Supported by The Jam, Subway Sect

I see you list the Royal College Of Art show on 5 November 1976 as featuring The Jam, The Subway Sect and The Clash.

My recollection is that four groups performed - two punk and two non-punk, and to a very divided audience. First up was one of the non-punk groups, whose name I don't remember, Second was The Subway Sect, then The Rockets and finally The Clash.

Was that first group really The Jam?

Is this picture the RCA?? see below

38 mins
Sound 2.5
Tracks 13
Muffled but bit better than Fulham

The Royal College of Art is best known as a centre of British art [Hockney, Kitaj, Conran] but on November 5, 1976 it hosted A Night Of Treason, starring The Clash.

Punk was going overground and the place was full of punks, the interested and students. The stage door policy was loose and backstage was as crowded as out front. The dressing rooms and corridors were seething with talent. Siouxsie Sioux was gathering her tribe to follow up the Punk Festival appearance. Billy Idol and Tony James were about to leave Chelsea (one time on stage) and start a band called Generation X. Adrian Thrills was starting a fanzine. Mark P was working on the next issue of Sniffin’ Glue.

If Punk was an attitude then Subway Sect was as Punk as it got. They didn’t look or sound like anything else on a stage [before or since]. Their complete lack of showmanship and off-centre music really made you feel you were seeing something new. Then The Jam came on, all two-tone shoes and Shepherds Bush riffs. Somehow the sharp suits and Rickenbackers were at odds with the homemade fashions and Fenders of the Pistols and the Clash and backstage they sat apart from the other bands.

The Clash were incendiary. The sound was big and loud and they climbed all over their brace of songs like kids on a building site, crashing guitars and a rabble-rousing Joe. Then a student threw a beer glass. [Depressingly, it was always students who threw glasses and bottles.] Joe threw his arms above his head and shouted ‘Under heavy manners!’ He sought out the perpetrator, who got on stage. Joe questioned him and the guy looked sheepish. Then Sid Vicious got on stage, muttering into the mic and looking well-named. A few minutes later and they got back to the wonderful racket.

People used to say their life changed the first time they saw The Clash. This was the night when that scenario began.

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Does anyone have a scan of this article?
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Does anyone have a scan of this article?
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July 4

Black Swan, Sheffield

Supporting the Sex Pistols. The first ever gig.

Aug 13

Rehearsal Rehearsals, Camden Town, London

Private invite gig, invite only. Some footage exists & may an audio recording may exist?

Aug 29

Screen On The Green, Islington, London

The Sex Pistols, supported by the Clash and the Buzzcocks.

Aug 31

The 100 Club, London

Supporting the Sex Pistols.

Sep 5

The Roundhouse, Camden Town, London

Keith Levenes last gig with The Clash. journalists invited; 3 show up.


Sep 20

100 Club, London... 100 Club Punk Festival

with the Pistols, the Damned, the Buzzcocks, Subway Sect et al.

Oct 2

Institute of Contemporary Arts Theatre - Benefit Gig

The Clash plus Fresh Air (ticket) plus Shaft Intercity Sound System

Oct 9

Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, Leyton Buzzard

Supporting the Rockets



In an NBC 'Live at 5' Interview early 1982, Paul & Joe refer to this gig and the fact there was only 1 member in the audience.

Oct 15

Acklam Hall, Ladbroke Grove, London

Supporting Spartacus and Sukuya.

Oct 16

University of London. Student Central, London

supporting Shakin Stevens.

Oct 23

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

with Subway Sect

Oct 27

Barbarellas, Birmingham

Supporting the Suburban Studs

Oct 28

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

May not have taken place

Oct 29

Town Hall, Fulham, London

Supporting Roogalator

Nov 3

Harlesden Coliseum

Original sound recording may exist here

Nov 5

Royal College of Art, London

...supported by the Rockets

Nov 6

Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry

Probably a false date and did not take place. The 3 photos probably from 29th?

Nov 11

Lacy Lady, Ilford

Support unknown

Nov 13

Birmingham Barbarellas

Support Surburban Studs


Polydor Demos

Mid November. Prior to the Anarchy Tour with Terry Chimes on drums, The Clash entered Polydor Studios to record 5 songs with Guy Stevens producing.


Harlesden Coliseum - Anarchy Tour Rehearsals

End of November. When I spoke with Rob from Subway Sect yesterday he said the Clash only played Harlesden once - in early 1977. They rehearsed there for the anarchy tour. Vincent

Nov 18

Nags Head, High Wycombe

Support Clayson and the Argonauts

Nov 29

Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry

Supporting the Sex Pistols