This page lists all known Clash gigs from 1985 with info.

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The gig was cancelled
Question whether gig actually took place /resheduled?

Apr 27 Barcelona, Spain
Apr 28 Madrid, Real Madrid basketball stadium
Gig reviewed in Record Mirror 9 May 81. Gig played in front of 7,000
Apr 30 Cascais, Portugal
May 1 Lisbon?
May 2 Velodromo de Anoeta, San Sebastian, Spain
May 4 Bordeaux, France
Joe IDs this date and gig the following night in Lyon before the first track
May 5 Palais des Sports, Lyon, France
May 6 Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland
May 7 Zurich [venue unknown]
May 8 Hippodrome de Pantin, Paris, France
May 9 Palais St. Sauveur, Lille, France
In 1981 the gigs at Lille and Amsterdam were supported by the Belle Stars (they were travelling on the tour coach which we bummed a ride on!), I think they did most of those European dates. J Heath
May 10 Japp Edenhall, Amsterdam, Holland
In 1981 the gigs at Lille and Amsterdam were supported by the Belle Stars (they were travelling on the tour coach which we bummed a ride on!), I think they did most of those European dates. J Heath
May 11 Forest National, Brussels.
May 12 Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany
May 14 Idrottshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 15 The Scandinavium, Gothenburgh, Sweden
May 16 Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden
May 18 Eissporthalle, (West) Berlin
May 19 Circus Krone, Munich, West Germany
May 21 Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan, Italy
May 22 San Remo
May 23 Stadio Comunale, Florence, Italy
May Rome - cancelled
the proposed Rome concert never came together- problems with Bernie
May 26 The Bullring, Milan?? or Arena Civica
Usually named from Londonderry boot LP which was the 23rd. Probably did not take place. on music: “6 Seconds To Watch” by Ennio Morricone, from For A Few Dollars More...Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five are among the opening acts...after the first gig of the original seven-show run, the NYC fire marshall orders the club closed for safety reasons; eventually, the shows are rescheduled to accomodate all ticket-holders...

A strike in Britain had left 5 British bands in the UK and only 3 managed to make it with the Clash. Only the Slits, Funkapolitan and The Equators, who were slated for the matinee shows, made it. Left behind were the remains of Selector, The B-People , The Bell Stars, Aswad and most of all Theatre of Hate whom Mick had produced their debut album.

There were two opening acts each night: one British or Jamaican and one American. Hopefully the correct artists are listed by the correct dates. Support Acts included Grandmaster Flash and the Treacherous Three, The Sirens, The Sugerhill Gang, Funkapolitan, Lee Perry, Texan bard Joe Ely, and a forgotten horn-section-and-skinny-tie band called the Nitecaps. And, plucked fresh off the stage of CBGB's, Miller Miller Miller & Sloane and a KRAUT who had formed 3 weeks earlier with only 3 demo songs and who never played live. Plus bands that showed The Clash’s continuing identification and admiration for punk; The Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The Fall, The Slits, and The Bloods (not to mention The Brattles!). ESG a womans funk band from New York. The Rockets and the Equators were scheduled for the first matinee show which got cancelled.

Hello, For history's sake, it was Deadline Advertising and Design that designed the attached poster (above) for the Clash. How do I know? My name is John A. Czajkowski and I designed it with the groups manager in our studio on Madison Avenue. I wish I still had the mechanical, but I still have a few of these posters in my art archives.

I remember it being the NY Times magazine cover with Frank Sinatra in front of it. Those were exciting times.

Regards, John

May 28 Bonds Times Square, New York
Support The Sirens and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

Thanks to Laura for the following info on the Sirens...

From: "Laura DJ" <>
Date: 22 October 2008

i noticed you have the sirens on the tour date list from 81 as playing with treacherous three, that's not true, I was one of the Sirens, the guitarist, and we played after Grand Master Flash, and before the Clash.

It was my idea to support the Clash. My manager charlie martin who built the sound system at CB's and Bonds was getting directions from the owners/managers who were in jail (studio 54 fame) and i had read an article in the nme or soho news or one of the music papers of the day and joe strummer said in the article they like all girl bands opening up for their shows. So i ran over to charlie showed him the article and suggested he get on the phone and reach out to his contacts and get the clash. The rest is history. He did it and we opened their first show at bonds. Grand Master Flash opened for us!

May 29 Bonds Times Square, New York

May 30

Bonds Times Square, New York

Matinee show cancelled by NYC Building Dept - Riots

May 30

Bonds Times Square, New York

Evening show cancelled by NYC Building Dept

May 31 Bonds Times Square, New York
Jun 1 Bonds Times Square, New York
Jun 2 Bonds Times Square, New York
Bad Brains and the Slits opened
Jun 3 Bonds Times Square, New York
The Treacherous Three
Jun 4 Bonds Times Square, New York
The Bloods opened the show f/b The Bush Tetras.
Jun 5 Bonds Times Square, New York
Four female singers singing accapella and Lee Perry opened
Jun 6a Bonds Times Square, New York
(afternoon) I was at the June 6th matinee show in 1981 in Bond's. The Dead Kennedys did NOT perform then. It was the Hi-School band The Brattles who opened the matinee show, followed by Funkopolitin. The "We love you clash" that is heard mid-show is caused by a mic that fell into the audience. Joe just watched kind of amused while these guys in the first rows yelled into the mic. After a while, the roadies got it back and set it up again.
Jun 6e Bonds Times Square, New York
(evening) The Dead Kennedys?
Jun 8 Bonds Times Square, New York
Jun 9 Bonds Times Square, New York
The Fall were the support act. This is the pro-recorded concert.
Jun 10 Bonds Times Square, New York
Allen Ginsberg makes an appearance
Jun 11 Bonds Times Square, New York
Jun 12 Bonds Times Square, New York
Jun 13a Bonds Times Square, New York
(afternoon) Hi-School band The Brattles opened the matinee show, plus The Rock-cats? who they had a slap bass and played Stray Cats-type music.
Jun 13e Bonds Times Square, New York
(evening) The Dead Kennedys

Sep 23 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
French TV filmed one of the nights produced by Freddy Hausser for Midday News. It features Safte European Home and a short interview by Marc Zermati, a friend of the Clash and the promoter of the Les Nuites Punk in April 77 and the Monte De MArsen Festival that year as well.
Sep 24 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 25 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 26 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 28 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 29 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Sep 30 Theatre Mogador, Paris, France
Oct 2 Wiener Stadthalle (Vienna State Hall)
Clash TV Special' Austrian TV "Ohne Maulkorb" the only show for youngsters on Austrian state TV - Vienna, Austria

The clash tv special from Ohne Maulkorb was filemd at the Clash gig in vienna on October 3rd 1981 and not in may. It was broadcasted on the 10th of october on austrian television. I was at this gig and it was great! Erhard

i saw them 24 years ago (around) october 1981 in vienna - was looking forward to this gig for months! it must have been one of their worst gigs ever. very disappointing. main reason was the bad pa (their own got stuck at customs), the one they used was absolutely powerless and that in a hall packed with 10 000! bad vibes in the audience. my then girlfriend collapsed due to the shoving and bad air, so during "safe european home" i had to sit on the floor beside her and care for her...still that wasn't able to diminish my enthusiasm for them a bit. but of course it is a little bitter having seen your heroes at a low point. tele

Oct 3 Vienna State Hall (Vienna State Hall) CANCELLED
Zig Zag November 81 carries a full review of Paris and Vienna gigs - see also "Essential Clash" book.
Oct 5 Apollo, Manchester
Oct 6 Apollo, Manchester
Oct 7 Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland
Oct 8 Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland
Oct 10 Bridlington Spa, Royal Hall
this is a definate date from ticket stub. Theatre of Hate were support

As a hardcore original punk rocker  at this time I was really off the Clash - I wasn't into their new 'funk' sound and was highly disappointed with London Calling.  But some guys at school were going so asked me to come along so I decided to go.  I told our Physical Education teacher at school about it and he said he would see us there! Yeah right!
We arrived and the queue at the Spa was massive and went round the corner.  So, as typical 15 year school kid rebels we headed to the nearest pub  and who should be in there ... my teacher!!  And he bought us all a pint!!!  Top bloke!
So, as the queue got bigger and the doors opened we ran and pushed to the front and I was the second one into the hall and ran immediately to the front of the stage where Joe stood.
The first band to come on were Theatre of Hate who were fantastic.  Then after what seemed the longest interval ever - probably due tot he fact i was holding my bladder whic was due to burst due to all the quick pints I had downed earlier - the war barriers on the stage started flashing and sirens blasting.  Then they came on!  Joe looked amazing in his white sleeveless shirt, white pants with red pinstripe down the side and his doctor marten soled pointed brothel creepers.  Afetr two or three songs my bladder gave waya nd I pissed on the stage and on the leg of the girl next to me!!  She wasn't happy but no way was I gonna lose my prime position to go to the bathroom.
The gig proved I was wrong in my opinion of the band - they were fantastic!  But I remember saying afterwards that I thought TofH were much better!!
Towards the end of the gig Joe Strummer leant forward off the stage and asked me the time to see if they could fit in some extra encoures!!  Top bloke! That was not the last time I spoke with Joe Strummer ...

Oct 11? Lyceum, Sheffield

Sheffield Lyceum 11 Oct 1981 sunday .can confirm this.i went to bridlington on the sat and got in at sheffield on the sunday for free,bouncer let me and girlfriend in. nudger

Oct 12 Royal Court, Liverpool
Oct 15 Colisseum, Saint Austell
Oct 18 Lyceum Ballroom, London
Oct 19 Lyceum Ballroom, London
Oct 20 Lyceum Ballroom, London
Oct 21 Lyceum Ballroom, London
Oct 22 Lyceum Ballroom, London
Oct 25 Lyceum Ballroom, London
Oct 26 Lyceum Ballroom, London

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