This page lists all known Clash gigs from 1985 with info.

Audio or video known to exist
No known audio or video exists (includes rumours)
The gig was cancelled
Question whether gig actually took place /resheduled?

Jan 1

Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London

21:30 with Rob Harper

Jan 1

Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London

00:30 with Rob Harper, second performance, re: Rob Harper in Last Gang in Town pg 261


Mickey Foote Demos

Mar 11

Colisseum, Harlesden, London

The Clash headline a 2 day event. Terry Chimes last gig (for now)

Mar 12

Colisseum, Harlesden, London cancelled

The Clash to headline a 2nd night, Generation X & The Slits to support.

Apr 2

White Riot single released / chart

Apr 9

Capital Radio EP released

Apr 10

The Roundhouse, Chalkfarm, London

Sunday and Monday night gig, supporting John Cale with the Subway Sect.

Apr 11

The Roundhouse, Chalkfarm, London

Neither The Clash nor The Subway Sect played either of these dates, although posters were printed and displayed advertising them. Both dates featured Generation X instead.


Beaconsfield Studios

Apr ??

Possible other French dates

Apr 24

Le Mans - Le Royal Cinema

April the 24th? This gig definatley took place though the date is a guess. It was filmed by students. A witness commented that "one of my friends (who was a bit drunk) danced strangely between the scene and the front row... The show (or part of it) was filmed since we saw it at a "punk special night" a few months later in the university..." "the movie... "punk special" at the University was also shown 3 or 4 years later as well"

Apr 25

Le Havre - April the 25th?

Apr 26

Le Chartreux Cinema, Rouen

Dominique Laboubée (Dogs guitarist) "The Clash, I saw the first French Clash concert in Rouen in 1977 and it was incredible" There were around 200 people in attendance. This date is definate. Denis.

Nos années punk book ...cover, ...clipping 1, ....clipping 2, ...clipping 3

Concert at ROUEN -about 200 people attended in an old cinema Ç Le Chartreux Č (now 1’Exo 7). Rouen and Le Havre gigs were organised by the record shop “Melodie Massacre” in Rouen and “Music Action” in Le Havre” which are are transit cities in France on the way to Paris.

the Clash bit only - for full interview see below

Mark - I’ll tell you about one of the best gigs I’ve seen. In 1977, the Clash did a 3 date excursion in France prior to the White Riot tour. On the way to the first date, our car got hit by a twat French farmer. The car spun in the air and we landed upside down. The car was a write-off but miraculously no-one was injured. We were on our way to Rouen... so naturally enough the mini tour was nicknamed “the road to Rouen”. At the venue, we were faced with a crowd of hairy-arsed Frenchmen just looking for trouble. The band when confronted with this potential explosion of violence, thought “fuck ‘em, we’ll show ‘em” and proceeded to knock out a gig of pure excellence. At the end, they had turned round the audience. From anger to love in an hour. Absolutely amazing.

Apr 27

“Nuites de Punk”, Palais De Glaces, Paris

Rob Symmons [Subway Sect] interviewed in 1999, who had this to say:

"The first phase was when we played the 100 Club, the Royal College of Art, the ICA and the Lacey Lady, all with the Clash and with no one there. That was with the Clash there, in London, and there was literally no one there. Then we stopped for a bit that winter, rehearsed loads, wrote loads of songs, did Harlesden, and then stripped it down more for the White Riot tour. Before the UK dates for that, we started off going over to France... There was supposed to be a lot but they all got cancelled. We did about three - there was Rouen and another place in the outskirts of France. We played this cinema in Paris, which was supposed to be this famous place where Johnny Halliday played, and the Rolling Stones in about 1963. It was all seated with lots of older people there, so that was quite strange."

Around 500 people there.

Apr 30

Rockin' Club, Forest National, Brussels

THE CLASH au Rockin' club F.N.

In May of 1977, The Damned and The Ramones played at the Janson Auditorium. The Sex Pistols had been scheduled for June 26th, but they never showed up. The Clash, who had been booked to play at the Rockiní Club, did not come, but instead delivered a raucous performance at the Bilzen Festival in August. A large part of the public and the security guards didnít understand why the punksósupported by Joe Strummerówanted to break down the metal gates that formed the press area at the foot of the stage, reserved for the photographers and journalists. Link

May 1

Civic Hall, Guilford

May 2 Rascals, Chester
May 3 Barbarella, Birmingham
May 4 Affair, Swindon
May 5 Erics, Liverpool
May 6 University, Aberdeen
May 7 Playhouse, Edinburgh
May 8 Electric Circus, Manchester
May 9 Rainbow, London
infamous riot gig - often mis-cited as the 7th. See 7th gig at Edinburgh with Edinburgh Ticket
May 10 Town Hall, Kidderminster
Following an injury to his hand, Mick Jones of the Clash is forced to cancel the gig booked for Kidderminster Town Hall.
May 10

Stourbridge Town Hall

May 12 Palais, Nottingham
May 13 Polytechnic, Leicester
May 14 Brakke Grond Amsterdam

Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond

May 15 Fiesta, Plymouth
May 16 University, Swansea
May 17 Polytechnic, Leeds
May 19 Rock Garden, Middlesborough
May 20 University, Newcastle
May 21 City Hall, St. Albans
May 22 Skindles, Maidenhead cancelled
May 22 Wolverhampton Civic Hall
The Clash played a replacement gig at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall on May 22 1977. This gig was played literally days after The Jam departed the tour. Rumour had it there was a dispute about the use of lighting on the tour. Buzzcocks, Slits and Subway Sect supported. The ticket stub did not have the bands name printed on, but had a "complimentary" stamp across it and the price written on. It was however an official Civic Hall ticket.
May 23 Top Of The World, Stafford
May 24 Top Rank, Cardiff, Wales
White Riot 1977 was Clash at their superlative best – from Cardiff’s Top Rank balcony the front of stage appeared a pogoing and spitting frenzy. Against the Notting Hill Riot backdrop, Joe’s eye’s burning and neck pulsing, his lyrics spat out with such white heat intensity - I wondered if he could survive another year! Dave Smitham
May 25 University of Sussex, Brighton
Filmed by students. 10 of 15 tracks have been put online. 4 of these released offfially by Sony on the SoundsySytem Boxset.
May 26 Colston, Bristol
May 27 Pavilion, West Runton
May 28 Odeon, Canterbury
probably didn't happen...
May 28 De Montfort Hall, Leicester
date listed in NME...This is often listed as CARDIFF 77. It isn't.
May 29 Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford
May 30 California Ballroom, Dunstable

June 14 Grona Lund, Stockholm
July 17 Birmingham Rag Market (Punk Festival)
The band show up to the aborted punk festival announced 3 weeks earlier. The council managed within a couple of days to shut it down. The Clash talked to local fans but the police turned up to make arrests for unlawful gathering and obstruction.
July 17 Birmingham Barbarellas
Following the afternoons debacle, the band managed to borrow heavy metal band Warhead's gear and play a 45 minute set in front of 500 punks. Johnny Green (A Riot of Our Own) mentions the Clash in 78 being outside a Birmingham venue explaining to ticket holders why they were unable to play.

There is a small interview reference in Search and Destroy [1977] fanzine titled Clash Landing where the Clash are interviewed by Annette Weatherman and Vermilion Sands.

Aug 5 Mont de Marsan, France
...Punk Festival. Around 3,000 people turned up for the two day event
Aug 11 14th Bilzen Festival, Lie'ge, Belgium
support bands Elvis Costello and The Damned - Page 28 The New Visual Documentary

Great photos here from Philippe Carly. Ticket here

Sep 26 The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Sep 27 Brussels
From Swiss No Fun fanzine interview with Joe.
Sep 28 French TV show

London's Burning / Complete Control / 1977

Not Michel Drucker TV Show. Presented by the famous Punk presenter Freddy Hausser. The interview is with Phillipe Manoeuvre who writes for the French music magazine Rock n Folk.

Sep 29 Bataclan, Paris, France
...Punk Festival
Sept 30

Salle des FÍtes de Tinqueux, Reims, France

??? Musikladen TV Show
From Swiss No Fun fanzine interview with Joe
Oct 1 Kaufleuten Saal, Zurich, Switzerland
Note this gig did NOT take place at the Rote Fabrik
Oct 2 Vienna Porrhaus
Oct 4

Schwabinger Brau, Munich

Much speculation has surrounded the dates but courtesy of a German Fanzine with tour dates... it is confirmed the band played Munich on the 4th, Frankfurt on the 5th and Hamburg on the 6th.

Oct 5 Frankfurt Volksbildungsheim
from ticket stub
Oct 6 Winterhuder Fährhaus, Hamburg
Oct 7 Dads, Malmo, Sweden
Oct 8 Ronneby, Sweden
Oct 9 Club 700, stora Hotellet, Oreboro, Sweden

Oct 20 Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland
cancelled, see A Riot of Our Own p20
Oct 21 Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
support The Count Bishops. Small review of Dublin at the foot of the Belfast review: The Clash in Belfast, Caroline Coon, Sounds, October 1977 ... Dublin poster
Oct 22 Eric’s, Liverpool
with the Toilets
Oct 24 Kinema, Dumfermline
Oct 25 Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland
Oct 26 Clouds, Edinburgh, Scotland

Clouds was the upstairs part of Coasters (now called the Cavendish) where strummer played again with the clash busking in 1985 and with LRW in 1988 - Coasters itself is pretty small and both the upstairs rooms are tiny.

Oct 27 University, Leeds
Oct 28 Polytechnic, Newcastle
Oct 29 Apollo, Manchester
Oct 30 Victoria, Stoke
'77 was with Richard Hell & the Voidoids and the Lous, and was manic, pure 'punk', backstage after the gig Mick was all over the place taking photos, Joe was very ill, white, exhausted, but still gave time to us kids for photos. Mick Jones took my address to send me some prints but apparently they never came out ( no flash or some other such problem). They really were the friendliest band I met at the time and invited everybody back to their hotel after. I couldn't go (my mum was waiting in the car to take me home - no, really! I didn't tell them that though). I was 15 at the time. Changed my life (that old cliché). The concert was on a par with The Ramones two months later for excitement, energy. (redian2)
ticket reverse with autographs
another ticket

Oct 31 Leicester University
Nov 1 Top Rank, Sheffield
Nov 2 University, Bradford

Bradford University Student Union, Bradford, UK

Nov 3 Kings Hall, Derby
Nov 4 University, Cardiff, Wales
Follow Derby link for Kris Needs review of Derby and Cardiff.
Nov 5 Exhibition Centre, Bristol
This is listed as the 10th in most cases, but it was in fact the 5th which makes sense near Cardiff. Bath University gig was cancelled. Ticket ... Poster

The November 5 gig at the Bristol Exibition Centre, (now the Watershed arts centre) with The Void-oids, was a strange affair with the staff, selling left over sarnies, from an event that afternoon. I think the band could cope with spit & warm beer, but cheese bap missiles were unheard of during the time. I recall the French band, The Lou's - appearing first, then poor old Richard Hell, (who, I recall, hated the gobbing) didn't know that Marky Ramone, played drums on this tour.

Later on, chatted to Jonesy, who recanted the story of being chased by Ted's, when last in Bristol. These "Teds" turned out to be jealous punks, (Mick had stolen one of the disgruntled punks girlfriend)Anyway, I had a lot of fun travelling around the UK, meeting some great people.

Nov 6 Market Hall, Carlisle
Nov 7 Top Rank, Birmingham
Nov 8 Tiffany's Coventry
Original schedule listed Coverntry gig on the 8th as Locarno
Nov 9 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
the clash gig at the bournemouth winter gardens november 9th 1977 , stole the headlines locally as it was the first time a punk band had played at the winter gardens and a full scale riot took place between two gangs in the audience that night . When jonathan ross interviewed joe strummer in july 2001, an e mail asking if joe he rememberd the gig was read it out to him, he did remember the gig and talked about it on air . Bournemouth council almost banned punk bands from playing the winter gardens after that night , but the buzzcocks and the undertones managed to play gigs there in 1979 .
Nov 10 Exhibition Centre, Bristol - moved to 5th
This date is listed on posters as 10th but over written in pen as Saturday 5th November.
Nov 11 Corn Exchange, Cambridge
Nov 12 Pavilion, Hastings
Strange stormy night. Other piers had been blown down that night!
Nov 13 Top Rank, Southampton
Nov 15 Elizabethan Ballroom, Belle Vue, Manchester
often circulated as Elizabthan Suite, it is in fact a full gig which was filmed by and for Granada TV and included Souisie and the Banshees as support.

Snippets were screened twice on the So It Goes TV show (Dec 77 and Nov 78) (and repeated again in 1990) and circulate on video and audio.

Other than the So It Goes source, no other source exists. It is thought Granada don't know where it is either and that the Dec 78 footage may have come from Tony Wilsons own collection.?

Also see A Riot of Own p31.

Dec 11 Apollo, Glasgow
Dec 13 Rainbow, London
Supported by the Zones and Sham 69, suported by Rat Scabies 2 of the nights
Dec 14 Rainbow, London
supported by Sham 69??, suported by Rat Scabies 2 of the nights
Dec 15 Rainbow, London
support Lovers of Outrage, suported by Rat Scabies 2 of the nights
Dec 19 Belfast McMordie Hall, Queens University Students Union
first night cancelled due to transport problems (Dec 19th??)
Dec 20 Belfast McMordie Hall Queens University Students Union
the story goes that 2 shows were to be done on the one night to make up for the cancelled Ulster Hall fiasco back in October. Only one show went ahead. the venue was changed on campus. Support The Lous. (Dec 20th??)

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