay 400 Ballroom- cancelled/switched
Dec 22 Woods Centre, Plymouth
Dec 26 London Roxy Theatre Harlesdon- cancelled
NME: Pistols to open new Roxy venue
with 3 night stand, supported by The Clash and The Damned. Ramones pull out
Dec 27 London Roxy Theatre Harlesdon- cancelled
Dec 28 London Roxy Theatre Harlesdon- cancelled