This page lists all known Clash gigs from 1985 with info.

Audio or video known to exist
No known audio or video exists (includes rumours)
The gig was cancelled
Question whether gig actually took place /resheduled?

This is the most incomplete section any help would be appreciated. The Clash played 7 nights in Sydney plus other Australasian dates, as well as 7 nights in Tokyo and other Japanesse/Asian dates.
Jan 24 Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo, Japan
Jan 25 Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
Jan 27 Sun Plaza Tokyo, Japan
Jan 28 Sun Plaza Tokyo, Japan
Jan 29 Sun Plaza Tokyo, Japan
Jan 30* Kosein-Kaiken Hall, Tokyo, Japan
(Matinee Show 6.30pm for younger fans)
Jan 30* Kosein-Kaiken Hall, Tokyo, Japan
(Evening Show)
Feb 1 Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Feb 2 Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
Feb 5 Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 6 Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 7 Wellington Town Hall, New Zealand
(from Story of the Clash Vol 1.booklet)
Feb 8 Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand
The didn't have Christchurch scheduled on their tour itinerary, so a bunch of locals got together & put out a petition in the record shops to get them to play Christchurch, & they sent it to the promoter, consequently The Clash found out & decided to squeeze a gig in there. The Christchurch guy who recorded the gig made the petition into the artwork. The actual petition is shown in the intro of Let's Rock Again.

Feb 11 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
The Clash, Sydney Morning Herald Australia preview

Tropic of Clash - page 1 - page 2
Australian/Syndey interview with Strummer on their day off in Sydney

See also gig reviews here part 1 and here part2 from the Age newspaper

Sydney Sunday Herald - Clash in Hotel Run In -

Sydney Morning Herald 29 Jan Tokyo gig preview


Feb 12 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 13 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia

Hey, I visit the site off and on, it's superb, and am still a Clash mentalist, collecting bootlegs (and anything I can get my hands on really) with varying levels of satisfaction; an obsessive for sure. Just reading your thoughts on the Hong Kong show and the frustration of gigs being pro shot and recorded but not in circulation: best show of any band I've ever seen was Saturday, February 13, 1982, at the Capitol Theatre and I wonder whether this was the ABC-recorded gig you allude to? For the site's benefit I can tell you they were supported by a very young and great Sydney ska/pop outfit Spy V Spy who "dedicated their most political song, Behind The Iron Curtain, to The Clash". The Clash came out, Joe said: "Hello, my name's Joe, we're The Clash and this one's London Calling to the faraway town."

Setlist definitely started:
London Calling
Safe European Home
Spanish Bombs ("This is Spanish Bombs in Andalucia!")

Songs they for sure played, but order unknown: Career Opportunities ("I don't give a flying fuck what the rich are doing"), Tommy Gun, Clampdown, The Magnificent Seven (great call-and-response with the crowd: "What have we got?"), Police On My Back, The Call Up, Wrong 'Em Boyo, The Guns Of Brixton (Paul had a thin stand on his bass, on the neck, which held his cigarette in between tokes), Brand New Cadillac, Ivan Meets GI Joe ("We're gonna turn the microphone over to Topper Headon"; to the huge applause: "Oh, you polite people") Train In Vain (Mick wore red shirt and black braces), Garageland, White Riot, Radio Clash, Koka Kola.

This is from memory and I've missed some for sure, judging by the sets of the day. Amazed no or few Australian bootlegs exist. I remember a chick behind me bellowing for Police And Thieves, which they didn't play. Other supports were local indie acts of the day, different ones each night. I believe this Saturday show was one of the best of the seven.

Sorry these recollections have taken so long; I meant to email ages ago. I'm only on this address 'til Friday but always at should you wish to reply/want more details. Cheers, Tim From: Tim Gill <tim.gill[a]>

Feb 14 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Sydney Sunday Herald gives The Clash praise
Feb 16 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 17 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 18 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Feb 20 Cloudland Ballroom, Brisbane, Australia

The Clash Tonight! (preview), Brisbane Courier Mail

Cloudland review, Brisbane Courier Mail "Violent Fans threat to Rock"

Brisbane Courier Mail - Clash's Brutal Rock Wows Fans


The term Pig City was first used about Brisbane by Joe Strummer at Festival Hall in 1982. I have spoken to a number of people who were at the 1982 Clash concert at Cloudland (me included) and we all recall the words being yelled by Joe strummer at cloudland i.e. 'Pig city' a reference to Brisbane being part of a police state. JOHN TRACEY

I was at the Clash concert at cloudland. They invited Bob Weatherall (Qld Aboriginal leader) on to stage with them and he danced and delivered a rave about the commonwealth games protests. I can't remember the term Pig City being used, but Im surprised I can remember anything of the night.

Feb 22 Thebarton Town Hall, Adelaide, Australia
Feb 23 Festival Hall, Melbourne
Feb 24 Perth, Austrailia
Feb 25 AC Hall, Hong Kong
Feb 27 Thamasat University, Bankok, Thailand
May 19 Belgium
Rumours of a warm up gig for the Festival
May 20

Lochem, Holland

May 29 Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ
May 30 Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ
May 31 Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ
Jun 2 Fox Theatre, Atlanta GA
Jun 4 The Warehouse, New Orleans LA
Jun 5 Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston TX
Jun 6 The Bronco Bowl, Dallas TX
Jun 8 City Coliseum, Austin TX
Jun 9 City Coliseum, Austin TX
Jun 10 Civic Auditorium, San Francisco CA
Jun 12 Golden Hall, San Diego, CA
supported by The English Beat
Jun 13 Mesa Community Center, Phoenix AR
supported by the English Beat
Jun 14 Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA
supported by the English Beat
Jun 15 Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA
supported by the English Beat
advertised on poster re: hollywood palladium 82 shows; the Ministry opened for the Clash?
Jun 17 Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA
supported by the English Beat re: hollywood palladium 82 shows; the Ministry opened for the Clash?
Jun 18 Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA
supported by the English Beat
advertised on poster re: hollywood palladium 82 shows; the Ministry opened for the Clash?
Jun 19 Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA
supported by the English Beat
advertised on poster re: hollywood palladium 82 shows; the Ministry opened for the Clash?
Jun 20 County Bowl, Santa Barbara CA
Jun 22 Civic Auditorium, San Francisco CA
Jun 23 Civic Auditorium, San Francisco CA
Jun 26 Kerrisdale Arena, Vancover, Canada
Jun 28 Maxbell Arena, Calgary, Canada
Jun 29 Kinsmen Fieldhouse, Edmonton, Canada
Supported by Harold Nix

Well I was there and it was great. Very hot. The band stopped and threatened to quit playing unless thefighting at the front stopped - Joe was concerned about the stage sharpies damaging the kids. A great show. documents one persons experience and has a photo of the edmonton concert. Your spelling of Kinsmen is wrong - you have. Regards and thanks for thegreat site! Judith Lake

© Trevor Stenson

Yah, Yah, I know ...they signed to CBS. Some even hailed that as the end of punk when it happened. First Concert I ever saw, which always sounds cool to youngsters. However, I was 15 and really missed a lot of prior concerts and gigs (punk and otherwise) that I should have attended. Also, I was a little intimidated with the festival seating (there was some dangerous overcrowding up front), and I hung in the back for more than the first half of the Clash performance. After-all, it was only a few years after the Who tragedy in Cincinnati. The Clash paused the show and moved some people over the stage a couple times early on. The sound was much better when I went down on the floor. However, I did snap this long-shot when I was in the balcony. The largest original punk concert that occurred in Edmonton in the "old days". There was a big rush on tickets when they were released, but the show never did quite sell-out which I thought was pretty lame on Edmonton's part. I remember hearing a few hardcore people were trying to act up all punk - I don't give a f*ck - and got tossed by security before the Clash started. Now that is truly lame. I guessing attendance was less than 5,000. Ottosbro

I was at this concert and 16, my brother was in a band at the time that also opened for The Clash, not sure which band he was in at the time, maybe The Shock. Anyone else remember the "other" band that opened that night? Lynn

i was there as well , 16 yrs old at the time . some great photos of the show still circulate around town at record fairs etc . there is a photo of security removing the wood barricade from the front of the stage , while joe strummmer gives the crowd instructions , making sure everything is ok. i recall the crowd buzz , as you could see the clash walking to the stage via a upper tier jogging track .siggy

I was there too ! I slept all the way from Jasper - waitressing at Jasper Park Lodge for the summer. We arrived just in time for the show so I was completely sober and the show was still awesome...I remember those "pauses" when the wood at front of the stage collapsed and all the splinters / nails ended up in front of the crowd who were pushing ahead. I was glad to be sober in the end because I don't think anyone would have noticed me had I stumbled....cethlyn

I was at this show. 17 trs old at the time. I was BLOWN away!!Bee Dee

Support on some dates Southern Death Cult & Under Two Flags.
Jul 10 Fair Deal, Brixton, London
Jul 11 Fair Deal, Brixton, London
Jul 12 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire - Stoke Mandeville Hospital Sports Stadium
...Poster ...Ticket ...Poster2 ...Poster3 ...Flyer
This was a 'charity' gig for the spinal injuries unit where I was working at the time - I managed to blag myself on to the guest list when Joe came to visit before the gig! 
Jul 13 Victoria Hall, Hanley
Jul 14 City Hall, Newcastle
Jul 15 City Hall, Newcastle
Jul 17 Bradford St Georges Hall
new date - resheduled from the 11th May
Jul 18 Bingley Hall, Birmingham
On the Road with the Clash
Traxmarx - includes this gig
Jul 19 Assembly Rooms, Derby
Jul 20 De Montfort, Leicester
Jul 22 Leisure Centre, Irvine
Jul 23 Playhouse, Edinburgh,
This was the Friday night show which was apparently filmed. A second hasty date was added for Sunday after returning from Inverness.
Jul 24 Ice Rink, Inverness,
Supported by APB - i'd bought what i thought was a classy soviet 35mm camera to document the gig and only 2 pictures survived the event. the first is from the soundcheck and features mick jamimg the magnifent 7 in first album mode with the badge stall guy on drums. in the second joe's telling the wankers to stop spitting. photo 1 - photo 2
Jul 25 Playhouse, Edinburgh,
This was an extra date added at the last minute and not on tour itinery. Check recordings from this period closely as they may well exist?
Jul 26 University, Leeds
Jul 27 Arts Centre, Poole
Jul 28 Guildhall Portsmouth
Jul 30 Fair Deal, Brixton, London
Jul 31 Brighton Centre, Brighton
new date - resheduled from the 11th May?
Aug 2 Locarno, Bristol
Aug 3 Locarno, Bristol
Aug 9 Red Rock Amphitheatre, Morrison, Colorado, USA

Hey, Love the site. I was lucky enough to see the Clash half a dozen times in 1981 and 1982--three nights at Bond's including opening night and the last matinee when we all got up on stage (my brother reminded me the other night of seeing me on stage singing "Jimmy Jazz" into Mick's mike and deciding he too had to rush the stage), Asbury Park in 1982, one of the nights with The Who @ Shea and a night in August 1982 at Red Rocks, a natural amphitheater in the Rocky Mountains outside of Bolder, Colorado.

The Bond's shows were remarkable, but the Red Rocks show was great too. The band opened with "White Riot" Mick, Joe and Paul beginning with their backs to the audience and wheeling around at the mikes just in time to nail the opening vocals. Also, Allen Ginsburg came out to do his "Ghetto Defendant" rap (he was chairing a symposium at the Naropa Institute in Bolder on the 25th anniversary of the publication of On the Road which I was in town to attend). Amazing all around. Thanks for compiling this. Jason Chervokas

Aug 11 Civic Center, Saint Paul MN, USA
Aug 12 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL, USA
Aug 13 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL, USA
Aug 14 Civic Center, Grand Rapids MI, USA
Aug 16 Grand Theatre, Detroit MI, USA
Aug 17 Civic Theatre, Akron OH, USA
Aug 18 Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Aug 19 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Aug 21 Seattle Centre Arena (hoax)

see poster -

Subject: Seattle Center Arena, August 21, 1982
Hey there, Fantastic site. I just wanted to let you know that the Seattle '82 date (August 21) was a hoax perpetuated by me and two friends who selfishly hoped it might bring the Clash to town since they were skipping Seattle. We knew the US tour was on and we knew the Beat was opening, so we added local Seattle punks The Fartz and printed up the signs ourselves and put them up all over town late one night. The poster was reprinted in Art Chantry's book on Seattle poster art called Instant Litter. I'm sure the scan you have came from that. So there was never a show, never a Seattle date booked to cancel. Just three kids in nearby Tacoma who hoped to see their heroes. We finally did when they came to town to open for the Who later that year. Erik Flannigan

Aug 22 Boston Orpheum Theatre (cancelled)
see poster
Aug 23 Boston Orpheum Theatre (cancelled)
Aug 24 Boston Orpheum Theatre (cancelled)
Aug 20 South Yarmouth, MA, Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
It was a general admission show and a lot crammed in. 007 were the support band.
Aug 21 South Yarmouth, MA, Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
There was definitely a day or two off after the 21st (Joe's 30th b-day party, Kosmo somehow talked the hotel into letting us at the closed bar, some yarn about important people from the record label being there. I remember Joe being behind the bar pouring drinks. In between the Clash gigs Elvis Costello played in the same venue. And The Baker somehow talked me into bringing my mom to the last night, the one and only. Pulsallama supported this night. Punter


I stumbled across your site looking for info on the 1982 Orpheum show, which I had no recollection of. I went (one of) the Cape Cod show(s) [I didn't remember that there was more than one], and saw the Elvis Costello show the following night. I was 23, and my road trip was different. I had just gotten married on August 1, and a couple of people from work were interested in making the trip, including a girl who promised that we could all stay at a friend of hers house in Dennis. There were friends of friends, and I brought my wife, so when we all met up in the parking lot, most of us didn't know each other. One guy was wearing a camouflage t-shirt. When we entered the Coliseum, we were faced with the choice of the swealtering, crushing crowd up front or the complete lack of sight and sound down back. I looked up and saw what appeared to be a press box or something (for hockey games?) with very few people up there, and started scheming for a way to get up there. It turned out that the bouncers/security guys were all wearing camouflage t-shirts, so I convinced the guy with one in our party to try to lead us up. I told him to just bluff his way past anyone with "Vinny says it's okay for these folks to go up". The first security guy we encountered told him something like "who cares what Vinny say; if Peter didn't approve it, no way". My guy was ready to give up, but I told him he was nuts; let's just go another way and drop Peter's name, which worked like a charm. The 5 or 6 of us had plenty of space and air and a good view. The sound still sucked, but probably not as much as down on the floor. I remember that standing next to me was Crass, the personality from Y102 FM (WLYN which later became WFNX 101.7). On another occasion, I got her to get me into an English Beat show at the Channel---I don't remember if that was before or after The Clash? Edward - djeddieo[a] - Milton, MA

Aug 23 South Yarmouth, MA, Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
I was looking, recently, at the summer 1982 listings for Cape Cod Coliseum (Aug 20th, etal)... I attended all the shows. I was working a summer college job, and it was just about the end of the summer, as Labor Day was closing in fast. There were 3 Clash shows in all, but recollection is they only took one night off (shows were Friday, Saturday, Monday - 20th, 21st, 23rd). In between, Elvis Costello brought his Imperial Bedroom tour through.... I seem to recall being at the venue 4 straight nights - no breaks.
I seem to recall, but may not be 100% sure on this, the opening act(s) on some of the nights were Gang Green and/or Jerry's Kids - both Boston hardcore bands at the time. 007 also supported one of the gigs, as your site mentions. I remember the shows being on fire! Loud, fast, and everyone was dancing!

Elvis Costello did indeed play with the Attractions at South Yarmouth, MA, Cape Cod Coliseum on the 22nd. Link

Aug 24 South Yarmouth, MA, Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis
Definately happenned. See ticket
Aug 26 Penn Rink, Philadelphia PA, USA
Aug 27 Penn Rink, Philadelphia PA, USA
Aug 28 Providence Civic Centre, Providence, USA

Date: 13 November 2008

I found your website and it is great.

I have to say 2 things about the 1982 tour.  I was at the Sept. 7, 1982 show at the Orpheum and I actually agreed with the Globe review -- I thought they were tired and didn't have the same energy as other times I saw the Clash.  I had just seen them August 28 in Providence and that was, and still is, the greatest show I have ever seen (beating an amazing show at Bond's NYC).  They had the crowd of 10,000 as one and played with such energy it was amazing. I wish somebody else had written down and posted the set list.

My roomate at the time wasn't into the Clash and I convinced him to go to the Orpheum show.  We scalped some dance floor tix for face value (to this day, I have no clue how we got the best tix in the theatre by just showing up and lucking into somebody selling), so we were 3rd standing row from the band.  Seemed evident early on that they were tired (at the time I commented to my roomate that they seemed drunk or wasted) and it wasn't the same energy level.  The confrontation between Strummer and the stage jumper was unnerving and seemed to further sap the bands spirit.  Really, in my opinion, the Boston Globe reviewer was correct.  Sadly, that was my last Clash concert, but, in my mind, the Providence show was really the last time I saw the real Clash, the only band that mattered. Bob R

Aug 29 Agora Ballroom in Hartford (West Hartford), Connecticut
I am sure that I saw them in late August at the Agora Ballroom in Hartford (West Hartford), Connecticut, but that doesn't show up on the 1982 tour dates.  At one time the venue was called Stage West.  They were in the area at that time (Hyannis, Providence and NYC are all close by).   Is it possible that this was a last-minute schedule change or something?  MTownsend(at)

I saw your website and just wanted to give you the date of the Clash show at the Agora Ballroom in West Hartford, CT.
It was on Sunday August 29th, 1982. I think Black Uhuru was the opener. Admission was $10.50 and well worth it. I still have my ticket. Great website. Thanks, Tom
Aug 31 Pier 84, New York NY, USA
Sep 1 Pier 84, New York NY, USA & Mick @ Lounge
Sep 2 Pier 84, New York NY, USA
Sep 4 Verdun Auditorium, Montreal, Canada
Sep 5 CNE Grandstand at the old Exhibition (Grounds) Stadium, Toronto, Canada
Sep 7 Orpheum Theater, Boston MA, USA
Sep 8 Orpheum Theater, Boston MA, USA
Sep 25 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia PA, USA
...supporting The Who
Sep 26 Rich Stadium, Buffalo NY, USA
...supporting The Who
Sep 30 Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit, USA
...supporting The Who
Oct 2 State University of New York (SUNY), Binghampton NY, USA
Oct 3 R.P.I. Fieldhouse, Troy NY, USA
Oct 4 University of Vermont in Burlington Vermont
Opening band was a local act called Pinhead.  About 2,000 tickets sold.  I don't know if a boot exists, but would give my arm for one if it did.  (I was 15, and I was the first one in line - waited 9 and a half hours). 
Oct 6 SMU, North Dartmouth MA, USA
Oct 9 “Saturday Night Live”
NBC-TV appearance, New York NY, USA
Oct 12 Shea Stadium, New York
...supporting The Who
Oct 13 Shea Stadium, New York
...supporting The Who
Oct 15 William and Mary Hall, Williamsburg, Va.
I was at the Oct 15th 1982 show at William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA.  My friends and I had driven there from the podunk towns of Concord and Kannapolis, NC.  In the pre-internet days it wasn't always easy to find out about bands going on tour unless it was some shit band like Boston.  I found out about this show by listening to a Sunday night alternative radio show that I could pick up even though the station was 100-plus miles from where I lived.  I told my friends about it and the following Friday we set out for Williamsburg.  I remember getting out of our car once we arrived and noticing how every car had a different Clash song playing on their respective tape decks.  I felt like I was on another planet.  The show had General Admission seating and we wanted to be down front, but where we were at things got pretty wild.  I remember some guy pulling out a knife right next to me.  I can't remember why now.  The Clash were great, of course.  I never thought I'd be getting the chance to see them and I was stoked that they were playing first album material too and not just the more recent "hits".  They were a turing point in my life and I was never the same because of them. www.Chris Peigler
Oct 16 Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Oct 17 Memorial Gym, Kent State University OH, USA
Oct 18? Louisville, Kentucky
Oct 19? Folsum Field, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Supporting the Who. Uncertain date. It is not the 17th which is Kent State. Possibly the 19th? According to the Who concert guide, The Who played Folsom field on Oct. 17.
Oct 20 Seattle Kingdom
The Clash supported the Who at the Seattle Kingdom on the 21st of Oct 82. They played about 40 minutes. T-Bone Burnett came on before and was booed. Sadly I have misplaced the tape of this gig but the set was pretty standard.
Oct 22 Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, USA
Poster Ticket The Memorial Auditorium only seats about 3500 people. The Clash were getting ready to play with The Who at the two Oakland shows on the 23rd & 25th. They decided to play a solo show by themselves in Sacramento on the 22nd.
Oct 23 Colisseum Stadium, Oakland CA, USA
...supporting The Who
Oct 25 Colisseum Arena, Oakland CA, USA
The Clash DID NOT support The Who at the Oakland Coliseum ARENA (the smaller enclosed venue next to the larger Coliseum STADIUM used on Oct. 23 1982) on Oct. 25 1982. I attended both shows and have circulated my recordings of both. It may be my master recording of the Oct. 23 performance that you have heard and reviewed. I hope that helps to refine the info on your site. I'm absolutely certain. We were very disappointed the Clash only played at the larger outside show. Ned Hoey
Oct 29 Colisseum, Los Angeles CA, USA
...supporting The Who
31-10-82 Any recording labelled Ozone Park New Jersey is Bonds 9 June 81
Nov 27 Bob Marley Centre, Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica
...Jamaican World Music Festival

May 18 Amarillo, TX Civic Center Auditorium
May 19 Memorial Auditorium, Wichita Falls Texas
May ? Juarez, Texas ?
May 22 Majestic Theatre, San Antonio Texas
May 23 Omaha, Nebraska
May 25 El Paso Civic Center Theatre, El Paso, Texas

supported by the Little Charlie Sexton and the Eager Beaver Boys

Salim Nourallah/ getting back to the Clash...
"Brad Austin had lent us the Clashís 1st record from 1977 but it was now actually 1982. We soon found out their 5th record Combat Rock had just come out. We got that next then all the rest too and became obsessed with the Clash.

We found out the Clash was going to play the El Paso Civic Center on the way to play the US Festival in California and on May 25, 1983 we road in the blue Monte Carlo with our 24 year old 1st cousin Maad Okko

Maad was from Algeria and spoke broken English with an ear to ear grin he sported a healthy afro and woolly mustache
plus parachute pants and a tight sleeveless shirt he listened mainly to disco music. He had never heard of the Clash or punk rock music and was baffled by it all.

To document this momentous occasion i planned on smuggling a micro-cassette recorder into the Civic Center
i donít remember how this plan actually worked. I only remember being convinced id surely be caught and potentially arrested thus, missing the Clash my favorite band

Neurosis aside, once inside we took our position about 20 rows back and in the middle a perfect spot, the lights dimmed and Spaghetti western music came over the PA song. The Clash finally took the stage. We jumped to our feet and cheered. they kicked in with London Calling.

Mick hopped around like an elastic Mexican jumping bean. Paul bobbed, ducked and weaved like no bass player you've ever ever seen. Joe attacked his beat up Telecaster with ferocious intensity wearing a white sleeveless military jacket/vest and black straight to hell t-shirt.

Maad looked to us and yelled 'you like this?'. I nodded my head and thrust the micro-cassette recorder to the sky
soaking in Death or Glory. The show plays out for me now in a haze of nostalgic slo-mo bliss.

My memories afterwards are of laying under the sheets at night with the micro-cassette recorder pressed to my ear trying to re-live the moment by listening to the shittiest recording imaginable. We also begged our Mom to make us a black straight to hell t-shirt because they were sold out at the concert. She tried valiantly but after wearing her iffy labor of love to school one day i decided it just didnít look right i retired it to the bottom of my t-shirt drawer and never wore it again.

May 26 Tuscon Activity Center, Tucson Arizona
May 28 Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernadino CA
...US Festival, and Mick Jones last show with The Clash

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